Birth Records

We are currently adding birth record information to the website, with entries sorted alphabetical by first and last name. If you find an error please let us know.

Last Name First Name Middle Name Date of Birth Sex Information
Aamodt Connie Ann 03/09/1957 F search
Aasved Dane Milo 10/25/1987 M search
Abbott James Wiley 07/17/1935 M search
Abel Darold Vernon 04/11/1941 M search
Abel Nichole Donelle 03/17/1975 F search
Able James Bryce 07/01/1946 M search
Able Robert Bruce 07/01/1946 M search
Ackerman Girl 05/20/1928 search
Adams Boy 04/01/1941 M search
Adkisson Kenneth Ray 06/28/1951 M search
Agnew Girl 09/21/1911 search
Ahrenholtz Ryan Michael 03/25/1984 M search
Akers Robert Wayne 05/21/1956 M search
Albee Boy 02/27/1887 M search
Albee Boy 04/25/1892 search
Albee Boy 04/25/1892 search
Albrecht Megan Marie 02/06/1991 F search
Albright Allen Marvin 05/17/1954 M search
Alexander Boy 07/22/1935 M search
Alexander Carol Jean 03/30/1939 F search
Alexander Gerald Loyd 03/19/1941 M search
Alexander James Wesley 05/23/1985 M search
Alexander Jamie Elizabeth 11/08/1991 F search
Alexander Jody Jean 10/22/1989 F search
Alexander Jonathon David 12/24/1986 M search
Alexander Louise 05/18/1937 F search
Alexander Morgan Ann 11/30/-0001 F search
Alexander Wanda Mae 05/20/1939 F search
Allbee Charles 02/27/1887 search
Allbright Jayde Leroy 06/27/1964 M search
Allbright Tami Dee 11/29/1966 F search
Allcorn Girl 01/20/1916 F search
Allen Boy 11/27/1955 M search
Allen Cynthia Bea 08/29/1955 F search
Allen Kim Leanne 04/22/1954 F search
Allen Robert William 02/02/1950 M search
Allsup Dannie Darrell 04/01/1940 M search
Almazan Deana Lynn 12/22/1960 search
Almazan Patricia Lee 11/10/1962 F search
Almazon Linda Holly 12/22/1960 search
Alter Bette Louise 07/08/1952 F search
Alter Boy 01/31/1917 M search
Alter Girl 11/02/1953 F search
Alter Wyome 12/17/1914 F search
Alva Jesus 07/11/1952 M search
Amarel Girl 05/16/1957 R search
Amend Boy 12/22/1941 M search
Amend Girl 09/02/1932 F search
Amend Rex Allen 12/11/1990 M search
Ames Girl 03/09/1945 F search
Anders Colby Kent 01/17/1993 M search
Anderson Andrew John 05/26/1946 M search
Anderson Anna Jo 01/19/1981 F search
Anderson Boy 10/09/1906 M search
Anderson Boy 03/21/1934 M search
Anderson Boy 10/01/1947 M search
Anderson Boy 12/14/1952 M search
Anderson Boy 10/14/1957 M search
Anderson Calvin Frank 07/29/1950 M search
Anderson Gene Marvin 01/27/1946 M search
Anderson Girl 04/04/1933 F search
Anderson Girl 03/31/1936 F search
Anderson Girl 03/19/1957 F search
Anderson Harold James 07/19/1950 M search
Anderson Jeremy Craig 03/13/1988 M search
Anderson Judith Lynn 05/18/1959 F search
Anderson Katy Amber 12/12/1986 F search
Anderson Kenneth Carl 05/26/1939 M search
Anderson Linda Sue 09/30/1952 F search
Anderson Lyell Dean 02/17/1950 M search
Anderson Ralph Dale 12/05/1937 M search
Anderson Tommy Edward 02/02/1954 M search
Anderton Ray Lawrence 01/02/1953 M search
Anderton Rebecca Lynn 11/27/1957 F search
Andrews Boy 11/26/1929 M search
Andrews Boy 05/18/1954 M search
Andrews Girl 07/08/1938 F search
Andrews Melvin Charles 01/02/1933 search
Andrews Melvin Charles 01/02/1933 M search
Anspauch Aiden Joseph 10/21/1998 M search
Anspauch Brenan McKormick 04/30/1993 M search
Applegate Beverly Hope 07/11/1935 F search
Archer Bruce Brian 01/27/1941 F search
Archie Girl 05/25/1939 F search
Archie Judy Elane 11/12/1954 F search
Arling Justin Daniel 02/26/1987 M search
Armstrong David 12/14/1945 M search
Armstrong Denise Joann 11/04/1956 F search
Armstrong Donna Jean 12/14/1945 F search
Armstrong Girl 12/10/1958 F search
Arnett Kelsie Lyn 11/07/1991 F search
Asay Boy 01/03/1956 M search
Asay Girl 03/19/1957 F search
Ash Shawn Stephen 02/25/1985 M search
Ashby Kinsey Lynn 01/20/1998 F search
Aspenwall Timothy Allyn 03/11/1952 M search
Aufengarten Barbara Jean 04/15/1940 F search
Austin Girl 09/18/1933 F search
Ayers Glen Elaine 08/18/1927 F search
Ayers Sara Elizabeth 06/20/1994 F search