Birth Records

We are currently adding birth record information to the website, with entries sorted alphabetical by first and last name. If you find an error please let us know.

Last Name First Name Middle Name Date of Birth Sex Information
Daigh Boy 11/29/1950 M search
Daily Boy 05/28/1932 M search
Daley Boy 09/30/1898 M search
Daley Boy 10/16/1898 M search
Damrow Girl 11/01/1925 F search
Daniels Debra Ann 12/06/1956 F search
Daniels Derek Ryan 02/26/1980 M search
Danley Marilyn Joyce 02/28/1953 F search
Darnall Girl 08/07/1951 F search
Darnall Kathy Irene 01/20/1956 F search
Darnall Rhonda Jean 11/16/1952 F search
Darnall Vicky Diane 08/02/1951 F search
Darnell Girl 12/31/1948 F search
Darrow Boy 08/13/1924 M search
Darrow Girl 07/24/1956 F search
Darrow Girl 02/27/1965 F search
Darrow Robert Ord 01/06/1933 M search
Darrow Roy Stuart 04/19/1955 M search
Darting Jack LeRoy 07/29/1949 search
Dasch Boy 09/09/1923 M search
Davenport Richard Aaron 08/10/1985 M search
David Boy 12/13/1931 M search
David Christine Marie 03/25/1955 F search
David Lisa Fahy 06/28/1962 F search
David Mary Jo 06/06/1952 F search
David Shirley Ann 03/27/1936 F search
David Thersa Ann 01/12/1954 F search
Davidson Kathleen Valerie 06/27/1951 F search
Davies Boy 04/04/1970 M search
Davies Doyle J. 03/01/1948 search
Davies Girl 05/15/1951 F search
Davies Stacia Marguerite 04/14/1973 F search
Davis Bethany Lynn 10/13/1986 F search
Davis Boy 07/14/1902 search
Davis Boy 10/18/1934 M search
Davis Boy 03/08/1975 M search
Davis Charles Richard 01/11/1945 M search
Davis Cynthia Ann 01/10/1947 F search
Davis Girl 08/02/1907 F search
Davis Girl 10/24/1939 F search
Davis Girl 07/31/1947 F search
Davis Jodeyne Carol 11/30/1937 F search
Davis Kaylie Nicole 09/05/1998 F search
Davis Linda Kay 11/10/1954 F search
Davis Melissa Bree 11/11/1991 F search
Davis Rogers Earl 07/22/1953 M search
Davis Sharon LaRue 09/20/1948 F search
Davis Thomas Lee 01/31/1990 M search
Dayton Boy 12/23/1945 M search
Dayton Girl 12/23/1945 F search
Dayton Raymond Dean 01/23/1945 M search
Dean Boy 03/08/1937 M search
Dean Kim Elaine 03/14/1948 F search
Dean Michael Richard 07/29/1970 M search
Dearinger Sandra Jean 04/25/1936 F search
Deaver Boy 02/09/1941 M search
Deaver Daniell Nicole 02/15/1985 F search
DeBock Caroline Rose 03/28/1943 F search
DeBock Girl 11/11/1950 F search
Debra Elaine 03/25/1958 F search
DeCastro Boy 05/14/1936 M search
DeCastro Boy 09/28/1939 M search
DeCastro Boy 09/02/1946 M search
DeCastro Boy 02/01/1947 M search
DeCastro Delores Ann 01/19/1935 search
DeCastro Girl 03/04/1910 search
DeCastro Kathryn Dale 12/14/1946 F search
DeCastro Mary Margaret 06/16/1953 F search
DeCastro Samuel Alford 10/27/1951 M search
Deetjen Donald Garry 03/08/1939 M search
Deetjen Donald Garry 03/08/1939 M search
Deetjen Girl 04/27/1925 F search
Deetjen Girl 08/24/1940 F search
Deetjen Ronald George 09/07/1946 M search
DeGering Girl 05/18/1954 F search
DeGering Jerit Lee 05/17/1992 M search
DeGering Joyce Ann 04/14/1954 F search
DeGering Russel Spencer 08/23/1956 M search
DeGroot Boy 03/13/1951 M search
DeGroot David Maxon 09/02/1948 M search
DeGroot Girl 09/02/1926 F search
DeGroot Maureen Ann 08/11/1947 F search
DeGroot Valorie Ann 10/10/1952 F search
DeHoff Girl 02/15/1947 F search
Deitchler Carol Anne 01/17/1947 F search
Deitchler Russell Floyd 07/25/1947 M search
Deitchler Sheryl Lee 03/05/1935 F search
DeLand Baby 08/06/1931 search
DeLand Girl 08/07/1931 F search
Demmon Boy 10/29/1886 search
Demmon Boy 02/21/1897 F search
Demmon Boy 07/14/1902 search
Denke Kari Lynn 02/03/1988 F search
Denney David Garfield 01/21/1952 M search
Denning Boy 11/09/1925 search
Denning Boy 01/30/1929 M search
Denny Andrea Jo 02/25/1956 F search
Denny Georgella Lu 10/05/1949 F search
Denny Johnine Lynn 01/12/1951 F search
Denny Lee Ray 07/18/1952 M search
Denny Taylor Lee 08/05/1979 M search
Depew Cara Leanne 08/21/1990 F search
Dern Oliver Clinton 02/12/1915 M search
Derrick Girl 11/14/1919 F search
Des Enfants Douglas Neil 12/21/1955 M search
DesEnfants Gregory Lee 05/02/1957 M search
DeSerra Arlene Carol 06/05/1951 F search
DeSersa Doris Ellen 01/09/1955 F search
DeSersa Elizabeth Hope 01/01/1956 F search
DeSersa Kathleen Roberta 06/23/1952 F search
Deuel Boy 03/29/1903 search
Deuel Girl 11/30/-0001 search
Deuel Girl 08/05/1953 F search
Dickinson Ralph Aaron 12/17/1947 M search
Dickman Boy 05/30/1935 M search
Dickson Chester Charles 01/07/1964 M search
Dieckman Ruth Carolyn 08/17/1939 F search
Dieleman Betty Belle 05/06/1934 F search
Dielman Boy 01/30/1930 search
Dielman Boy 07/15/1930 M search
Diercks Dyann Jacobson 09/08/1990 F search
Diercks William Jacobson 08/25/1988 M search
Dietzen Girl 10/31/1913 F search
Dill Eric David 11/20/1984 M search
Diller Rodney Jay 10/24/1975 M search
Dillon Boy 01/22/1932 M search
Dillon Girl 01/11/1935 F search
Dillon Joseph Patrick 06/07/1938 M search
Dillon Lucille Ellen 09/08/1936 F search
Dillon Marece Alfred 11/22/1948 M search
Dilts Boy 12/15/1936 M search
Dilts Boy 04/11/1939 M search
Dimitt Sarah Brianne 06/03/1991 F search
Dinkel Gene Arden 06/29/1936 M search
Dinkwalter Bruce Wayne 12/06/1955 M search
Divver Joseph Patrick 07/28/1952 M search
Divver Lorraine Irene 09/02/1948 F search
Divvers Mary Margaret 06/25/1946 F search
Dixon Garett Richard 11/05/1998 M search
Dixon Kenneth Richard 01/31/1965 M search
Doane Boy 10/04/1956 M search
Dobson Dennis Eugene 07/27/1940 M search
Dobson Diana Jill 03/07/1940 F search
Dobson Kevin Lynne 10/12/1966 M search
Dockery Brett William 01/03/1969 M search
Dockery Lexie Kay 11/16/1997 F search
Dodson Francis Kay 08/03/1948 F search
Dodson Gerald Warren 12/30/1950 M search
Dodson Greg Warner 12/30/1950 search
Doebel Girl 02/05/1941 F search
Dolce Girl 01/19/1922 F search
Doldizan Billy Stewart 02/10/1939 M search
Doman Boy 08/07/1929 M search
Doman Boy 10/14/1940 M search
Doman James Bruce 07/18/1940 M search
Doman Mathew Scott 01/27/1978 M search
Dominquez Damian Michael 10/14/1997 M search
Dooper Danielle Marie 02/28/1993 F search
Dooper Matthew Dylan 11/09/1990 M search
Doring Boy 05/18/1914 M search
Douns Debra Dee 07/24/1955 F search
Downing John Harlan 03/10/1975 M search
Dreves Daniel Ralph 01/10/1955 M search
Drewery Myra Jo 10/21/1957 F search
Drewry Mark Ladwig 07/12/1955 M search
Dryer Boy 01/29/1945 M search
Dryer David james 10/07/1957 M search
Dryer Eileen Pearl 04/28/1954 F search
Dryer Ellen Lois 10/27/1952 F search
Dubay Ted Edward 05/08/1953 M search
DuFrane Kyle Lloyd 06/12/1986 M search
Dugan Boy 07/28/1956 M search
Dugid Sharon Lee 01/19/1939 F search
Duguid James Otto 05/22/1940 M search
Duncan Robert Samuel 12/05/1946 M search
Dunlap Boy 01/01/1938 M search
Dunlap Monika Kache Brettel 12/29/1948 F search
Dunn Alissa Lynn 05/20/1991 F search
Dunn Boy 07/19/1956 M search
Dunn Boy 08/19/1957 M search
Dunn William Joseph 04/26/1956 M search
Dupes Carol Sue 06/01/1944 F search
Dupes Henry David 12/08/1927 M search
Dupes Henry David 12/08/1927 M search
Durham William 08/13/1928 search
Durnell Lori 07/30/1955 F search
Dutcher Chance Russell 09/29/1998 M search