Birth Records

We are currently adding birth record information to the website, with entries sorted alphabetical by first and last name. If you find an error please let us know.

Last Name First Name Middle Name Date of Birth Sex Information
Jack Boy 11/30/1926 M search
Jackson Girl 11/30/1933 F search
Jacques William Andres 10/28/1997 M search
James Belinda Kim 06/03/1955 F search
James Boy 06/13/1930 M search
James Boy 05/21/1957 M search
James Girl 06/18/1936 F search
James Jessica Leigh 04/07/1985 F search
James Joni Lynn 05/09/1954 F search
James Joshua Cole 12/21/1986 M search
James Matthew David 09/14/1989 M search
James Phillip Lee 04/11/1953 M search
Janke Melissa Lou 10/14/1950 F search
Jassman Boy 04/21/1939 M search
Jassman Girl 02/05/1940 F search
Jassman James Chris 11/26/1959 M search
Jassman Lex William 11/15/1973 M search
Jassman Mary Ann 02/19/1937 F search
Jassman Robert William 06/05/1940 M search
Jassman Tinette Elizabeth 10/15/1964 F search
Jefcoat Boy 02/21/1950 M search
Jelley Jacquelyne Victoria 04/23/1984 F search
Jenkins Boy 10/10/1936 M search
Jenkins Boy 11/11/1946 M search
Jenkins Lawrence Edward 02/02/1936 M search
Jenks Boy 09/13/1896 search
Jensen Amber Si 11/30/-0001 search
Jensen Amber Si 02/02/1998 F search
Jensen Calvin Cooper 08/15/1985 M search
Jensen Candy Lu 04/17/1955 F search
Jensen Earl Franklin 06/16/1951 M search
Jensen Garry Lee 04/11/1952 M search
Jensen Girl 12/18/1941 F search
Jensen Jodeen Marie 01/24/1964 F search
Jensen Larry Roy 04/11/1952 M search
Jensen Velvet Leigh 08/19/1987 search
Jensen Vlasta Paula 12/11/1953 F search
Jernberg Girl 05/23/1929 F search
Jess Larry LaVerne 03/04/1940 M search
Jewett Girl 10/24/1931 F search
Johnson Allison Marie 05/25/1992 F search
Johnson Anita June 10/27/1957 F search
Johnson Arthur Ruben 11/04/1957 M search
Johnson Barbara Sue 01/17/1956 F search
Johnson Beverly Ann 11/30/-0001 F search
Johnson Boy 10/04/1896 M search
Johnson Boy 07/20/1909 M search
Johnson Boy 10/21/1929 M search
Johnson Boy 06/28/1930 search
Johnson Boy 01/18/1931 M search
Johnson Boy 08/04/1948 M search
Johnson Boy 04/30/1957 M search
Johnson Clifton Ray 04/04/1957 M search
Johnson Clyde Lynn 09/05/1922 search
Johnson Curtis Nieles 01/13/1954 M search
Johnson Darianne Briezy 12/07/1998 F search
Johnson Debra Kay 02/28/1959 F search
Johnson Donna Mae 01/18/1938 F search
Johnson Elmer Lyle 04/02/1947 M search
Johnson Girl 09/05/1902 F search
Johnson Girl 09/05/1902 F search
Johnson Girl 09/05/1902 F search
Johnson Girl 07/12/1916 F search
Johnson Girl 08/31/1927 F search
Johnson Girl 11/30/1954 F search
Johnson Girl 12/30/1956 F search
Johnson Girl 03/03/2000 search
Johnson Janice Elaine 03/01/1929 F search
Johnson Jimmy Joe 06/28/1973 M search
Johnson Kayla Jean 11/10/1991 F search
Johnson Kelli Evlyn 05/30/1991 F search
Johnson Kodi Elizabeth 11/01/1988 F search
Johnson Melinda Lou 05/11/1956 F search
Johnson Merna Kay 03/25/1956 F search
Johnson Michael Allen 02/12/1966 M search
Johnson Monty Lynn 06/27/1956 M search
Johnson Nicholas Raymond 08/11/1998 M search
Johnson Owen Lee 07/14/1948 M search
Johnson Peggy Sue 03/13/1964 F search
Johnson Rex Lee 10/10/1954 M search
Johnson Rhonda Kim 04/13/1956 F search
Johnson Ronald August 09/24/1948 M search
Johnson Ronald Alvin 07/19/1951 M search
Johnson Scott David 02/09/1965 M search
Johnson Thomas Duane 12/20/1990 m search
Johnson Trenton Eugene 07/24/1992 M search
Johnson Whitney Sarah 02/23/1994 F search
Johnson Will Garrett 07/18/1987 M search
Johnston Baby 02/29/1916 search
Johnston Boy 11/09/1919 M search
Johnston Boy 10/30/1952 M search
Johnston Girl 05/08/1933 F search
Johnston Girl 06/23/1951 F search
Jolly Boy 05/13/1952 M search
Jones Boy 07/25/1951 M search
Jones Bradley Roger 10/09/1952 M search
Jones Darwin Elwood 01/08/1938 M search
Jones Girl 09/04/1898 F search
Jones Girl 09/14/1906 F search
Jones Girl 01/02/1940 F search
Jones Girl 02/06/1940 F search
Jones Jenifer Ann 08/28/1965 F search
Jones Richard Pearce 12/31/1939 M search
Jones Rodney Kent 08/18/1954 M search
Jones Rosemary 06/04/1932 F search
Jordan Boy 12/26/1942 M search
Jordan Danese Kay 12/19/1964 F search
Jordan Daniel Thomas 04/27/1952 M search
Jordan Darby Ann 11/10/1947 F search
Jordan Diana Rae 1963 search
Jordan Girl 12/16/1938 F search
Jordan James Edward 06/01/1947 M search
Jordan John J. 02/09/1977 M search
Jordan Kenneth Glen 04/06/1947 M search
Jordan Patrick Neil 03/10/1964 M search
Jordan Sherry Sue 08/06/1948 F search
Jordan Stephen John 04/14/1955 M search
Joss Arthur Samuel 07/21/1935 M search
Joss Benjamin Mark 08/25/1957 M search
Joss Boy 02/09/1902 M search
Joss Boy 10/29/1904 M search
Joss Kami Renae 06/09/1992 F search
Joss Martin Allen 01/06/1997 M search
Joss Phillip George 10/28/1937 M search
Joss Shelly Marlene 11/30/1936 F search
Joy Helen Yvette 03/09/1956 F search
Judson Girl 07/14/1927 F search
Juell Paul Lincoln 08/26/1945 M search
Juggler James Walter 07/06/1939 M search
Jugler Boy 10/22/1934 M search
Jugler Wanda Lee 11/05/1937 F search
Junker Girl 09/11/1951 F search
Junker Robin Lanette 03/08/1955 F search
Justus Boy 04/12/1952 M search