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Hiway (Highway) Garage

Owner: George Held

Name Change for Highway Garage

"They tell me it's modernistic, but I'm not so sure," said George Held this week when commenting on the change of name for his garage which in the future will known as the Hiway Garage, instead of the old spelling of the same name, Highway Garage.

Since 1925 Mr. Held's Garage has been know(n) under the old-fashioned way of spelling Highway and he is not yet convinced that it isn't the better monicker.  Anyway, they are one and the same garage, and George is still the owner and manager.

Lusk Herald, June 14, 1934


Image from 1947 Lusk High School yearbook:

'Twas starting to snow the day we made this shot. But it always did take more than a little snow to keep Carol and a car-full of students from going to "games-away", and to inter-school band concerts. The CHRYSLER agency in Lusk is in the capable hands of the HIGHWAY GARAGE'S owner, Mrs. Jennie Held.

In charge of the mechanical department is Bennie Wolfe, who is aided by a busy staff.

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