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Cowboy Bar

The Lusk Herald, April 26, 1989


Looking for a great place to relax and unwind? Check out the Cowboy Bar and Lounge next to the Fireside Inn in Lusk.

"Our motto is to serve a good drink and provide a place for people to relax and enjoy themselves with friends," says owner and operator Walt Reed.

Reed took over the lounge in November 1987. Prior to that it was owned by Moose and Billie Ann Thompson and prior to that by Cathy and the late Norm Brillhart. Claude Redding operated it before the Brillharts.

Billie Ann still tends bar from time-to-time, as does Keith Lemons.

But Reed and employee, Doris Crowley, are fixtures at the nice facility, which also features a dance room. 

The Cowboy Bar brings in two or three bands a month.

"We do that to provide some entertainment for our people in Niobrara County," Reed said. "And the bands, for the most part, really pull in quite a crowd."

The bands have made the Cowboy Bar a popular dancing spot. Reed says he will continue to bring in bands each month.

Another unusual aspect of the facility is the brands that hang on one wall. The brands are etched on wooden plaques on a wall near the entrance of the facility.

Besides offering a lounge and dance area, the facility also features a liquor store, where alcoholic beverages can be purchased from inside the store or at a drive-through window.

"We try to make things as convenient and enjoyable as possible here," Reed said.

The Cowboy Bar has provided Niobrara County with a spirited entertainment spot for many years. The bar originally was located in downtown Lusk, when Redding owned it. Redding, who also owned the Fireside Inn, built a new section onto the restaurant and, in the early 1960's moved the bar from downtown to the present location.

The Brillharts then bought the entire facility in 1977. They operated both restaurant and bar for almost 10 years fore leasing it to the Thompsons. It was then leased to Walt Reed. 

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