Birth Records

We are currently adding birth record information to the website, with entries sorted alphabetical by first and last name. If you find an error please let us know.

Last Name First Name Middle Name Date of Birth Sex Information
Nason Andrea Marie 01/01/1946 F search
Nation Linda Darnell 12/22/1946 F search
Nation Ramona Lee 06/27/1951 F search
Nay Ronald Walton 03/12/1940 M search
Neff Betty Bell 04/24/1932 F search
Neilson Boy 05/13/1946 M search
Nelsen Deanna Lee 09/03/1948 F search
Nelson Allison Brooke 06/27/1997 F search
Nelson Amy Dawn 03/01/1987 F search
Nelson Boy 06/29/1937 M search
Nelson Boy 01/06/1942 M search
Nelson Boy 07/25/1952 M search
Nelson Boy 09/28/1953 M search
Nelson Chase Peterson 02/19/1993 M search
Nelson Diana Lynn 09/05/1948 F search
Nelson Dorothy Ann 09/11/1956 F search
Nelson Dustin Reed 08/07/1985 M search
Nelson Girl 03/26/1929 F search
Nelson Girl 07/08/1931 F search
Nelson Girl 02/24/1933 F search
Nelson Girl 12/02/1935 F search
Nelson Girl 01/09/1952 F search
Nelson Jeanine Marie 08/29/1964 F search
Nelson Jeffrey 07/05/1991 M search
Nelson Joseph 02/08/1994 M search
Nelson Keely Kit 10/12/1973 F search
Nelson Keith Royce 03/16/1978 M search
Nelson Kiffany Leigh 03/09/1991 F search
Nelson Margaret Rose 09/28/1955 F search
Nelson Monte Gale 01/13/1951 M search
Nelson Myrna Deloise 10/15/1937 F search
Nelson Royce Delmar 07/24/1939 F search
Nelson Sheryl Anne 08/05/1946 F search
Nelson Tamara Ann 12/04/1958 F search
Nelson Theresa Yvonne 10/09/1954 F search
Nelson Violet June 01/13/1927 F search
Nelson Yvonne Joyce 02/07/1935 F search
Newcomb Girl 12/19/1950 F search
Newcomb Martin Jake 11/01/1954 M search
Newman Boy 08/31/1952 M search
Newman Gayl Adell 04/08/1955 F search
Newsom James William 08/24/1984 M search
Nicodemus Boy 08/31/1907 M search
Niles Kristine Yvonne 09/11/1948 F search
Niles Rodney John 05/27/1950 M search
Noah Ann Marie 01/21/1950 F search
Noah Nancy Adell 02/01/1947 F search
Noble Son 06/02/1887 M search
Nodecker Roberta 10/18/1919 search
Nolan Thomas Ray 09/16/1990 M search
Norris Robert Ray 09/16/1948 M search
Norwood James Arthur 10/08/1956 M search
Nunn Clint Lee 10/11/1992 M search
Nunn Kodi Jo 01/27/1991 F search