Birth Records

We are currently adding birth record information to the website, with entries sorted alphabetical by first and last name. If you find an error please let us know.

Last Name First Name Middle Name Date of Birth Sex Information
Rabe Girl 05/10/1955 F search
Radil Charles Buffington 12/25/1974 M search
Railsback Boy 10/14/1912 M search
Ramsey Andrew Paul 03/30/1986 M search
Ransoma Enola Gaye 11/08/1953 F search
Rapp Branden Daniel 12/27/1977 M search
Rasmussen Nels Lee 12/26/1956 M search
Rathbun Crystal Carline 05/02/1954 F search
Rathburn Paisley Ryann 08/09/2017 F search
Rawhouser Boy 09/01/1952 M search
Rawhouser Mack William 10/15/1949 M search
Ray Boy 10/03/1947 M search
Ray Dana Dee 07/19/1946 F search
Ray Floyd Adelbert 06/01/1942 M search
Ray Gary Keith 05/05/1951 M search
Raynes Carolyn Jean 04/09/1947 F search
Rea Cody Allen 10/04/1983 M search
Rea Girl 11/03/1957 F search
Rea Kent Douglas 01/21/1987 M search
Rea Lacy Janelle 01/25/1985 F search
Read Michael Eugene 07/12/1955 M search
Reckling Boy 07/12/1934 M search
Reckling John Frederick 02/07/1964 M search
Reckling Walter Ervin 09/17/1931 M search
Rector Herbert Lloyd 08/25/1943 M search
Redding Boy 11/21/1942 M search
Reddon Boy 05/25/1943 M search
Redfield David Scott 08/31/1957 M search
Redfield Girl 02/15/1956 F search
Redfield Leanne Marie 01/15/1954 F search
Redfield Ryan David 01/17/1989 M search
Redja Sally Ann 08/19/1934 search
Reeb Parker Jack 11/30/1997 M search
Reeb Tyler John 10/21/1992 M search
Reece Arlynne Marie 12/10/1950 F search
Reece Bonny Jean 08/22/1979 F search
Reece Caroline June 01/02/1952 F search
Reece Girl 03/19/1965 F search
Reece Trinity Eric 01/02/1977 M search
Reed Boy 02/12/1933 M search
Reed Boy 06/02/1964 M search
Reed Jacob Earl 04/08/1956 M search
Reed James Calvin 02/12/1933 M search
Reed Jamie Lynn 11/03/1989 F search
Reed Jordan Calvin 06/13/1992 M search
Reed Kaylee Carol 06/18/1987 F search
Reed Kristen Lynn 10/05/1988 F search
Reed Lori Le 05/28/1957 F search
Reed Randy James 04/09/1965 M search
Reed Shannon Lee 07/10/1957 F search
Reed Staci Ann 12/06/1987 F search
Reed Walter Calvin 04/15/1935 M search
Rees Randale Henry 05/05/1950 M search
Reese Doris Mae 03/22/1957 F search
Reese Francis Irwin 05/21/1943 M search
Reese Kelsey Lynn 02/18/1998 F search
Reese Raymond Dean 08/23/1952 M search
Reeves Katie Elizabeth 06/13/1991 F search
Reiff Boy 11/30/-0001 M search
Reinhardt Darrell Wayne 07/19/1953 M search
Reinsch Anika Catherine 01/31/1997 F search
Rejda Boy 01/06/1940 M search
Rejda Boy 08/04/1946 M search
Rejda Jennifer Ann 04/06/1987 F search
Remington Michael Kister 08/25/0193 M search
Renicke Girl 08/30/1903 F search
Renz Boy 12/10/1946 M search
Renz Boy 04/04/1951 M search
Renzelman James Arthur 10/22/1984 M search
Renzelman Zachary Allen 09/11/1986 M search
Reuben Boy 12/23/1937 M search
Reuber Jackie LeRoy 12/23/1937 M search
Reuter Girl 05/29/1929 F search
Reynolds Girl 02/19/1895 search
Reynolds Girl 11/21/1916 search
Reynolds Girl 10/10/1949 F search
Reynolds Rick Allen 11/30/1957 M search
Rhoades Derek Alexander 02/20/1986 M search
Rice Boy 05/16/1956 M search
Rice Galen Albert 01/02/1930 M search
Rice Girl 04/29/1928 F search
Rice Girl 09/03/1939 F search
Rich Boy 07/17/1957 M search
Richards Susan Marie 10/25/1956 F search
Richardson Boy 04/27/1931 M search
Richardson Leslie Kay 11/11/1952 F search
Richardson Linda Kay 09/25/1951 F search
Richardson Marcia Rae 11/11/1952 F search
Richardson Michael Roy 11/25/1952 M search
Richardson Stephen Robert 10/06/1954 M search
Richie Kelly James 10/28/1959 M search
Rickard Barbara Ann 01/27/1950 F search
Rieger Boy 02/06/1952 M search
Riley Claudia Marie 08/06/1947 F search
Riley Jean Louise 05/31/1951 F search
Riley Larry Kenneth 08/06/1948 M search
Riley Marva Joan 10/09/1951 F search
Ringer Boy 04/14/1930 search
Ringer Deborah Josephine 12/14/1950 F search
Ringer Holli Ann 10/07/1952 F search
Ringer James Bartram 11/11/1954 M search
Ripley Ralph Lee 08/30/1936 M search
Risdall Thea Jane 08/02/1959 F search
Rising Boy 05/02/1965 M search
Rising Cory Scott 08/13/1970 M search
Rising Wyatt Marvin 11/11/1997 M search
Ritter James Phillip 08/31/1983 M search
Rittner Girl 01/16/1950 F search
Rivenburg Larisa Marie 07/18/1988 F search
Roath Girl 03/25/1937 F search
Robbins Emma Catherine 01/03/1991 F search
Roberts Boy 03/10/1923 M search
Roberts Boy 04/25/1924 M search
Roberts Boy 09/03/1927 M search
Roberts Boy 04/28/1929 M search
Roberts Boy 05/04/1929 search
Roberts Boy 09/14/1934 M search
Roberts Boy 11/07/1936 M search
Roberts David Lowell 01/12/1954 M search
Roberts Phillip John 07/08/1948 M search
Roberts Steven Leslie 02/22/1947 M search
Roberts Teresa Ann 06/12/1947 F search
Robertson Boy 10/31/1929 M search
Robertson Boy 07/31/1931 M search
Robertson Girl 01/08/1927 F search
Robertson Son 01/29/1947 M search
Robertson William Elliott 10/17/1994 M search
Robinson Carolyn Lee 01/13/1946 F search
Robinson Charles William 03/11/1975 M search
Robinson Erika Rae 02/06/1980 F search
Robinson Girl 05/06/1928 F search
Robinson Girl 04/03/1934 F search
Robinson Mary Ann 10/04/1940 F search
Robinson Son 01/27/1947 M search
Roby Vicki Jo 04/11/1952 F search
Rochelle Boy 06/24/1908 F search
Rochelle Girl 01/25/1918 F search
Rodd Bonnie Jean 12/14/1940 F search
Rodgers Lorraine Marie 09/09/1948 F search
Rodgers Twin Boys 12/03/1938 M search
Roffers Sharon Kay 01/15/1947 F search
Rogers Boy 01/08/1945 M search
Rogers Diane Marie 11/10/1954 F search
Rogers Flora Mae 03/31/1948 F search
Rogers Girl 08/31/1918 F search
Rogers Harley 01/17/1906 M search
Rogers Neil Omar 08/09/1940 M search
Rogers Pamela Susan 02/23/1950 F search
Rogers Reed Lloyd 11/30/1976 M search
Rogers Vicky Lorraine 12/19/1953 F search
Roggow Mark Alan 01/31/1965 M search
Rogina Boy 07/31/1933 search
Rogina Eugene Louis 03/06/1935 M search
Rogina Eugene Edward 06/05/1960 M search
Rogina Margo Marie 12/29/1953 F search
Rogina Ronald Preston 06/21/1952 M search
Roley Boy 09/09/1928 M search
Roll Girl 07/28/1951 F search
Roll Ross M. 11/25/1939 M search
Rood Albert Oscar 06/07/1951 M search
Rood Boy 10/04/1931 M search
Rood Carol Jean 08/02/1954 F search
Rood Ronald Keith 09/26/1946 M search
Root Boy 03/25/1919 M search
Root Donald Keith 04/30/1927 M search
Root Drake Kurtis 06/27/1953 M search
Root Girl 05/01/1907 F search
Root Girl 12/12/1928 F search
Rose Brent Alan 02/19/1978 M search
Rose Chad Michael 03/14/1977 M search
Rose Jeanna Kathleen 06/05/1981 F search
Ross Boy 04/28/1932 M search
Ross Boy 08/31/1936 M search
Ross Girl 11/16/1928 F search
Ross Girl 12/21/1929 F search
Ross Riley Allen 08/31/1936 M search
Ross Riley Alan 05/08/1998 M search
Ross Rola Allen 09/20/1966 search
Ross Tanner Jordan 07/13/1997 M search
Ross Timothy James 05/08/1998 M search
Rossman Girl 10/28/1891 search
Roth Boy 06/10/1948 M search
Roth Dorothy Margaret 02/06/1939 F search
Roth Norma Jean 10/27/1931 F search
Rotheutner Boy 01/31/1933 M search
Rouse Girl 10/01/1907 F search
Rovere Boy 03/15/1927 M search
Rovere Boy 06/15/1929 M search
Rowe Boy 09/13/1934 M search
Rowe David Wayne 11/09/1939 M search
Rowland Douglas Dean 12/04/1952 M search
Ruffing Albert 12/15/1914 M search
Ruffing Boy 05/13/1907 M search
Ruffing Boy 12/15/1914 search
Ruffing Boy 05/07/1924 M search
Ruffing Brenda Lee 09/07/1957 F search
Ruffing Charles 05/13/1907 M search
Ruffing John Robert 06/10/1934 M search
Ruffing Judy May 12/21/1945 F search
Ruffing Kenneth William 05/17/1934 M search
Ruffing Lawrence Albert 01/10/1940 M search
Ruffing Mary Ethel 07/11/1939 F search
Ruffing Patrica Anne 09/26/1931 F search
Ruffing Robert La Follete Martin 07/21/1912 M search
Ruffing William Jennings 06/28/1951 M search
Ruiz Jonas Y. S. 04/13/1998 M search
Rumney Boy 02/03/1937 M search
Rumney Elizabeth Jean 11/30/-0001 F search
Rumney James Edward 05/29/1939 M search
Runser Twin Girls 04/13/1903 F search
Rush Ellen Marie 04/12/1951 F search
Rush Jessie Carene 06/03/1983 M search
Rush Mary Alice 11/21/1953 F search
Rush Thomas Carl 07/17/1952 M search
Russell Girl 05/02/1928 F search
Russell Girl 08/01/1929 F search
Ruth Boy 04/18/1892 search
Ryan Kathy 05/04/1955 F search
Ryan Mary Julia 11/29/1915 F search
Ryan Mary Eileen 04/21/1956 F search
Ryenolds Boy 10/31/1913 M search
Rynearson Marcy Dawn 02/24/1989 F search
Rynearson Michael David 09/24/1991 M search