Birth Records

We are currently adding birth record information to the website, with entries sorted alphabetical by first and last name. If you find an error please let us know.

Last Name First Name Middle Name Date of Birth Sex Information
Kaan Boy 12/10/1926 M search
Kaan Boy 12/16/1926 M search
Kaan Cecil Butler 12/10/1926 M search
Kaan Christopher Nicolaas 11/24/1955 M search
Kaan Dennis Albert 08/03/1959 M search
Kaan Girl 03/23/1926 F search
Kaan Girl 11/26/1927 F search
Kaan Girl 11/01/1928 F search
Kaan Girl 05/31/1929 search
Kaan Girl 12/16/1929 F search
Kaan Girl 02/01/1930 F search
Kaan Girl 02/28/1949 search
Kaan Girl 06/28/1950 F search
Kaan Girl 06/30/1954 F search
Kaan Janet Lorraine 08/17/1950 F search
Kaan Justin Dale 06/30/1988 M search
Kaan Keith Gordon 08/05/1947 M search
Kaan Shirley Elaine 08/06/1928 search
Kaan Stephanie Glenna 07/23/1952 F search
Kaan Tammy Lee 08/14/1959 F search
Kaan Terry James 04/15/1946 M search
Kagie Patricia Louise 01/29/1946 F search
Kander Jacob Anthony 07/29/1991 M search
Kane Boy 06/11/1959 M search
Kane Boy 11/07/1962 M search
Kant Alberta 03/01/1931 F search
Kant Boy 08/26/1920 M search
Kant Bradley Patrick 12/15/1966 M search
Kant Coral Lynn 10/08/1991 F search
Kant Steven Craig 04/26/1953 M search
Kant Susan Michaelynn 04/10/1967 F search
Kaper Boy 09/05/1953 M search
Kaper Donna Kay 10/03/1951 F search
Kaper William Raymond 07/09/1940 F search
Karnett Girl 09/03/1939 F search
Kaser Alexander Gunn 03/01/1993 M search
Kearney Girl 04/09/1951 F search
Kearney Girl 10/11/1952 F search
Keithley Earnest 07/15/1898 M search
Keithley Ethel 07/15/1898 F search
Keithley Mary 07/25/1904 F search
Kellar Girl 11/02/1953 F search
Kellerman Kelley Lynn 06/03/1964 F search
Kelley Girl 04/03/1934 F search
Kelliher Boy 05/08/1922 M search
Kelly Boy 01/25/1944 M search
Kelly Travis Ernest 04/14/1981 M search
Kelly Twila Yvonne 01/02/1938 search
Kendall Jeffrey Nicholas 12/17/1992 M search
Kennett Girl 09/03/1939 F search
Kent Susan Lynn 10/17/1957 F search
Kerns Elaine Margaret 02/11/1951 F search
Kettler Girl 01/16/1934 F search
Kettler Joye 01/16/1934 F search
Key William August 05/24/1964 M search
Keyes Boy 05/27/1934 M search
Keyes Eugene Delbert 09/12/1936 M search
Kiever Debora Ann 01/25/1954 F search
Kiever Girl 01/21/1939 F search
Kiever Girl 06/09/1944 F search
Kilmer Boy 07/15/1959 M search
Kilmer Bruce Michael 07/13/1955 M search
Kilmer Heath Alan 12/26/1969 M search
Kilmer John Robert 04/02/1985 M search
Kilmer Karvin Ray 11/23/1937 M search
Kilmer Russell Alan 03/01/1947 M search
Kilpatrick Cole Butler 01/26/1981 M search
King Girl 08/17/1929 F search
King Greg Owen 10/23/1957 M search
Kingham Girl 11/07/1937 F search
Kingma Charisse Marie 09/23/1983 F search
Kinney Gene Leo 04/08/1952 M search
Kinney Janice Ann 01/15/1950 F search
Kinney Karen Kay 10/15/1940 F search
Kinney Patricia Louise 03/23/1945 F search
Kintigh Boy 06/09/1927 M search
Kipp Boy 02/19/1941 M search
Kipp Earl Irvan 01/13/1937 M search
Kipp Gilbert Harry 05/04/1939 M search
Kirk Nancy Kay 01/17/1951 F search
Kirkham Sandra Louise 05/15/1948 F search
Kissier Girl 11/02/1962 F search
Kittleman Girl 01/23/1931 F search
Kittleman Susan Marie 06/07/1946 F search
Kittleman Vernie William 08/08/1947 M search
Kleiber Patty Ann 10/31/1954 F search
Kleinschmidt Virginia Rose 02/26/1964 F search
Klemke Geraldine Louise 10/13/1932 F search
Klemke Girl 05/03/1924 F search
Klemke Girl 02/06/1925 F search
Klemke Karen Kay 09/15/1947 F search
Klemke Kenneth Keith 10/18/1936 M search
Klemke Michael Alvin 08/21/1948 M search
Klemke Phillis Anna 03/15/1929 F search
Klette Girl 02/28/1914 F search
Klier Girl 10/29/1953 F search
Kline Boy 06/14/1939 M search
Knaub Drew Taylor 09/20/1987 search
Knaub Sean Hayden 05/01/1990 M search
Kness George Anne 11/02/1960 F search
Knight Bonnita Rae 04/22/1946 F search
Knight James Stanton 01/14/1949 M search
Knittle Boy 02/22/1916 M search
Knori Boy 11/09/1929 M search
Knori Madeliene Yvonne 05/29/1952 F search
Knowlton Boy 11/08/1952 M search
Knox Boy 10/31/1930 M search
Knox Girl 11/28/1927 F search
Knuth Girl 12/19/1952 F search
Knuth Hali Renee 12/03/1954 F search
Kobbe Jack LaVern 07/28/1939 M search
Koch Robert Dee 02/12/1924 M search
Kohl Daycia MarDee 07/16/1998 F search
Koleno Boy 12/25/1916 M search
Kraft Alanna Dorene 03/08/1994 F search
Kraft Benjamin Rand 08/30/1989 M search
Kraft Boy 05/22/1927 M search
Kraft Boy 05/22/1927 M search
Kraft Boy 04/09/1959 M search
Kraft Henry Rand 11/02/1956 M search
Kraft Jesse Joseph 10/21/1991 M search
Kraft Robert Shane 10/30/1954 M search
Kraft Thelma Jean 11/26/1936 F search
Krajewski Amy Jolene 02/15/1975 F search
Kramm Andrea Avery 03/21/1997 F search
Kraus Mervin Bradford 03/14/1957 F search
Krauss Girl 05/10/1950 F search
Krauss Girl 02/24/1952 F search
Krein Crystal Renea 07/27/1984 F search
Krein Justin Thomas 11/23/1994 M search
Krein Michael Wayne 02/28/1977 M search
Krejci Girl 02/15/1944 F search
Krejci Leroy Charles 10/25/1956 M search
Krekeler Baby son 03/27/1948 M search
Krekeler Boy 11/23/1942 M search
Krekeler Katherine Ann 09/12/1984 F search
Krekeler Randall Dee 03/14/1975 M search
Krivanec Clyde Wayne 09/24/1955 M search
Krotz Ryan James 11/22/1984 M search
Krueger Carl Dennis 01/16/1937 M search
Kruse Boy 11/13/1951 M search
Kruse Jada Linn 05/24/0199 F search
Kruse Katherine Ann 02/24/1948 F search
Kuhn Boy 09/05/1943 M search
Kuhn Girl 01/13/1948 F search
Kuhn Melanie Ann 12/06/1951 F search
Kuhn Sandra Lee 01/24/1953 F search
Kuhn Sibyl Marie 04/20/1950 F search
Kuns Janet Marcene 09/26/1952 F search
Kuns Jean 11/30/1931 F search
Kuns Kevin Stanley 03/11/1955 M search
Kupke Chase Dalton 05/24/1993 M search
Kupke Seth Michael 01/19/1988 search