Living With Violence: Conflict in Contemporary Cultures

V S Naipaul (1932 - )

A Bend in the River

Background and Career

  • Born Trinidad, West Indies, 1932
  • Studied literature at Oxford 1950
  • Writer for BBC and host of “Caribbean Voices”
  • Reviewer for The New Statesman
  • Married Patricia Ann Hale 1955
  • Knighted 1989
  • Married to Nadira Alvi after first wife’s death
  • Resides in London
  • Numerous awards including Booker Prize 1971 and Nobel Prize 2001

Major Works

The Mystic Masseur, 1957

The Suffrage of Elvira, 1958

Miguel Street, 1959

A House for Mr. Biswas, 1961

The Middle Passage: Impressions of Five Societies, 1962

Mr. Stone and the Knights Companion, 1963

An Area of Darkness, 1964

The Mimic Men, 1967

A Flag on the Island, 1967

The Loss of El Dorado, 1970

In A Free State, 1971

The Overcrowded Barracoon, 1972

Guerrillas, 1975

India: A Wounded Civilization, 1977

A Bend in the River, 1979

The Return of Eva Peron with the Killings in the Trinidad, 1980

Among the Believers, 1981

Finding the Center, 1984

The Enigma of Arrival, 1987

A Turn in the South, 1989

India: A Million Mutinies Now, 1990

A Way in the World, 1994

Beyond Belief: Islamic Excursions Among the Converted Peoples, 1998


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