Birth Records

We are currently adding birth record information to the website, with entries sorted alphabetical by first and last name. If you find an error please let us know.

Last Name First Name Middle Name Date of Birth Sex Information
Cady Kelli Jo 08/25/1994 F search
Cagele Dixie Diane 01/15/1954 F search
Calhoun Boy 05/15/1920 M search
Calhoun Carolyn Kay 03/24/1947 F search
Calhoun Girl 02/13/1929 F search
Calhoun Girl 10/22/1951 F search
Calhoun Steven Dean 04/14/1948 F search
Campbell Boy 03/13/1926 search
Campbell Girl 04/09/1934 F search
Canaday Beverly Jo 03/01/1964 F search
Canaday Boy 12/15/1950 M search
Canaday Boy 02/20/1954 M search
Canaday Boy 09/13/1957 M search
Canaday Glen Eugene 01/15/1950 M search
Canaday Jerad Allen 03/09/1981 M search
Canaday Leon Pat 12/15/1950 M search
Candalario Esther Lois 03/28/1937 F search
Canfield Charlotte Elaine 03/19/1934 F search
Canfield Girl 10/21/1941 F search
Canfield Kenneth Walter 10/04/1948 M search
Cannon Boy 06/03/1931 M search
Cannon Brandy May 05/05/1986 F search
Cannon Cynthia Lou 07/12/1952 F search
Cannon Evelyn Lucyle 12/20/1931 F search
Capen Mary Anne 06/29/1939 F search
Capra Sandra Kay 06/09/1947 F search
Card Girl 11/27/1894 F search
Card Girl 08/31/1900 F search
Card Nathaniel Forrest 01/16/1918 M search
Carey Boy 12/08/1928 M search
Carey Girl 05/12/1952 F search
Carlisle Girl 02/16/1934 F search
Carlisle Girl 01/19/1935 F search
Carlson Girl 12/31/1944 F search
Carlyle Girl 02/16/1934 F search
Carlyle Girl 01/18/1935 F search
Carnahan Boy 06/05/1951 M search
Carnahan Rebecca Ann 05/16/1953 F search
Carnes Ruth Marie 07/25/1955 F search
Carroll Boy 09/19/1943 M search
Carter Boy 05/15/1931 M search
Casey Girl 02/21/1950 F search
Cashman Debra Jean 05/05/1955 F search
Cashman Vickie Ann 05/05/1955 F search
Castle Boy 06/17/1887 search
Cates Linda Dianne 01/31/1953 F search
Catterson Gene Alman 04/08/1937 M search
Cerny Katie Rae 08/30/1990 F search
Chambers Joan 09/19/1931 F search
Chant Jared Douglas 12/03/1996 M search
Chant Lindsey Nicole 08/13/1987 F search
Chenoweth Girl 05/14/1955 F search
Chenoweth Karen Lee 11/19/1950 F search
Chester Douglas Steven 02/05/1948 M search
Chester James Michael 05/25/1944 M search
Chipps Boy 03/13/1945 M search
Chitwood Boy 12/07/1948 M search
Chitwood Christine Jo 12/13/1952 F search
Christensen Boy 09/27/1954 M search
Christensen Carl Edward 08/21/1939 M search
Christensen Mark Benjamin 06/04/1956 M search
Christensen Robert James 04/14/1955 M search
Christerfor Boy 03/17/1939 M search
Christian Charles LeRoy 07/14/1927 M search
Christian Cindy Jo 11/11/1956 F search
Christian Daniel Chris 05/13/1927 M search
Christian Edith Mae 08/31/1920 F search
Christian Georgeann 07/02/1938 F search
Christian Janis Louise 10/17/1948 F search
Christian John Henry 08/19/1922 search
Christian Mikell 11/22/1946 F search
Christian Rae Ann 01/01/1930 F search
Christian Stanford Clark 08/20/1934 search
Christian Thana Lea 11/09/1951 F search
Christiansen William Scott 10/01/1957 M search
Christianson Amber Marie 04/19/1993 F search
Church Boy 09/25/1937 M search
Church Boy 09/25/1937 M search
Church Girl 1919 F search
Church Girl 12/07/1946 F search
Church Michael Wray 04/30/1950 M search
Cisneros Cody James 03/12/1991 M search
Clabaugh Curtis Allen 01/04/1953 M search
Clapham Girl 11/06/1956 F search
Clapham Girl 09/30/1957 F search
Clapham Stephan Leo 04/21/1953 search
Clark Boy 07/30/1897 search
Clark Boy 06/11/1904 M search
Clark Boy 04/23/1936 F search
Clark Brian Ray 04/01/1986 M search
Clark Catherine Lee 02/06/1964 F search
Clark Cory Gene 02/04/1969 M search
Clark Dusty R. 01/10/1966 M search
Clark Girl 11/06/1900 F search
Clark Girl 07/30/1930 F search
Clark Girl 11/26/1942 F search
Clark Kelly Beach 08/07/1952 M search
Clark Kent D. 05/25/1954 M search
Clark Kylie Jordan 11/14/1991 F search
Clark Levi Cody 07/29/1989 M search
Clay Kathleen Marie 08/16/1989 F search
Claybaugh Robin Annette 02/28/1955 F search
Cline George Richard 10/08/1946 M search
Clingman Jean Ann 06/10/1947 F search
Clup Boy 03/13/1945 M search
Cockreham Boy 12/10/1952 M search
Cockreham Cristyn Ann 12/18/1976 F search
Coeber James 01/11/1938 M search
Coen Carol Jean 04/23/1947 F search
Coen Gary Dean 01/24/1959 M search
Coen Rhonda Lucille 05/24/1952 F search
Coen Samuel Arthur 03/05/1931 M search
Coen Zan Arthur 06/24/1954 M search
Coffee Boy 10/20/1946 M search
Coffee Girl 09/10/1943 F search
Coffey Bradley Alan 08/27/1957 M search
Coffey Danielle Kaye 04/11/1986 F search
Coffey Seth Alan 10/21/1984 M search
Cogdill Boy 02/09/1927 M search
Cogdill Clarence Beryl 08/01/1924 M search
Cogdill Debra Jean 04/28/1955 search
Cogdill Richard Jennings 07/12/1930 search
Cogeshell Girl 01/02/1953 F search
Cole Boy 10/15/1957 M search
Cole Girl 03/09/1902 search
Cole Robert Ray 01/22/1950 M search
Coleman Boy 11/11/1955 M search
Coleman Warren Eugene 04/30/1937 M search
Collins Boy 10/22/1905 search
Collins Jan Lee 05/15/1964 F search
Collins Mary Ann 01/31/1953 F search
Collmore Boy 10/07/1936 M search
Colson Girl 12/17/1940 F search
Combs Girl 01/17/1933 F search
Compton Phillip 03/31/1939 M search
Condelario Bernard Leroy 03/08/1940 M search
Condelario Larry Richard 09/17/1938 M search
Connely Girl 01/06/1938 F search
Conners Boy 07/20/1939 M search
Connor Boy 02/17/1932 M search
Connors Douglas Marion 02/19/1934 M search
Conray Girl 12/17/1929 F search
Conway Mary Fay 07/07/1951 F search
Cook Boy 04/06/1910 search
Cook Boy 01/10/1929 M search
Cook Boy 04/17/1936 M search
Cook Christopher Carl 06/29/1951 M search
Cook Edmund Arthur 04/12/1936 M search
Cook Girl 02/24/1906 F search
Cook Jennifer Ann 02/15/1975 F search
Cook Stanley James 02/19/1940 M search
Cook Tracey Susan 11/30/1955 F search
Coon Clayton Dean 05/24/1964 M search
Coon Jesse Wade 05/01/1956 M search
Coon Michael Clayton 06/14/1992 M search
Coon Whitney Marie 04/01/1989 F search
Cooper Girl 08/03/1929 F search
Cooper Girl 12/23/1930 F search
Cooper Monalee Mae 10/26/1957 F search
Corbin Girl 08/28/1953 F search
Corbin John Lewis 03/10/1964 M search
Cordell Twin Girls 08/23/1924 F search
Corman Boy 02/07/1925 M search
Cornet Girl 01/18/1942 F search
Cosby Boy 07/26/1920 M search
Costello Mary Elizabeth 11/10/1952 F search
Costello Michael Earl 04/15/1959 M search
Costlow Anna Patricia 12/06/1923 F search
Costlow Girl 02/08/1920 F search
Costlow Judith Ann 05/11/1946 F search
Coupens Carla Ellen 12/06/1955 F search
Coupens Mark Stuart 10/26/1956 M search
Coupens Neil Eugene 01/13/1954 M search
Courtright Jeni Marie 03/18/1982 F search
Cover Rebekah Sue 03/04/1975 F search
Covington Boy 04/10/1907 M search
Cowan Baby 12/13/1929 search
Cowell Girl 01/21/1934 F search
Cowell Girl 01/21/1934 F search
Cowger John Walter 05/26/1936 M search
Cox Boy 07/11/1918 M search
Cox Girl 07/05/1929 F search
Cox Glen Allan 11/01/1937 M search
Cox Karen Ann 09/28/1946 F search
Cozine Kenyon 08/31/1931 M search
Crabtree Charles Gilbert 03/06/1935 search
Craig Daughter 01/13/1947 F search
Cramer Patricia Ann 04/26/1955 F search
Crampton Chelsea Marie 03/28/1993 F search
Crane Girl 03/21/1937 F search
Crater Boy 02/20/1905 M search
Crater Girl 10/26/1897 search
Crater Girl 01/13/1903 F search
Crawford Boy 07/07/1946 M search
Crawford Brenda Ann 03/07/1961 F search
Crawford Jimmie Lynn 08/27/1947 M search
Crinklaw Boy 01/05/1944 M search
Crinklaw Carol Jean 12/27/1938 F search
Crinklaw Girl 02/03/1922 F search
Crinklaw Ida Blanche 08/23/1927 F search
Crippen Gina Marie 09/03/1964 F search
Crisman Lyndell Marie 09/14/1987 F search
Criss Brett Darold 05/26/1964 M search
Criss Earl Graydon 07/31/1933 search
Crofutt Cherree Lynn 04/25/1957 F search
Crofutt Girl 08/20/1928 search
Crofutt Girl 04/18/1933 F search
Crofutt Michael Edward 07/01/1953 M search
Crofutt Shirlee Diane 04/07/1952 F search
Crofutt William Dolan 07/07/1955 M search
Cronin Jennifer Lynn 05/12/1984 F search
Cronin Kellie Jo 02/12/1988 F search
Crow Alan Deen 12/26/1963 M search
Crow Ronald Dean 01/25/1936 M search
Crowe Girl 12/19/1938 F search
Crowley Gary Lee 05/14/1946 M search
Crowley Larry Glen 11/15/1947 M search
Crowley Russell John 11/30/1948 search
Cullen Cordell Ann 04/09/1930 search
Cullison Kayla Marie 10/26/1984 F search
Culver Boy 08/07/1943 M search
Culver Brad Lee 10/02/1953 M search
Culver Carly Baldwin 10/04/1989 F search
Culver Cathryn Carol 05/09/1949 F search
Culver Denise Rachael 07/23/1959 F search
Culver Klara Kay 06/13/1947 F search
Culver Sharon Faye 05/22/1957 F search
Culver Twin Boy 11/08/1955 M search
Culver Twin Girl 11/08/1955 F search
Cummings Girl 08/13/1927 F search
Cundal Girl 02/18/1936 F search
Cundall Kali Briana 01/28/1989 F search
Cunningham Fay Ann 09/15/1950 F search
Currey Kim Elaine 08/06/1956 F search
Curtin John William 02/01/1962 M search
Curtis Girl 01/12/1933 F search
Curtis Mary Louise 08/30/1953 F search