Birth Records

We are currently adding birth record information to the website, with entries sorted alphabetical by first and last name. If you find an error please let us know.

Last Name First Name Middle Name Date of Birth Sex Information
Eagles Beverly Ann 07/27/1950 F search
Earnest Son 12/01/1910 search
East Arlene Mae 08/13/1940 F search
East Girl 08/08/1936 F search
Eaton Girl 03/25/1899 search
Eberspecher Girl 03/25/1943 F search
Eby Boy 06/05/1955 M search
Eddy Ann Marie 06/13/1972 F search
Eddy Boy 01/11/1932 M search
Eddy Boy 03/07/1935 M search
Eddy Calvin Lyle 11/08/1956 M search
Edenfield Jo Ann 05/15/1948 F search
Edmondson Girl 03/26/1945 F search
Edmonson Charles Lee 07/02/1939 M search
Edwards Boy 12/09/1894 search
Edwards Girl 04/28/1893 F search
Egelhoff Boy 08/30/1920 M search
Eggers Aleanna Kathryn 01/05/1993 F search
Eikenberry Helen Elaine 11/12/1939 F search
Eikenberry Howard Duane 11/12/1939 M search
Eikenberry Robert Lee 10/27/1941 M search
Eisenbarth Boy 09/11/1959 M search
Eisenbarth Cory Michael 05/19/1973 M search
Ellicott Boy 10/17/1957 M search
Elliott Boy 02/01/1956 M search
Ellis Girl 09/22/1929 F search
Ellis Theodore Trenton 11/07/1962 M search
Ellis William Daniel 05/11/1956 M search
Ellsworth Patricia Kay 04/09/1941 F search
Ellsworth Richard Clark 03/22/1940 M search
Engebretsen Boy 06/09/1958 M search
Engebretsen Cynthia Ann 11/15/1956 F search
Engebretsen Ginger Marie 05/15/1952 F search
Engebretsen Nels Wayne 12/21/1942 M search
Engebretsen Patricia Lorraine 04/27/1952 F search
England Katherine Mary 08/02/1956 search
England Kristina Terri 08/02/1956 F search
Engle Boy 08/07/1933 M search
Erlewine Garnet 10/08/1935 search
Erlewine Girl 11/15/1919 F search
Erlewine Girl 11/07/1931 F search
Erlewine Gladys 10/08/1935 F search
Erlewine Glenn 10/08/1935 M search
Erlewine Linda Lou 02/19/1953 F search
Erlewine Sam Hardy 03/11/1952 M search
Erlewine Sheila Lu 10/21/1947 F search
Erlewine Twins 07/13/1943 search
Erlitz John Lewis 04/20/1950 M search
Erlitz Susan Louise 12/21/1947 F search
Erspamer William Leonard 12/12/1955 M search
Erspamer William Leonard 12/12/1955 M search
Etchemendy Chauna Lee 05/19/1959 F search
Etchemendy George Pierre 02/16/1964 M search
Etchemendy Nicole Elise 12/22/1997 F search
Eutsler Ada May 12/11/1931 F search
Eutsler Boy 06/04/1956 M search
Eutsler Carl 09/25/1946 M search
Eutsler Donald Milton 03/21/1953 M search
Eutsler Gerald Lee 03/19/1948 M search
Eutsler Girl 09/02/1929 F search
Eutsler Girl 05/27/1934 F search
Eutsler Girl 07/02/1955 F search
Eutsler Girl 09/04/1957 F search
Eutsler Harold James 10/10/1946 M search
Eutsler John Robert 03/01/1937 M search
Eutsler John Robert 03/01/1937 M search
Eutsler Mary Jean 05/13/1932 F search
Eutsler Shirley Louise 09/30/1949 F search
Eutsler William Joe 09/09/1948 M search
Evans Girl 02/04/1939 F search