Donor Recognition

Permanent Recognition to Donors

The Niobrara County Library Foundation uses several different methods to recognize donors. The most prominent is the Leaf of Gold Tree, but soon donors will also be recognized by an exterior fixture in our new Memorial Gardens. Finally, specific donations are also recognized.

The Leaf of Gold Tree The Leaf of Gold Tree
Leaf of Gold Tree

The Leaf of Gold Tree is one of the ways that we recognize our donors. This tree is one of the first things that visitors to the library see upon entering the building.

Donors receive a leaf on the tree with a color commensurate with the size of the donation. There are three donation levels and colors of leaves (in order): copper, silver, gold, and emerald.

Memorial Garden
Memorial Garden

In April 2006, construction work will begin on a new park area adjacent to the Niobrara County Library that will provide three distinct advantages to the community and the library.

  1. Donor recognition for library endowment donors
  2. A place for tourists to rest and stretch their legs while using public library services
  3. An aesthetic area of interest on Main Street
Download and Print Memorial Garden Design Plans - [ PDF ]

Specific Donation Recognition

The Foundation provides individual recognition for specific donations. This includes books, media, furniture and all other specific donations. Donors are recognized by the inclusion of a 'book plate' with the item which notes who donated the items or funds used to purchase the item.

Kresge Open House Kresge Open House Kresge Open House Kresge Open House Kresge Open House Kresge Open House

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