Living With Violence: Conflict in Contemporary Cultures

Sahar Khalifeh

Wild Thorns

Background and Career

  • Born 1941, a Palestinian from Nablus, a town in the Israeli-occupied West Bank
  • Entered into traditional arranged marriage at age eighteen and divorced thirteen years later to begin writing
  • Has two daughters
  • Acquired an American education in literature and women’s studies
  • The only copy of her first novel confiscated by the Israelis
  • Her second novel published in Cairo
  • Her third novel Wild Thorns written in Arabic, translated into many languages
  • Taught at the University of Iowa and Bir Zeit University
  • Founded the Women’s Affairs Center in Nablus, Gaza City, and Amman
  • Considered one of most distinguished Palestinian novelists


We Are Not Your Slave Girls Anymore (1974)

Wild Thorns (1975)

The Sunflower (1980)

Memoirs of an Unrealistic Woman (1986)

The Door of the Courtyard (1990)

The Inheritance (1997)

Critical Sources and Reviews

Not much available except for listings below and internet search

Links and Other Related Topics

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Selected Bibliography of Arab Women Writers

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