Birth Records

We are currently adding birth record information to the website, with entries sorted alphabetical by first and last name. If you find an error please let us know.

Last Name First Name Middle Name Date of Birth Sex Information
Lacy Girl 01/14/1931 F search
Ladwig Boy 01/26/1936 M search
Ladwig Boy 09/15/1951 M search
Ladwig Cheryl Lynn 05/10/1957 F search
Ladwig Ernest Ray 11/11/1951 M search
Ladwig Frank Leroy 02/15/1956 M search
Ladwig Girl 02/21/1934 F search
Ladwig Girl 02/21/1934 F search
Ladwig Linda Lucille 05/02/1954 F search
Ladwig Lucille Loretta 03/07/1940 F search
Ladwig Shelley Irene 02/14/1954 F search
Lamb Bobetta Jean 08/25/1939 F search
Lamb Boy 12/04/1957 M search
Lamb Gary Duane 11/25/1965 M search
Lamb Girl 12/22/1957 F search
Lamb Jackie Lee 12/18/1935 M search
Lamb Larry Norman 04/22/1947 M search
Lamb Lee Alan 03/01/1964 M search
Lamb Lyle Norman 08/16/1959 M search
Lamb Nina Bell 07/10/1930 F search
Lamb Twin Boys 10/17/1937 M search
Lambert Carl Allen 11/17/1947 M search
Lambrecht Jedidiah Eli 08/16/1988 M search
Lampert Boy 01/08/1948 M search
Lancaster Leola May 11/30/-0001 F search
Landen Fay Ann 11/28/1956 F search
Landen Gary Andrew 01/10/1950 M search
Landkamer Lisa Jo 05/18/1965 F search
Landon Jonathon Lee 09/28/1952 M search
Lang Girl 07/08/1927 F search
Langis Jessica Lynn 09/23/1988 F search
Langston Ethan James 10/25/1990 M search
Langston Patricia Ruth 04/02/1950 F search
Lansford Girl 01/04/1955 F search
Larsen Girl 01/26/1932 F search
Larsen Noaleen Gayle 06/15/1947 F search
Larson Boy 06/06/1918 M search
Larson Boy 09/11/1920 M search
Larson Boy 07/14/1922 M search
Larson Boy 01/08/1929 M search
Larson Boy 12/03/1935 M search
Larson Doris Jeane 12/04/1930 search
Larson Girl 08/04/1923 F search
Larson Girl 11/09/1931 F search
Larson Girl 03/09/1943 F search
Larson James William 06/08/1934 M search
Larson JoDee 01/29/1963 search
Larson Linda Lou 10/03/1937 F search
Larson Noal Franklin 08/09/1919 search
Larson Warren Clay 08/31/1903 M search
Lashmett Carl Walter 06/01/1964 M search
Lashmett Jasper Dean 10/22/1990 M search
Lashmett Rachel Mae 05/07/1998 F search
Lashmett Rebecca Marie 04/23/1993 F search
Lathrope Diana Lee 09/09/1950 F search
Lauer Diana Jean 05/15/1948 F search
Lauer Shannon Bethany 05/18/1973 F search
Lauer Warren Arthur 12/03/1951 M search
Lavely Girl 06/25/1920 search
Law George Stanford 03/04/1964 M search
Lawler Mark Dennis 05/30/1959 M search
Lawrence Boy 10/31/1927 M search
Layton Keith Arlen 02/15/1956 M search
Layton Rodney Eugene 02/27/1954 M search
Leach Girl 10/31/1916 search
Ledford Boy 02/18/1947 M search
Ledford Glena Marie 12/03/1956 F search
Ledgerwood Jackalyn Sue 09/10/1951 F search
Lee Cary Allan 07/28/1952 M search
Lee Edward Eldon 03/28/1951 M search
Lee Gayle Marie 08/06/1948 F search
Lee Girl 12/03/1931 F search
Lee Jennifer Elizabeth 06/12/1956 F search
Lee Judy Kay 05/29/1947 F search
Lee Monica Jean 07/28/1955 F search
Lee Sharon Kay 11/30/1940 F search
Leece James George 05/06/1952 M search
Leeling Boy 09/24/1918 M search
Leeling Boy 09/02/1951 M search
Leeling Boy 08/09/1955 M search
Leeling Danny Lee 10/15/1957 M search
Leeling David James 07/25/1952 M search
Leeling Edward Allen 07/11/1951 M search
Leeling Ervin Robert 05/14/1951 M search
Leeling Girl 05/31/1917 F search
Leeling Girl 01/30/1922 F search
Leeling Girl 11/21/1925 F search
Leeling Girl 06/13/1948 F search
Leeling Girl 10/06/1951 F search
Leeling Juanita Anne 07/28/1952 F search
Leeling Leonard Harry 02/03/1950 M search
Leeling Leonard W. 09/24/1918 M search
Leeling Lois Mary 06/23/1947 F search
Leeling Louise Marie 06/23/1947 F search
Leeling Mae 06/06/1932 F search
Leeling Patricia Kay 02/18/1953 F search
Leeling Rachel 02/28/1922 F search
Leeling Sabrina Sue 01/13/1957 F search
Leeling Samuel Allen 10/28/1923 M search
Leeling Virginia Mary 08/23/1934 F search
Leeling Warren Ronald 06/17/1952 M search
Leffingwell Boy 09/05/1916 M search
Legg Boy 04/08/1904 search
Leichliters Kirk Lawerence 04/16/1957 M search
Leigh Girl 08/26/1931 F search
Leimser Boy 01/28/1947 M search
Leimser Eleanor Fay 07/08/1939 F search
Leimser Girl 01/23/1941 F search
Leimser Joanne 07/03/1953 F search
Lemons Cory Neilsen 04/12/1986 M search
Lemons Cynthia Kae 01/22/1956 F search
Lemons Roger Rae 02/08/1954 M search
Lemons Tiffnee Mae 02/07/1991 F search
Lemons Trevor Auston 10/26/1985 M search
Lentz Boy 02/10/1933 M search
Lenz Boy 03/06/1931 M search
Lenz Boy 12/20/1953 M search
Lenz Fern Myra 08/19/1927 F search
Lenz Gene Franklin 02/10/1933 M search
Lenz Hugh Bruno 11/16/1955 M search
Lenz Jennifer Joann 03/02/1959 F search
Lenz Richard Henry 12/28/1928 M search
Leonard Kenneth Lee 06/02/1954 M search
Letcher Jeffrey Thomas 02/02/1975 M search
Lewan Boy 11/28/1950 M search
Lewan Douglas Eugene 11/17/1955 M search
Lewis Adam Kaelor 12/07/1988 m search
Lewis Amy Lenore 04/22/1975 F search
Lewis Boy 03/07/1955 M search
Lewis Darlene Kay 07/17/1948 F search
Lewis Elsie Olita 10/17/1950 F search
Lewis Ernest Lee 09/26/1946 M search
Lewis Gary Corwin 07/18/1955 M search
Lewis Girl 11/08/1950 F search
Lewis Karen Jane 10/25/1953 F search
Lewis Linda Kay 12/19/1952 F search
Lewis Natasha Koren 12/03/1992 F search
Lewis Patricia Ann 09/27/1959 F search
Lewis Tyler Bo 08/25/1992 M search
Lieurance Dianna Dee 01/30/1939 F search
Lincoln Boy 03/28/1925 M search
Lincoln Boy 01/28/1929 M search
Lincoln Boy 07/29/1933 search
Lincoln Boy 12/18/1936 search
Lincoln Boy 12/08/2000 search
Lincoln Debra Lue 08/17/1956 search
Lincoln Floyd John 08/01/1934 M search
Lincoln Girl 05/29/1929 F search
Lincoln Girl 04/18/1955 F search
Lincoln John William 08/07/1952 M search
Lincoln Richard Dennis 09/13/1943 search
Linford Matthew Edward 11/29/1985 M search
Lingelbach Lacey Jo Mary 04/28/1985 F search
Lingreen Debra Kay 11/04/1956 F search
Lingreen Robert Donald 01/23/1954 M search
Lingwood Bethine Louise 07/07/1946 F search
Linneman Rickie Lee 10/22/1954 M search
Linneman Ruthie Lee 10/22/1954 F search
Linneman Twin Boys 09/17/1959 search
Lint Catherine Ann 08/03/1956 F search
Lipski Nina Marie 06/26/1947 F search
Locker Kathy Joleen 10/07/1951 F search
Loebe Lew Baughn 07/04/1929 M search
Lohn Boy 10/09/1919 M search
Lohr Benjamin Wieland 10/07/1906 M search
Lohr Boy 08/24/1900 M search
Lohr Boy 01/31/1905 M search
Lohr Boy 05/13/1917 M search
Lohr Boy 02/08/1932 M search
Lohr Boy 07/16/1956 M search
Lohr Girl 08/14/1926 F search
Lohr Girl 02/08/1932 F search
Lohr Girl 11/26/1936 F search
Lohr Glennis Lynette 10/23/1958 F search
Lohr Ida M. 04/19/1934 F search
Lohr John St. Patrick 03/17/1912 M search
Lohr Mark Steven 12/04/1947 M search
Lohr Ralph 12/21/1909 M search
Lohr Roy John 03/24/1954 M search
Lohr Walter Allen 03/02/1924 M search
Long Diana Dean 08/01/1945 F search
Long William Chester 12/29/1928 M search
Lorentzen Girl 08/12/1998 F search
Lorenzen Andra Lee 10/03/1956 F search
Lorenzen Boy 04/06/1908 M search
Lorenzen Boy 08/08/1911 search
Lorenzen Boy 04/27/1929 M search
Lorenzen Boy 11/05/1933 M search
Lorenzen Boy 05/04/1950 M search
Lorenzen Boy 04/17/1953 M search
Lorenzen Boy 09/20/1959 M search
Lorenzen Celeste Irene 08/13/1950 F search
Lorenzen Darla Toneda 07/01/1936 F search
Lorenzen Dennis Kelton 05/05/1940 M search
Lorenzen Emily 12/07/1899 search
Lorenzen George Jurdgen 06/23/1939 M search
Lorenzen Girl 10/25/1914 F search
Lorenzen Girl 11/26/1916 F search
Lorenzen Harry Franklin 05/05/1906 M search
Lorenzen Irene Kay 11/01/1947 F search
Lorenzen Linda Jeanne 08/12/1952 F search
Lorenzen Lois Joan 03/07/1933 F search
Lorenzen Martha Kay 01/23/1956 F search
Lorenzen Monty Kal 02/26/1953 M search
Lorenzen Richard Gene 04/10/1952 search
Lorerson Girl 06/09/1936 F search
Lovett Boy 10/05/1946 M search
Lovitt Albert Way 10/12/1954 M search
Lovitt Boy 10/05/1946 M search
Lowe Devin Robert 11/27/1990 M search
Lowe Grant Christopher 02/27/1961 M search
Lowe Jessica Lee 09/29/1986 F search
Lowe Misty Dawn 03/30/1966 F search
Lowery Vivian Darline 08/04/1923 F search
Lowry Girl 04/26/1928 search
Lucas Lynn Robert 05/09/1964 M search
Lucero Christine Lenore 01/18/1947 F search
Lucero Son 12/30/1963 M search
Lund Boy 08/29/1922 search
Lund Brenda Joyce 03/15/1947 search
Lund Chrisanna Kay 04/24/1992 F search
Lund Kyle Jacob 11/12/1985 M search
Lund Larry R. 11/18/1942 M search
Lussetto Kyle Edward 10/17/1997 M search
Lutt Lesa Kay 08/04/1986 F search
Lutt Lyle Dean 12/23/1977 M search
Lynn Althia Louise 09/28/1953 F search
Lynn Dustin Lee 03/01/1981 M search
Lynn Girl 06/02/1950 F search