Birth Records

We are currently adding birth record information to the website, with entries sorted alphabetical by first and last name. If you find an error please let us know.

Last Name First Name Middle Name Date of Birth Sex Information
Valentine Wyoma Lucille 06/25/1938 F search
Van Ausdall Steven Eric 02/23/1970 M search
Van Sant Boy 06/18/1915 search
Van Tassell Baby Girl 04/21/1948 search
VanBlarcum Linda Joan 02/13/1964 F search
VandeBossche Derick 04/29/1997 M search
Vandenberg Donna Marie 09/03/1937 F search
Vandenberg Donna Marie 09/03/1937 F search
Vandenberg Donna Marie 09/03/1937 F search
Vargason Linda Carol 10/23/1945 F search
Vasko Candace Brook 06/25/1984 F search
Vaughan Viginia Lee 03/22/1940 F search
Vaughn Boy 10/20/1927 M search
Vaughn Girl 01/31/1924 F search
Vaughn Henry Edwin 10/20/1927 M search
Venable Boy 09/11/1933 M search
Vermeule Charles Thomas 11/29/1951 M search
Vernon David Rodney 03/09/1957 M search
Vick Autumn Rae 11/03/1960 F search
Vickory Girl 03/18/1956 F search
Vigil Misty Lynn 03/24/1957 F search
Vogel Katie Ellen 01/14/1991 F search
Vogel Linda Marie 12/30/1948 F search
Vollmer Becky Lee 12/11/1953 F search
Vollmer Boy 08/14/1943 M search
Vollmer Boy 04/16/1951 M search
Vollmer Boy 11/15/1954 M search
Vollmer Cynthia Mabel 09/08/1948 F search
Vollmer George Franklin 07/31/1952 M search
Vollmer Jessi Elana 01/19/1984 F search
Vollmer John Robert 03/28/1916 M search
Vondra Boy 01/19/1922 M search
Vondra Boy 09/11/1954 M search
Vondra Girl 01/31/1929 F search
Vondra Girl 01/06/1951 F search
Vondra Robert Roy 07/03/1955 M search
Voorhees Boy 11/22/1905 search
Voorhees Boy 11/13/1908 M search
Vroman Boy 04/12/1933 M search