Birth Records

We are currently adding birth record information to the website, with entries sorted alphabetical by first and last name. If you find an error please let us know.

Last Name First Name Middle Name Date of Birth Sex Information
Waddell Boy 10/03/1956 M search
Wade Amanda Kelsey 02/04/1990 F search
Wade Boy 06/30/1920 M search
Wade Emily Mariah 02/15/1994 F search
Wade Kenneth LeRoy 06/26/1950 M search
Wade Monte Shane 05/28/1998 M search
Wade Sammy Doyle 09/30/1951 M search
Wade Sandra Lee 06/05/1953 F search
Wade Travis Jay 07/12/1986 M search
Wagers Cayenne Lee 09/18/1991 F search
Wagers Karri Jo 09/18/1991 F search
Waggoner Girl 09/25/1927 F search
Wagner Elijah Joel 08/05/1998 M search
Wagoner Girl 06/30/1934 F search
Wakefield Roberta Dale 04/23/1944 F search
Waldock Ashley Nicole 12/05/1993 F search
Wales Girl 03/09/1919 F search
Walker Boy 11/05/1928 M search
Walker Dale Ray 01/29/1949 M search
Walker DeAnn Joy 11/10/1962 F search
Walker Dee Ray 06/18/1970 M search
Walker Girl 02/02/1931 F search
Walker Girl 04/02/1934 F search
Walker Girl 04/02/1934 search
Walker Jennifer Ann 04/03/1984 F search
Walker Paul Frank 08/09/1935 search
Wallace Linda Marlene 10/08/1948 F search
Wallace Walter Lee 03/30/1947 M search
Walsh Girl 08/18/1940 F search
Walsh Richard Joseph 01/30/1955 M search
Walson Boy 02/21/1932 M search
Walter Danny Warren 09/30/1963 M search
Walter Fauneil Kaye 02/16/1940 F search
Walters Boy 08/08/1931 M search
Walters Gerald Ray 08/04/1937 M search
Wampler Girl 09/14/1927 F search
Wampler Girl 03/01/1929 F search
Wampler Girl 01/14/1931 F search
Wampler Girl 06/11/1952 F search
Wampler Hazel Annetter 07/29/1937 F search
Ward Earline Esther 12/10/1959 F search
Ward Eric Jordan 06/30/1953 M search
Ward Fred E. 07/26/1932 M search
Ward George Grant 09/15/1957 M search
Ward Grace Vera 03/30/1923 F search
Ward Lydia Ione 01/24/1956 F search
Ward May Ellen 05/26/1943 F search
Ward Robert Charles 10/18/1949 M search
Ward Ruth Ella 01/14/1955 F search
Ward Sandra Kay 10/28/1956 F search
Ward Washington Scott 12/26/1953 M search
Warkenthien Derek Ryan 04/17/1986 M search
Warkenthien Dylan Alex 12/16/1984 M search
Warnock Joan Lee 12/30/1946 F search
Warren Dale John 05/01/1936 M search
Warren Marilyn Rose 11/04/1933 F search
Wasserburger Alex Thomas 10/06/1986 M search
Wasserburger Andrew James 11/10/1988 M search
Wasserburger Andrew James 11/10/1988 search
Wasserburger Ann Lea 02/08/1985 F search
Wasserburger Boy 07/27/1937 M search
Wasserburger Boy 02/02/1939 search
Wasserburger Boy 03/27/1957 M search
Wasserburger Connie Sue 06/26/1948 F search
Wasserburger Eric Joseph 02/29/1984 M search
Wasserburger Girl 08/06/1939 F search
Wasserburger Hayley Rae 01/01/1991 F search
Wasserburger Henry Louis 05/18/1931 M search
Wasserburger Henry Louis 07/17/1952 M search
Wasserburger Jacob Lee 06/23/1992 M search
Wasserburger Jason David 03/07/1982 M search
Wasserburger John William 07/19/1934 M search
Wasserburger Jolene Larraine 05/25/1954 F search
Wasserburger Jory Nathaniel 10/22/1986 M search
Wasserburger Kadee Ann 09/21/1983 F search
Wasserburger Kim Cristina 04/20/1965 F search
Wasserburger Krystal Lynn 07/06/1987 F search
Wasserburger Leo Anthony 10/20/1957 M search
Wasserburger Thomas Lee 11/21/1959 M search
Wasserburger Treyton Tell 01/23/1988 M search
Wasserburger William Jeffrey 01/08/1961 M search
Wasson Bradford Guy 02/22/1953 M search
Wasson Bruce Allen 01/07/1955 M search
Wasson Kayla Anne 04/14/1986 F search
Wasson Michael Alan 09/25/1957 M search
Wasson Tara Jae 03/16/1982 F search
Waters Michael Cline 11/18/1951 M search
Watson Becky Ann 01/02/1952 F search
Watson Girl 07/14/1927 F search
Watson Girl 03/24/1930 search
Watson Girl 02/10/1953 F search
Watt Girl 11/23/1939 F search
Weaklan Boy 12/05/1908 M search
Weaver David John 10/14/1967 M search
Weaver David John 10/14/1967 M search
Weaver Girl 08/13/1954 F search
Weaver Jordan McKenzie 04/10/1997 F search
Weaver Nathaniel Joseph 01/20/1998 M search
Weaver Raelena Louise 01/22/1950 F search
Weaver Twin Girls 05/22/1956 F search
Webb Boy 10/27/1904 M search
Webster Edith 09/02/1950 F search
Webster Patricia 12/15/1947 F search
Webster Patricia 12/15/1947 F search
Wedmore Janice Kay 02/22/1964 F search
Weed Girl 06/04/1957 F search
Weed Tami Lynn 05/07/1959 F search
Weeden Boy 01/04/1946 M search
Weeden Georgia Faye 09/10/1943 F search
Weeden Juanita 08/25/1947 F search
Weeks Gavin Grae 01/14/1991 M search
Weich Boy 10/20/1915 M search
Weight Boy 07/03/1940 M search
Weisel Donald Almont 07/16/1932 M search
Welch Barbara Ann 01/26/1945 F search
Welch Charles Lee 06/09/1955 M search
Wens Verlaine May 06/30/1940 F search
Werkmeister Jennifer Lea 01/12/1975 F search
Werner Connie Sue 08/19/1950 F search
Werner Girl 05/28/1929 F search
Werner Girl 01/28/1949 F search
Werner Lonnie Ray 08/19/1950 M search
Wertz Girl 09/21/1946 F search
Wessel Boy 10/31/1951 M search
West Boy 05/14/1920 M search
West Brett Richard 02/07/1950 M search
West Clarence Marion 02/05/1916 search
West Girl 02/20/1964 F search
West Thomas Floyd 02/18/1951 M search
Weymouth Girl 12/31/1929 F search
Weymouth Lee R. 07/19/1973 M search
Whelan Girl 03/31/1918 F search
Whellen Girl 08/30/1920 F search
White Boy 12/01/1917 M search
White Boy 12/08/1917 search
White Boy 12/08/1919 M search
White Dale 04/21/1937 M search
White Darrell 04/21/1937 M search
White Kathy May 06/28/1955 F search
White Maynard Asher 12/31/1934 M search
White Robert Thomas 09/08/1946 M search
White Tena Marie 05/27/1958 F search
Whiteaker Kaili Sue 09/14/1993 F search
Whitefoot Kathi Jo 06/02/1964 F search
Whitehead Boy 11/21/1955 M search
Whiticker Boy 08/08/1929 M search
Whitman Girl 01/02/1946 F search
Whitmire Thomas Charles 07/30/1949 M search
Whittaker Boy 08/03/1931 M search
Whittaker Boy 11/30/1933 M search
Whittaker Dana Katherine 03/02/1951 F search
Whitten Gregory James 01/13/1978 M search
Wicker Roger Douglas 09/01/1954 M search
Wickersham Boy 11/21/1955 M search
Wickersham Donna Marie 01/03/1956 F search
Wickersham Randy Sue 08/08/1951 F search
Wickersham Rebecca Lynn 07/29/1952 F search
Wickersham Sharon 03/02/1953 F search
Wickersham Steven Bruce 04/26/1950 M search
Wickersham Virginia Louise 02/11/1951 F search
Wickersham William Robert 10/22/1948 M search
Wickwire Lisa Dawn 04/09/1984 F search
Wiesel Girl 04/08/1936 F search
Wiggins Joe Lee 06/22/1984 M search
Wiiliams Donald Dean 07/18/1937 M search
Wilcox Girl 08/02/1955 F search
Wiley Michael James 11/23/1940 M search
Wilkerson Roxann 09/01/1951 F search
Wilkes Edward Burkes 01/13/1951 M search
Wilkinson Boy 12/30/1930 M search
Wilkinson Boy 12/30/1930 M search
Wilkinson Boy 02/12/1937 M search
Wilkison Amy Nicole 01/27/1981 F search
Wilkison Bradley Allen 05/30/1964 M search
Wilkison Dallas Ray 12/14/1957 M search
Wilkison Delmar Eldon 04/28/1957 M search
Wilkison Jessica Diane 07/09/1989 F search
Wilkison Richard Lee 02/07/1948 M search
Wilkison Ruby Ann 08/20/1956 F search
Wilkison Vicky Lynn 01/24/1953 search
Willey Boy 07/19/1901 M search
Williams Boy 03/29/1903 search
Williams Boy 11/06/1927 M search
Williams Boy 08/04/1929 M search
Williams Boy 05/17/1931 M search
Williams Boy 02/23/1946 M search
Williams Charles Sydney 12/02/1951 M search
Williams Donald Dean 07/13/1937 M search
Williams Douglas 07/31/1955 M search
Williams Girl 04/19/1944 F search
Williams Girl 01/31/1952 F search
Williams Heather Renee 01/25/1978 F search
Williams Robert Keith 01/21/1935 M search
Williams Robert Keith 01/21/1935 M search
Williams Sharon Lee 09/09/1948 F search
Williams Stephanie Anne 03/23/1955 F search
Williams Vickie Lynn 11/15/1951 F search
Willson Boy 05/12/1929 search
Willson Boy 10/24/1929 M search
Willson Brandon Robert 05/19/1957 M search
Willson Christine Marie 06/18/1964 F search
Willson Phyllis Eleanor 04/21/1930 search
Wilson Barbara 01/26/1929 F search
Wilson Boy 02/17/1924 M search
Wilson Boy 04/20/1928 search
Wilson Boy 07/20/1954 M search
Wilson Carrie Irene 03/01/1937 F search
Wilson Charles Eugene 03/28/1951 M search
Wilson Clayton Riley 07/20/1954 M search
Wilson Craig Malcolm 06/20/1952 M search
Wilson Dicky Lee 02/27/1935 M search
Wilson Girl 04/18/1933 F search
Wilson Girl 08/14/1934 F search
Wilson Linda 02/14/1949 F search
Wilson Lloyd Lamon 11/20/1937 M search
Wilson Patricia Lorraine 05/29/1946 F search
Wilson Ragan Clair 04/13/1994 F search
Wilson Steven Edward 11/03/1953 M search
Wilson Susan Joy 06/20/1956 F search
Wilson Walter Clarence 06/10/1939 M search
Wiltse Ellen Jeanette 10/04/1937 F search
Wilwand Rob Joseph 06/06/1991 m search
Windom Brian Christopher 01/30/1982 M search
Winfield Marilee Lynn 10/10/1956 F search
Winn Girl 10/19/1950 F search
Wintermote Roseta 11/20/1942 F search
Winters Erin Aletta 09/10/1985 F search
Wise Catherine Irene 05/22/1940 F search
Wise Marguerite Ellen 12/10/1937 F search
Wittekind Boy 08/22/1917 search
Wittwer Connie Mae 09/23/1950 F search
Wittwer Nancy Jane 04/11/1954 F search
Wolden Girl 10/20/1929 F search
Wolf Girl 12/24/1936 F search
Wolfe Boy 01/27/1935 M search
Wolfe Girl 09/16/1939 F search
Wolfe Linda Lou 10/14/1949 F search
Wolfe Marilyn Elizabeth 04/11/1954 F search
Wolfe Twin Boys 06/19/1929 search
Wolfe Wesley Robert 12/13/1955 M search
Wolff Wendell Delane 09/20/1960 M search
Wood Carole Beth 07/09/1937 F search
Wood Carole Beth 07/09/1937 search
Wood Girl 10/24/1946 F search
Wood Lani Lyn 03/01/1945 F search
Wood Shaun Steven 06/02/1957 M search
Woods Constance Ann 08/12/1937 F search
Wosloger Bonnie Sue 12/18/1957 F search
Wrhel Grant Nicholas 11/06/1998 M search
Wright Alexandra Loren 02/18/1981 F search
Wright Boy 06/27/1928 M search
Wright Boy 06/11/1957 M search
Wright Gail Harvey 08/05/1943 M search
Wright Girl 11/28/1931 F search
Wright Girl 01/18/1942 F search
Wright Jimmy Wayne 01/17/1954 M search
Wright Laura Lea 12/27/1958 F search
Wright Robert Alden 06/02/1938 M search
Wright Robert Allan 07/03/1953 M search
Wucherer Boy 08/24/1896 M search
Wucherer Boy 08/24/1896 search
Wucherer Boy 02/12/1899 M search
Wurzel Jessica Lynn 05/26/1993 F search
Wynn Girl 10/19/1950 F search