Birth Records

We are currently adding birth record information to the website, with entries sorted alphabetical by first and last name. If you find an error please let us know.

Last Name First Name Middle Name Date of Birth Sex Information
Baars Dewey Alvin 09/01/1937 M search
Baars Dorothy Aveley 06/28/1939 F search
Baars Girl 07/06/1956 F search
Bachellor Girl 11/30/1923 F search
Bachelor Abby Elizabeth 01/11/1991 F search
Backer Carroll Ann 12/31/1943 F search
Backer Cynthia Leilani 10/23/1952 F search
Baer Girl 06/17/1921 F search
Bafford Emma 03/20/1986 F search
Bafford Emma 03/20/1986 F search
Bafford Gerald Michael 11/23/1947 M search
Bafford Tobias 05/28/1984 M search
Baird Beverly Ann 02/28/1935 F search
Baker Amanda Kay 08/09/1979 F search
Baker Betty Louise 06/06/1940 F search
Baker Boy 03/24/1904 search
Baker Boy 03/24/1929 M search
Baker Boy 12/12/1930 search
Baker Boy 10/12/1936 M search
Baker Boy 03/24/1939 M search
Baker Boy 07/30/1951 M search
Baker Boy 08/10/1951 M search
Baker Boy 11/07/1951 M search
Baker Dolores Jean 02/06/1931 F search
Baker Girl 02/24/1907 search
Baker Jacqueline Louise 11/18/1925 F search
Baker Judy Ann 08/05/1952 F search
Baker Linda Louise 07/13/1957 F search
Baker Pamela Gail 01/15/1955 F search
Baldwin Ashley May 10/26/1984 F search
Baldwin Barbara Jean 08/13/1951 F search
Baldwin Boy 01/19/1932 M search
Baldwin Bruce Lee 06/05/1959 M search
Baldwin Eldon Wayne 01/03/1955 M search
Baldwin Elizabeth Amy 11/25/1992 F search
Baldwin Lorraine Kay 11/22/1952 F search
Baldwin Micheal Jon 06/23/1990 M search
Baldwin Nettie 12/07/1913 F search
Bales Girl 05/26/1950 F search
Bales Nancy Gill 09/30/1954 F search
Ballard Boy 12/08/1934 M search
Ballard Boy 04/27/1936 M search
Ballengee Boy 12/07/1902 search
Bancroft Boy 11/06/1919 M search
Bancroft Girl 12/13/1918 F search
Bancroft Girl 09/21/1927 F search
Bangsburg James 09/15/1937 M search
Bangsburn Boy 09/15/1937 M search
Banta Girl 01/04/1944 F search
Bardo Alitha Maria 02/12/1973 F search
Bare Girl 10/11/1942 F search
Barker Girl 02/21/1939 F search
Barkers Girl 06/26/1940 F search
Barkus Donald Lee 06/07/1936 M search
Barkus Girl 12/16/1938 F search
Barnes Boy 01/18/1933 M search
Barnes John B. 03/05/1943 M search
Barnes Katherine Ann 10/28/1986 F search
Barnett Boy 04/04/1954 M search
Barnette John Alan 12/07/1958 M search
Barr Heather Elizabeth 08/30/1979 F search
Barr Peggy Ann 10/28/1948 search
Barr Robert Charles 07/20/1950 M search
Barrett Alyce Catherine 01/31/1956 F search
Barrett Ann Louise 10/05/1947 F search
Barrett Ann Catherine 01/11/1951 F search
Barrett Boy 05/08/1950 M search
Barrett Boy 11/29/1953 M search
Barrett Eileen Ann 02/02/1939 F search
Barrett Girl 01/01/1924 F search
Barrett John Donoghue 08/31/1954 M search
Barrett Joseph Holland 11/11/1954 M search
Barrett Lawrence Francis 09/07/1946 M search
Barrett Mary Thresea 05/27/1959 F search
Barrett Richard James 07/15/1952 M search
Bartel Sally Jean 05/28/1954 F search
Bartlett David Elvin 08/25/1952 M search
Bartley Kathleen Ann 07/27/1951 F search
Bartos Boy 09/11/1931 M search
Bartos Gwendolyn Mae 06/27/1936 F search
Bartos Mildren Noreen 02/23/1937 F search
Bartos Twin Boys 06/11/1934 M search
Bartow Harold Wayne 07/31/1949 search
Bartow James Jeffrey 05/31/1972 M search
Bass Girl 10/19/1936 F search
Bass Jannae Estelle 05/31/1948 F search
Bass Lewis Gene 03/30/1945 M search
Bassett Stephen James 05/14/1950 M search
Bast Linda Sue 09/07/1947 F search
Bates Boy 11/13/1929 M search
Bates Boy 02/22/1953 M search
Bates Debra Kay 11/20/1957 F search
Bates Lewis Neil 10/27/1956 M search
Baughman Alton James 09/29/1940 M search
Baughman Boy 06/02/1956 M search
Baughman Irene Elaine 07/29/1943 F search
Baughman Sidney Lee 10/13/1946 M search
Baughn Boy 03/01/1906 M search
Baughn Gary Lee 03/10/1951 M search
Baughn Girl 06/28/1901 search
Baure Boy 03/29/1938 M search
Bautch Twin Girls 02/07/1925 search
Baxter Girl 11/15/1933 F search
Bayne Barbara Jeanne 07/06/1959 F search
Bayne Preston Daniel 03/09/1978 M search
Beabout John William 07/31/1917 search
Beach Charles Thomas 07/10/1945 M search
Bearbower Boy 04/04/1911 search
Beasley Amy Nichole 05/11/1987 F search
Becker Danny Joe 01/18/1950 M search
Beinbeck Conrad Edward 12/20/1936 M search
Bejino Boy 08/17/1957 M search
Belcher Jo Lorraine 05/27/1951 F search
Bell Boy 06/01/1886 M search
Bell Floyd C. 09/21/1897 search
Bell Girl 03/03/1927 F search
Bell Margarette Marie 12/27/1951 F search
Bell Maxwell Keith 07/15/1900 M search
Bell Zachary Floyd 03/09/1991 M search
Bellows Harold Wayne 10/14/1952 M search
Belt Lonnie 06/27/1964 M search
Benefield Jimmy Wayne 05/01/1950 M search
Benefield Rita Linn 02/08/1957 F search
Bennett Boy 01/21/1942 M search
Bennett Daniel Day 09/08/1964 M search
Bennett William Griffith 08/12/1983 M search
Berdahl Carrie Marie 09/06/1979 F search
Berggren Girl 07/19/1896 F search
Berggren John L. 07/02/1900 M search
Bernbeck Mary Ethel 12/24/1937 F search
Bernbeck Terri Lynn 12/07/1958 F search
Berry Boy 10/09/1928 M search
Berry Carol Jo 11/28/1953 F search
Berry Girl 10/23/1930 search
Berry Girl 11/30/1957 F search
Berry Paul 07/15/1956 M search
Berryman Boy 11/16/1952 M search
Berryman Kathleen 02/06/1955 F search
Berta Diana Rose 05/18/1945 F search
Berta Susan Annette 10/01/1957 F search
Best Boy 08/10/1928 search
Bettger Girl 10/16/1919 search
Beuck Boy 09/27/1913 M search
Beyers Boy 04/08/1931 M search
Bickerstaff Girl 02/20/1950 F search
Bigelow Boy 12/19/1950 M search
Bigelow Boy 03/02/1955 M search
Bigelow Jeffrey Dirk 11/17/1952 M search
Bills Girl 04/17/1929 F search
Bills Larry Clifford 01/19/1947 M search
Birch Angie Marie 02/14/1985 F search
Birch Trevor Clyde 11/21/1986 M search
Bircher Darla Mae 06/02/1936 F search
Bircher Donald Ray 06/02/1936 search
Bircher Harold Wayne 06/16/1952 M search
Bircher Philip Leon 05/09/1951 M search
Bird Scott Barton 01/28/1952 M search
Birkle Amelia Germaine 11/01/1946 F search
Bishop Adam Cole 05/15/1986 M search
Black Girl 01/10/1949 F search
Black Shirley Joan 02/13/1952 F search
Blackmore Boy 07/30/1939 M search
Blackmore Cynthia Rae 11/01/1952 F search
Blackmore Dixie Lee 06/22/1947 F search
Blackmore Girl 02/21/1928 search
Blackmore Girl 04/19/1929 F search
Blackmore Girl 01/26/1939 F search
Blackmore Girl 11/05/1947 F search
Blackmore Janet Leigh 11/27/1953 F search
Blackmore Michael Floyd 07/09/1952 M search
Blackmore Norman Gene 01/24/1946 M search
Blagg Boy 07/24/1903 M search
Blagg Cylvia Frankie 05/12/1954 F search
Blagg Judith Rosemary 12/14/1946 F search
Blair Boy 03/19/1927 M search
Blair Girl 09/04/1906 F search
Blake Gary Gene 02/24/1935 M search
Blaney Berlinda Sue 11/25/1955 F search
Blaney Boy 05/27/1927 M search
Blaney Nina Mae 02/04/1981 F search
Blaney Roka Joe 05/14/1959 M search
Blecher Girl 01/13/1937 F search
Blue Gilr 10/21/1938 F search
Boan Francis Nan 08/22/1933 search
Boatman Kay Lorraine 08/24/1939 F search
Bonar Becky Ann 06/10/1950 F search
Bone Boy 02/28/1930 M search
Bone Boy 02/28/1930 search
Bone Boy 03/28/1957 M search
Bone Teresa Kay 02/21/1954 F search
Boner Charlene 09/22/1953 F search
Boner Edgar Jordan 11/03/1957 M search
Boner Jessie Pauline 08/13/1952 F search
Boner Karen Lucille 10/08/1954 F search
Bonner Boy 12/31/1926 M search
Bonner Boy 07/30/1938 M search
Bonner Boy 12/17/1945 M search
Bonner Boy 12/03/1946 M search
Bonner Boy 06/10/1951 M search
Bonner Dixie Jean 07/28/1954 F search
Bonner Michael Wayne 10/03/1952 M search
Bonner Nodance Nadine 09/13/1940 F search
Bonsell Amanda Lynn 01/22/1991 F search
Bonsell Anne Frances 02/18/1945 F search
Bonsell Austin Timothy 08/05/1998 M search
Bonsell Boy 01/16/1897 M search
Bonsell Boy 08/05/1898 M search
Bonsell Boy 08/05/1898 M search
Bonsell Boy 10/22/1904 M search
Bonsell Boy 01/05/1906 M search
Bonsell Boy 05/08/1908 M search
Bonsell Boy 06/13/1935 M search
Bonsell Boy 01/11/1938 M search
Bonsell Boy 05/02/1955 M search
Bonsell Boy 09/05/1956 M search
Bonsell Boy 06/26/1957 M search
Bonsell Girl 05/18/1899 F search
Bonsell Girl 08/22/1900 F search
Bonsell Girl 11/26/1902 F search
Bonsell Girl 04/18/1912 F search
Bonsell Girl 04/10/1933 F search
Bonsell Girl 04/10/1933 F search
Bonsell Jeffrey William 08/03/1953 M search
Bonsell William Roger 06/14/1954 M search
Boone Christopher Garry 02/13/1961 M search
Borchers Anton Ward 03/11/1985 M search
Bork Boy 06/23/1920 M search
Borland Vernie Gertrude 01/16/1935 F search
Born Lacy Leaan 09/20/1983 F search
Boston David Keith 05/21/1951 M search
Bostrum Lila Rose 10/24/1930 search
Botti Diane 09/29/1952 F search
Bourret Christina Marie 09/18/1986 F search
Bourret Kimberly Ann 04/22/1985 F search
Boussu John Frederick 07/18/1992 M search
Boussu Lara Kathleen 03/12/1989 F search
Boy 09/06/1956 M search
Boyd Girl 02/25/1919 F search
Boyd Girl 10/02/1924 F search
Boyd James Wesley 02/02/1951 M search
Boyd Sydney Rae 06/16/1950 F search
Boyles Boy 07/31/1904 M search
Boyles Boy 11/24/1912 search
Boyles Boy 08/11/1931 M search
Boyles Jacque Lee 01/01/1957 M search
Boyles Linda LaVonne 10/04/1949 F search
Braat Nancy Elizabeth 12/30/1951 F search
Braddy Girl 09-29-1922 F search
Brady Robert Rowe 09/11/1934 search
Bramlet Casey Cameron 04/02/1981 M search
Bramlet Connor Thomas 02/08/1985 M search
Brantz Garrett Wayne 10/28/1988 M search
Bray Leo Woodrow 01/28/1936 M search
Bray Mark Kelly 05/23/1954 M search
Bredthauer Boy 04/11/1955 M search
Bredthauer Breanna Lee 04/04/1992 F search
Bredthauer Renee Carrie 02/11/1964 F search
Bredthauer Troy 12/18/1966 M search
Brendmoen Jonathon Lee 05/06/1993 M search
Brewer Phyllis Jeane 01/02/1953 F search
Brewster Boy 12/20/1954 M search
Brewster Girl 11/26/1902 search
Brewster Girl 09/30/1919 F search
Brewster Philip Logan 11/05/1933 M search
Brewster Thomas Byron 03/03/1950 M search
Bridge Boy 08/19/1933 search
Bright Boy 04/18/1934 M search
Bright Joseph Dean 03/04/1937 M search
Brillhart Loretta Anne 10/04/1963 F search
Bringham Bobby Clarence 06/16/1950 M search
Bringham Boy 12/26/1945 M search
Briscoe Roy Willis 05/31/1952 M search
Brittain Boy 10/03/1915 M search
Britton Boy 09/11/1951 M search
Britton Charles 09/03/1920 search
Broderick Girl 01/25/1942 F search
Broderick Kirby John 01/01/1978 M search
Broderick Michael John 01/23/1952 M search
Brooks Boy 04/21/1929 M search
Brooks Boy 09/07/1936 M search
Brooks Boy 09/17/1948 M search
Brooks Boy 02/07/1950 M search
Brooks Daniel Charles 04/02/1952 M search
Brooks Eleanor June 11/15/1955 F search
Brooks Girl 10/15/1928 F search
Brooks Girl 10/04/1940 F search
Brooks Girl 09/01/1947 F search
Brooks Girl 07/23/1952 F search
Brooks Gretchen Ann 05/22/1946 F search
Brooks Norma Lillian 09/27/1925 F search
Brooks Ralph 11/24/1934 M search
Brooks Rebecca Rae 07/27/1954 F search
Brookshire Joseph Edward 01/22/1942 M search
Brookshire Katheleen Mae 11/28/1940 F search
Brost Kirsten Keah 11/12/1989 F search
Brost Maggie Michele 09/17/1983 F search
Brott Bonnie Marie 03/19/1953 F search
Brott Boy 06/22/1932 M search
Brott Boy 02/20/1944 M search
Brott Boy 11/20/1946 M search
Brott Douglas James 05/06/1955 M search
Brott Girl 08/30/1939 F search
Brott Girl 02/27/1950 F search
Brott Judson 10/21/1945 M search
Brott Randy Ray 09/25/1964 M search
Brott Richard Paul 08/25/1947 M search
Brott Rusty Dean 10/27/1956 M search
Brott Samuel Allen 11/26/1950 M search
Browder Boy 10/29/1958 M search
Browder Elizabeth Ann 08/04/1956 F search
Brown Anna Marie 12/27/1925 search
Brown Baby 04/11/1933 search
Brown Boy 09/26/1928 M search
Brown Boy 06/05/1933 search
Brown Brian Joseph 04/15/1965 M search
Brown Clarence Carl 02/08/1946 M search
Brown Cora Alice 11/02/1947 F search
Brown Everett George 04/01/1956 M search
Brown Girl 06/10/1924 F search
Brown Girl 10/22/1927 F search
Brown Girl 02/28/1928 search
Brown Girl 11/29/1931 F search
Brown Girl 10/16/1937 F search
Brown Girl 01/10/1949 F search
Brown Girl 01/19/1949 F search
Brown Girl 12/31/1953 F search
Brown John Elliott 08/21/1955 M search
Brown LaVonne Walter 06/04/1931 M search
Brown Margaret Anne 03/31/1934 F search
Brown Pamela Marie 07/27/1956 F search
Brown Ray Earl 03/25/1939 M search
Brown S. Randall 03/09/1954 M search
Brown Sarah Marie 03/03/1993 F search
Brown Teres Claire 06/04/1964 F search
Brown Timothy Charles 09/13/1990 M search
Brown Victoria Ann 01/27/1951 F search
Browning Duane Chaffin 12/12/1920 M search
Browning Girl 09/24/1916 F search
Browning John Charles 01/29/1927 M search
Brownrigg Girl 08/05/1904 F search
Brozovich Jordan Michael 05/24/1983 M search
Brozovich Tyler Kenneth 05/01/1985 M search
Bruce Eunice Roberta 03/18/1951 F search
Bruce Girl 11/23/1937 F search
Bruce Girl 06/19/1953 F search
Bruch Boy 02/28/1930 search
Bruch Boy 04/03/1946 M search
Bruch Charles Leo 08/19/1937 M search
Bruch Eilene Bernadine 05/25/1936 F search
Bruch Girl 05/25/1936 F search
Bruch Joseph 04/17/1944 M search
Bruegger Adam Lee 08/05/1986 M search
Bruegger Alyssa Mae 02/17/1988 F search
Bruegger Boy 02/03/1971 M search
Bruegger Bradyn James 03/10/1989 M search
Bruegger Cameron John 08/19/1992 M search
Bruegger David John 08/22/1952 M search
Bruegger Girl 09/14/1927 F search
Bruegger Girl 02/22/1931 F search
Bruegger Girl 04/04/1933 F search
Bruegger Girl 04/14/1935 F search
Bruegger Girl 07/22/1936 F search
Bruegger John 09/13/1926 M search
Bruegger Lee Edward 05/03/1959 M search
Bruegger Mark Steven 01/02/1956 m search
Bruegger Shawn Curtis 09/29/1965 M search
Bruegger Thompson Taylor 03/29/1994 M search
Brus Janis Lee 11/12/1956 F search
Brus Micheal John 04/22/1957 M search
Bryant George Keith 03/24/1945 M search
Bryant Girl 02/03/1922 F search
Bryant Gregory James 01/18/1988 M search
Bryant Howell F. 10/30/1923 M search
Bryson Boy 12/09/1894 search
Bryson Girl 29/1892 search
Buckley Nickolas Todd 08/23/1990 M search
Buckley Sharon Joan 09/16/1948 F search
Bugas Boy 11/30/1950 M search
Bullock Dan Alan 05/05/1953 M search
Bump Robert Elmer 09/24/1913 M search
Bungue Boy 01/08/1955 M search
Burdick Robert Jess 12/22/1989 M search
Burge Richard Clem 03/31/1946 M search
Burgess Boy 02/27/1929 M search
Burgess Lawrence Lee 02/26/1964 M search
Burgess Vaughnet 05/19/1933 F search
Burke Boy 12/28/1931 M search
Burke Loretta 03/07/1945 F search
Burke Lorraine 03/07/1945 F search
Burke Michael Leslie 05/22/1952 M search
Burke Naomi Anne 06/26/1933 F search
Burke Patricia Claire 05/22/1952 F search
Burke Seth Michael 02/16/1993 M search
Burlison Girl 12/31/1954 F search
Burnaugh Boy 11/09/1916 M search
Burnaugh Boy 06/06/1918 M search
Burnaugh Frank Neil 09/29/1951 M search
Burnham Girl 07/09/1946 F search
Burnidge Girl 11/17/1937 F search
Burns Baby 10/12/1932 search
Burns Boy 10/12/1932 M search
Burns Harry Edwin 01/13/1944 M search
Burns Son 01/18/1920 M search
Burt Tessa Marie 02/22/1989 F search
Bushnell Girl 10/18/1919 search
Butler Boy 12/31/1929 M search
Butler Boy 09/11/1931 M search
Butler Boy 08/19/1936 M search
Butler Boy 08/11/1950 M search
Butler Deborah Elizabeth 12/28/1950 F search
Butler Girl 09/06/1934 F search
Butler Jackson Oliver 08/11/1946 M search
Butler Joy Lynn 06/07/1948 F search
Butler Nicole Ann 12/27/1974 F search
Butler Richard Benjamin 08/18/1946 M search
Butler Terry Ray 09/07/1952 M search
Butters Boy 09/29/1938 M search
Butts Boy 12/24/1950 M search