Birth Records

We are currently adding birth record information to the website, with entries sorted alphabetical by first and last name. If you find an error please let us know.

Last Name First Name Middle Name Date of Birth Sex Information
Packard Boy 01/19/1934 M search
Packard Boy 11/13/1956 M search
Packard Dale Eugene 12/14/1952 M search
Packard Girl 08/08/1955 F search
Page Boy 08/29/1945 M search
Paisley Boy 05/31/1914 M search
Paisley Boy 01/31/1917 M search
Paisley Boy 10/18/1945 M search
Paisley Girl 01/05/1923 F search
Paisley Girl 01/09/1933 F search
Paisley Judy Lee 06/04/1944 F search
Paisley Karen Jeanne 11/28/1945 F search
Palmer Brittney Rae 05/16/1997 F search
Palser Jeffrey Dean 08/07/1970 M search
Panno Girl 12/06/1934 F search
Papke Connie Lynn 02/15/1955 F search
Paris Christopher Harlan 03/12/1954 M search
Paris Robin Noel 12/21/1956 F search
Paris Stanford Bradley 09/21/1948 M search
Paris Steven Lewis 12/20/1949 M search
Parish Catherine 10/27/1985 F search
Park Boy 02/06/1952 M search
Park Cory Robert 04/12/1986 M search
Park Gary Brent 12/08/1950 M search
Park Teresa Lynn 01/30/1957 F search
Parks Bobby Louise 09/23/1955 F search
Parks Girl 10/04/1954 F search
Parmalee Alvin LeRoy 05/02/1933 M search
Parmely Alvin LeRoy 05/02/1933 M search
Parmely Boy 05/02/1933 M search
Parmely Boy 08/16/1934 M search
Parmely Boy 01/27/1937 M search
Parmely Linda Arlene 02/06/1948 F search
Parmely Tanner 08/19/1991 F search
Parmely Trenda Lea 06/09/1956 F search
Parmely Veronica Ann 10/19/1954 F search
Parr Mary Jane 07/24/1933 F search
Parsley Boy 02/12/1951 M search
Partee Tama Glycerine 01/06/1997 F search
Patalochi Girl 11/30/1946 F search
Patrick John Bryan 04/24/1946 M search
Patten James Lynn 08/19/1945 M search
Patten Twins 06/15/1948 search
Patterson Brenda Alice 04/01/1954 F search
Patterson Donald Wayne 12/02/1948 M search
Patterson Girl 08/04/1926 search
Patterson Juanita Pearl 01/03/1950 F search
Patterson Norman Keith 04/27/1947 M search
Patterson Raymond Lloyd 04/05/1951 M search
Patton Baby Boy 05/18/1918 M search
Patton Boy 02/01/1954 M search
Patton Gerald Lee 05/22/1952 M search
Patton Girl 06/08/1936 F search
Patton Glenda Gay 07/28/1950 F search
Paulsen Boy 07/12/1955 M search
Paulsen Girl 07/09/1931 F search
Paulson Boy 11/23/1953 M search
Paulson Douglas Henry 02/06/1939 M search
Paulson Girl 12/14/1928 F search
Paulson Girl 02/17/1933 F search
Pavalacky Boy 05/08/1957 M search
Pavlacky Boy 11/01/1929 M search
Pavlacky Girl 08/22/1950 F search
Pavlasky Doris Elnora 04/22/1927 F search
Pavlasky Dorothy Elvira 04/22/1927 F search
Pavlovich George Anthony 07/13/1950 M search
Pavlovich Michael Joseph 04/23/1953 M search
Payne Marilyn Kay 11/18/1950 F search
Pearce Boy 11/27/1950 M search
Pearce Phil Allen 10/29/1957 M search
Pearson Brodie Charles 02/02/1994 M search
Pearson Carl John 12/07/1951 M search
Pearson Girl 03/31/1926 F search
Pearson Girl 03/04/1929 F search
Pearson Katherine Lillie 02/19/1948 F search
Pearson Preston Travis 09/04/1992 m search
Pease Lois Jean 02/26/1933 F search
Pebbles Girl 06/09/1940 F search
Peet Carol Mae 03/28/1937 F search
Peet Girl 11/30/1933 F search
Peet Richard Paul 11/14/1934 M search
Peet Wayne 04/20/1936 M search
Penfield Ashley Michelle Lynn 02/20/1989 F search
Penfield Boy 02/26/1930 search
Penfield Boy 06/21/1930 M search
Penfield Girl 05/26/1926 F search
Penfield Girl 04/23/1933 F search
Penfield Girl 05/26/1936 F search
Penfield Girl 05/19/1956 F search
Penfield Grady Lee 12/01/1994 M search
Penfield Grant Wesley 11/28/1938 M search
Penfield Jaxon Molly 07/20/1993 F search
Penfield Kaitlin June 12/01/1994 F search
Penfield Keith Darrell 09/18/1933 M search
Penfield Kyle Wyatt 10/16/1986 M search
Penfield Matthew Dalton Edward 01/15/1993 M search
Penfield Norval Ree 07/26/1955 M search
Pennington Brad James 08/23/1956 M search
Pennington Girl 12/06/1936 F search
Pennington Leona Jean 03/23/1924 F search
Pennington Patricia Ann 02/27/1964 F search
Pennington Sharon Lucille 08/10/1954 F search
Pennington Teddy LeRoy 12/13/1934 M search
Percival Philip Paul 03/04/1975 M search
Perl Calob Herman 06/25/1985 M search
Perlenfein Christie Lynne 06/02/1960 F search
Perlenflein Mabel Edna 12/03/1936 F search
Perry Boy 11/23/1953 M search
Perry Gary Leslie 08/05/1952 M search
Perry Girl 07/23/1947 F search
Perry Michael Eugene 03/20/1951 M search
Perry Sharon Kay 07/22/1955 F search
Peters Frances Lucille 04/03/1938 F search
Peterson Alissa Nicole 06/02/1989 F search
Peterson Anna June 06/20/1939 F search
Peterson Bailey Joseph 10/06/1997 M search
Peterson Boy 10/07/1917 M search
Peterson Boy 07/21/1933 M search
Peterson Boy 02/22/1934 M search
Peterson Boy 02/22/1934 M search
Peterson Boy 05/29/1956 M search
Peterson Boy 04/05/1958 M search
Peterson Denis Carl 12/06/1955 M search
Peterson Ellen Elizabeth 06/07/1937 F search
Peterson Girl 06/10/1921 F search
Peterson Girl 12/05/1927 F search
Peterson Girl 12/05/1927 F search
Peterson Girl 12/31/1933 F search
Peterson Girl 12/06/1954 F search
Peterson Judy Kay 04/19/1946 F search
Peterson Kathryn Lande 12/16/1959 F search
Peterson Katie Marie 10/04/1985 F search
Peterson Mary Lou 07/29/1929 search
Peterson Phyllis Ann 08/02/1938 F search
Peterson William Clarence 07/09/1939 M search
Petty Boy 02/25/1915 M search
Petty Boy 02/25/1915 M search
Petty Girl 10/16/1955 F search
Petty Roxanne Marie 06/18/1954 F search
Petz Barbara Lou 07/31/1929 F search
Petz Girl 05/25/1927 F search
Peugh Amanda Jean 11/30/1977 F search
Pfeifer Charles Lavonne 06/30/1934 M search
Pfeifer Gerald Roger 01/21/1938 M search
Pfister Boy 04/24/1917 M search
Pfister Boy 12/07/1917 M search
Pfister Boy 02/14/1919 M search
Pfister Boy 11/26/1926 M search
Pfister Boy 03/30/1931 M search
Pfister Boy 10/24/1954 M search
Pfister Boy 02/04/1957 M search
Pfister Cally Elizabeth 01/14/1987 F search
Pfister Charles Thomas 01/29/1951 M search
Pfister Donald Keith 06/18/1935 M search
Pfister Donald Keith 10/28/1955 M search
Pfister George 12/21/1920 search
Pfister Girl 03/08/1956 F search
Pfister Hannah Jane 12/31/1996 F search
Pfister Henry Valentine 03/22/1906 M search
Pfister Jack Edwin 11/15/1954 M search
Pfister Jackie Dean 08/06/1955 M search
Pfister James Edwin 11/18/1939 M search
Pfister John James 12/07/1917 M search
Pfister John Anthony 02/01/1955 M search
Pfister Judy Ann 04/08/1954 F search
Pfister Kaitlyn Rae 05/03/1993 F search
Pfister Lacey Nicole 05/01/1991 F search
Pfister Mark Ray 09/27/1989 M search
Pfister Mary Jane 07/03/1899 F search
Pfister Patricia Marie 05/21/1952 F search
Pfister Ronson Burney 10/03/1951 M search
Pfister Sarah Jane 02/13/1979 F search
Pfister Toni Kay 04/24/1953 F search
Phillips Boy 07/31/1929 M search
Phillips Boy 11/16/1946 M search
Phillips Jerry 11/16/1946 M search
Phipps Boy 12/02/1937 M search
Phipps Boy 09/06/1955 M search
Phipps Boy 07/21/1956 M search
Phipps Brenda Kay 07/12/1965 F search
Phipps Bruce Duanne 04/19/1950 M search
Phipps Joseph Allen 06/25/1951 M search
Phipps Rock Charles 02/07/1955 M search
Pickens Earl Donald 10/24/1937 M search
Pickinpaugh Floyd Lawrence 01/25/1935 M search
Pierce Kathleen Rae 11/13/1954 F search
Pierson Benjaman Charles 09/03/1987 M search
Pierson LaVonn Rae 03/27/1947 F search
Pilcher Shirley Kay 07/27/1940 F search
Pilgrim Girl 11/26/1931 F search
Pilgrim Vickie Joanne 10/22/1948 search
Pillsbury Boy 02/10/1951 M search
Pinkerton Candice Arlene 02/02/1970 F search
Pinkerton Mildred Adelaid 12/14/1927 F search
Pinneo Daniel Ryan 09/26/1991 M search
Pinneo Matthew Alan 02/04/1990 M search
Piper Gloria Jean 07/05/1940 F search
Piper Gloria Jean 07/05/1940 F search
Pischel Jonathan Scott 01/18/1991 M search
Pittser Boy 01/18/1944 M search
Platz Boy 12/29/1934 search
Plumb Roderick Darian 11/29/1977 M search
Poage Leah Michelle 02/03/1978 F search
Poage Rachael Michelle 02/12/1987 F search
Podolak Boy 07/26/1937 M search
Podolak Janice Lorraine 03/31/1939 F search
Poffenbarger Jack Allen 10/18/1936 M search
Poirriot Girl 09/17/1898 search
Polk Boy 01/20/1944 M search
Pollard Gerald Edward 08/18/1950 M search
Pomeroy Brenda Renee 06/30/1964 F search
Poole Lynn Alden 09/07/1927 M search
Porter Brenna Ann 01/20/1987 F search
Porter Carla Jo 10/15/1950 F search
Porter David Earl 03/14/1947 search
Porter Duane Leonard 11/19/1954 M search
Porter Girl 11/12/1951 F search
Porter James Don 12/18/1946 F search
Porter Mike Ford 10/06/1956 M search
Porter Sandra Viola 01/21/1953 search
Porth Michael Gene 07/15/1953 M search
Poser Eugene Forrest 01/02/1956 M search
Potter Girl 02/22/1930 search
Potter Girl 11/06/1937 F search
Potter James Don 12/18/1946 M search
Potter James Don 11/16/1986 M search
Potter Janine Pearl 09/03/1987 F search
Potter Jeanette Ruth 08/05/1945 F search
Potter Thomas O. 11/26/1959 M search
Powell Amy Jo 02/04/1978 F search
Powell Boy 05/19/1953 search
Powell William H. 12/19/1918 M search
Prell Boy 04/17/1954 M search
Prell Deborah Jean 02/03/1956 F search
Prell Willa Gayle 11/15/1957 F search
Prelle Boy 03/26/1927 M search
Price Camryn Brynn 09/03/1998 search
Price Dylan Joseph 05/29/1997 M search
Price Sadie Louise 01/24/1918 F search
Proulx Brooke Rene' 12/18/1983 F search
Proulx Kelsey Jae 08/02/1985 F search
Publow Boy 03/15/1955 M search
Publow Dennis Ray 03/26/1951 M search
Publow Terry Lee 04/04/1953 M search
Pugsley Boy 01/24/1929 M search
Pugsley Jack Allen 04/26/1935 M search
Pugsley Shirley Irene 09/06/1936 F search
Pugsley Twin Girls 08/26/1946 F search
Pullen Bertha Louise 10/04/1939 F search
Pullen Girl 01/31/1941 F search
Pullen Girl 01/17/1945 F search
Pullen Judee Rae 06/18/1939 F search
Putney Ashley Joy 05/11/1989 F search