Birth Records

We are currently adding birth record information to the website, with entries sorted alphabetical by first and last name. If you find an error please let us know.

Last Name First Name Middle Name Date of Birth Sex Information
Sabin Girl 06/23/1929 F search
Sabin Linda Ann 05/06/1956 F search
Sabin Samuel Waybright 07/23/1931 M search
Sachau Stanley Russell 04/28/1954 M search
Saffel Girl 10/14/1898 F search
Saffel Girl 03/22/1904 F search
Saffell Boy 06/30/1906 M search
Saffell Girl 03/22/1904 F search
Sager Carey Kay 05/05/1954 F search
Sakala Amber Lynn 04/16/1990 F search
Sakala Lisha Dawn 03/03/1993 F search
Sampers Teresa Marie 02/26/1991 F search
Santistevan Philip Joseph 01/08/1990 M search
Santistevan Travis James 01/08/1990 M search
Sargent Harold Clyde 10/20/1937 M search
Sauers Girl 08/04/1914 F search
Sauter Richard Lester 10/20/1946 M search
Scace Boy 09/08/1953 M search
Scace Charles Edward 04/04/1924 M search
Scace Jacque Lynne 07/22/1951 F search
Scace Joy Elizabeth 01/28/1918 F search
Scadden Girl 07/15/1936 F search
Schaaf Boy 10/02/1951 M search
Schaefer Boy 10/05/1949 M search
Schaefer Delores Lenore 07/01/1937 F search
Schaefer Jay Dee 04/15/1940 M search
Schaefer Jessica Lynn 02/28/1981 F search
Schaefer Joe Edward 01/01/1951 M search
Schaefer Marjorie Arline 09/14/1953 F search
Schaefer Mary Catherine 02/24/1952 F search
Schaeffer Carl Daniel 10/27/1945 M search
Schaffer Eleanor Doris 05/13/1934 F search
Schaffer Girl 12/20/1935 F search
Schamp Lorraine De 05/08/1957 F search
Scheenen Paul Antone 01/25/1949 M search
Scheer Boy 03/01/1947 M search
Scheer Myrna A. 01/23/1939 F search
Scheer William Douglas 04/12/1950 M search
Scherer Samuel 08/26/1945 M search
Schiel Heather Nicole 02/05/1985 F search
Schieper James 04/27/1944 M search
Schipporeit Stacy Lee 08/19/1964 F search
Schloatman Carolyn June 12/08/1937 F search
Schloatman Carolyn June 12/08/1937 F search
Schloatman Eleanor Ann 05/31/1936 F search
Schloatman Patricia Ann 05/31/1936 F search
Schmid David Christian 11/14/1952 M search
Schmid Thomas Edgar 02/05/1948 M search
Schmidt Boy 08/08/1897 search
Schmidt Boy 12/19/1930 M search
Schmidt Boy 05/19/1956 M search
Schmidt Deborah Lynn 11/11/1945 F search
Schmidt Kimberly Kaye 03/24/1964 F search
Schmoe Lee Alan 01/01/1954 M search
Schnackenberg Boy 04/06/1952 M search
Schnorenberg Bennie Richard 06/01/1948 M search
Schnorenberg Boy 01/02/1957 M search
Schnorenberg Carmen Rae 08/16/1956 F search
Schnorenberg Carol Lyn 11/15/1954 F search
Schnorenberg Cindius Lu 09/22/1948 F search
Schnorenberg Diana Lee 04/25/1947 F search
Schnorenberg Kelly James 03/30/1959 M search
Schnorenberg Rodney Lloyd 08/20/1950 M search
Schnorenberg Walter 10/29/1926 M search
Schnose Paula Diane 11/23/1955 F search
Schofield John Ray 10/30/1952 M search
Schoonover Beverly Ann 07/10/1952 F search
Schose David Lee 12/23/1954 M search
Schrader Brooke Lee 01/27/1991 F search
Schrader Kristen Lynn 09/28/1989 F search
Schroefel Girl 03/03/1924 F search
Schuett Diana Lin 01/19/1966 F search
Schuricht Boy 03/24/1929 M search
Schutt Bonnie Sue 03/16/1947 F search
Schutt Dennis Ray 02/22/1947 M search
Schutt Duane Eugene 12/21/1951 M search
Schutt Jerry Steven 06/14/1953 M search
Schuyler Cynthia Jo 04/13/1956 F search
Schweissing Margaret Charlene 07/24/1952 F search
Schweissing Veralyn Esther 04/02/1954 F search
Schyler Girl 08/06/1957 F search
Scott Arika Christine 10/28/1992 F search
Scott Arline May 06/02/1939 F search
Scott Boy 09/11/1927 M search
Scott Dawn Michelle 02/03/1977 F search
Scott Dillon El 07/05/1931 M search
Scott Janice Charlene 05/31/1950 F search
Scott Larry Harleigh 07/20/1935 M search
Scott Paul Eugene 10/26/1951 M search
Scott Richard Lynn 08/20/1947 M search
Scott Robert Dennis 12/30/1944 M search
Scott Robert Lewis 04/05/1947 M search
Scott Roger Lewis 04/05/1947 M search
Scott Sandra Ilene 01/05/1959 F search
Scott Shatto Brianna 01/01/1987 F search
Scott Stephanie Sue 06/10/1965 F search
Scriven Thomas Edward 05/23/1952 M search
Seaman Olita Rae 08/14/1939 F search
Sedar Nancy Rose 06/27/1952 F search
Sedar Regina Lee 04/09/1950 F search
Sedar Robert Paul 09/20/1948 M search
Sedgwick Girl 07/24/1939 F search
Seegrist Alfred Kenneth 01/12/1937 M search
Seegrist Boy 12/21/1941 M search
Seegrist Dennis David 08/15/1940 M search
Seegrist Dolores Emma 05/19/1939 F search
Seegrist Girl 10/28/1931 F search
Seegrist Girl 01/08/1940 F search
Seegrist Leonard Amiel 10/11/1936 M search
Seegrist Lila 08/26/1943 F search
Seegrist Luwanna Darlene 01/10/1937 F search
Seegrist Lyle 08/26/1943 M search
Seegrist Viola Autencie 06/22/1938 F search
Seeleig Donna Jo 06/08/1927 F search
Seifert Boy 07/13/1944 M search
Selders Girl 07/31/1915 F search
Selfe Emma 09/10/1906 F search
Sellers Gary Vernon 12/02/1951 M search
Sellers Sharon Lee 12/11/1950 F search
Serres Boy 11/08/1937 M search
Serres Broc Andrew 12/30/1990 M search
Serres Cynthia Louise 06/08/1959 F search
Serres Jessie Lee 01/09/1987 F search
Serres Lindsey Vanessa 01/04/1988 F search
Session Carl Raymond 04/03/1937 M search
Sevier Jeffrey Lee 02/21/1964 M search
Shade Girl 04/29/1951 F search
Shadle Girl 08/06/1915 F search
Shaffer Adele Andrea 01/17/1947 F search
Shanahan Gary Lee 11/25/1950 M search
Shane Brenda Lee 02/21/1964 F search
Sharp Patricia Suzanne 06/19/1947 F search
Shatto Earl E 03/25/1904 F search
Shatto Girl 04/30/1906 F search
Shatto Girl 05/05/1928 F search
Shatto Girl 10/21/1933 F search
Shaw Girl 02/19/1915 F search
Shaw Vickie Renee 07/25/1957 F search
Sheaman Boy 08/28/1928 search
Sheaman Kerry Lynn 03/23/1954 M search
Sheiper Girl 10/17/1949 F search
Sherman Boy 03/27/1955 M search
Sherman Girl 04/01/1920 F search
Shields Boy 04/30/1928 M search
Shillenn Jeffrey William 05/11/1950 M search
Shimek David Edwin 03/26/1954 M search
Shimek Mary Josephine 01/20/1937 F search
Shimek Roy Earl 12/20/1952 M search
Shipley Baby Girl 01/29/1907 F search
Shippen Boy 09/06/1900 M search
Shippen Boy 08/14/1906 M search
Shippen Girl 08/14/1906 F search
Shippen Harry Lester 06/30/1927 M search
Shoemaker Milton Robert 02/03/1935 M search
Shoop Valri Eileen 10/01/1956 F search
Shoopman Girl 10/24/1934 F search
Shoopman Shannon Lynn 03/22/1978 F search
Shoults Hanna Elise 06/27/1994 F search
Shoults Skeeter John 02/01/1980 M search
Showalter Kacie Christine 09/01/1987 F search
Showalter Pamela Kay 10/17/1954 F search
Showalter Scotty Jack 09/17/1956 M search
Shroyer Beverly Louella 11/29/1938 F search
Shroyer Daivd Pleonard 08/30/1937 M search
Shroyer Gary Wayne 11/27/1952 M search
Sides Bobbi Kay 05/28/1970 F search
Sides Boy 01/25/1927 M search
Sides Boy 04/16/1927 M search
Sides Boy 07/15/1930 M search
Sides Boy 08/08/1939 M search
Sides Brooke Mackenzie 10/31/1998 F search
Sides Catherine Joanne 12/16/1953 F search
Sides Clifford Allen 08/16/1954 M search
Sides Girl 03/29/1918 F search
Sides Girl 12/18/1928 F search
Sides Girl 05/19/1931 F search
Sides Girl 05/05/1935 F search
Sides Girl 10/21/1936 F search
Sides Girl 12/21/1936 F search
Sides Girl 01/10/1946 F search
Sides Jay Randy 11/11/1951 M search
Sides Jeremy Beau 10/02/1979 M search
Sides Kennth Ralph 06/30/1957 M search
Sides Kurt Ralph Marion 12/08/1958 M search
Sides Linda Yvonne 02/19/1956 F search
Sides Marcia Lee 07/01/1947 F search
Sides Marilyn Jane 12/17/1957 F search
Sides Montgomery Lee 07/19/1951 M search
Sides Sheila Anne 04/03/1956 F search
Sides Steven Jarrod 06/30/1981 M search
Sides Stewart 09/17/1912 search
Sides Twin Boys 12/26/1963 M search
Siedenberg Girl 12/31/1938 F search
Siegel Girl 11/26/1963 F search
Siemsen Katherine Elaine 11/03/1950 F search
Siemsen Nyonne Kay 04/09/1952 F search
Siemsen Patrick Dennis 05/28/1952 M search
Siepp Michael Lee 05/05/1950 M search
Silvers Sandra Kay 12/18/1952 F search
Simmons Betty Carol 01/20/1952 F search
Simmons Boy 06/29/1948 M search
Simmons Boy 07/20/1954 M search
Simon Russell Dean 05/14/1936 M search
Simpson Boy 09/05/1943 M search
Simpson Girl 01/01/1946 F search
Sims Girl 07/30/1947 F search
Singley Sharon Adele 07/06/1950 F search
Sisson Barbara Jane 09/08/1937 F search
Sisson Barbara Jane 09/09/1937 M search
Skaggs Boy 12/17/1927 M search
Skaggs Boy 12/17/1927 M search
Skavdahl Daniel Hopkin 09/12/1983 M search
Skavdahl Josephine Ellen 02/06/1978 F search
Skillings Boy 03/29/1939 M search
Skillings Fenton James 12/16/1935 M search
Skinner Girl 08/14/1946 F search
Skoglund Girl 01/15/1945 F search
Slagle Betty Anna 05/29/1937 F search
Slagle Girl 11/26/1934 F search
Slagter Elizabeth Ann 09/29/1952 F search
Slagter Linda Jeanne 03/31/1950 F search
Sledenberg Girl 12/31/1939 F search
Smathers Boy 11/30/1931 M search
Smith Adam Larson 07/27/1984 M search
Smith Alan Dean 08/23/1951 M search
Smith Alysha Rae 05/25/1993 F search
Smith Alyssa Morgan 09/04/1987 F search
Smith Boy 05/11/1946 M search
Smith Boy 11/16/1946 M search
Smith Boy 11/02/1953 M search
Smith Boy 11/08/1953 M search
Smith Brayden Alexis 07/01/1997 F search
Smith Carolyn Louise 01/08/1950 F search
Smith Charles Lee 07/11/1951 M search
Smith Clay Scott 02/15/1989 M search
Smith David Paul 10/05/1957 M search
Smith David Allen 10/16/1957 M search
Smith Debra Kaye 01/26/1952 F search
Smith Delores Margaret 10/30/1937 search
Smith Eldyn Lyle 06/24/1935 search
Smith Erin Elaine 07/10/1984 F search
Smith Girl 09/05/1936 F search
Smith Girl 10/30/1937 F search
Smith Girl 11/12/1952 F search
Smith Jacqueline Rae 12/07/1952 F search
Smith James Albert 01/26/1955 M search
Smith Jay Dee 05/01/1953 M search
Smith Jay Dee 10/19/1955 M search
Smith Justin Reed 04/27/1987 M search
Smith Landon Geoffrey 09/02/1993 M search
Smith Leonard Avon 01/18/1931 M search
Smith Lori Lou 03/15/1957 F search
Smith Marion R. 06/30/1932 M search
Smith Mark Andrew 12/30/1974 M search
Smith Martha Ann 01/21/1945 F search
Smith Michael Burton 05/02/1981 M search
Smith Pattie Jean 12/26/1951 F search
Smith Randall Kerry 07/12/1957 M search
Smith Ronald Ray 09/17/1954 M search
Smith Shannon Michelle 02/27/1964 F search
Smith Steven Nelson 11/24/1952 M search
Smith Timothy Daivd 06/25/1992 M search
Smith Vickey Anne 06/06/1955 F search
Smith Vickie Marie 11/28/1952 F search
Smith Vickie Lynn 03/22/1964 F search
Smith Violet Eugenia 06/06/1903 search
Smith Wesley Lincoln 04/18/1950 M search
Smith William Brett 11/01/1956 M search
Smyth Wallace Henry 12/29/1951 M search
Snyder Boy 06/20/1910 M search
Snyder Veda 05/21/1900 search
Sommers Boy 05/02/1937 M search
Sommers Cara Ann 07/17/1986 F search
Sommers Terry Lynn 12/24/1946 M search
Sopher Earl Phillip 01/19/1937 M search
Sorensen Laurence Robert 05/24/1953 M search
Sorrells Karen Sue 05/29/1957 F search
Sparks Boy 08/28/1920 M search
Spaulding Robert Dale 11/25/1958 M search
Speerly Boy 07/05/1928 M search
Speerly Donald Mitchell 11/09/1938 M search
Spencer Boy 12/30/1929 M search
Spencer Girl 05/08/1928 F search
Spjut Jo Ann 07/16/1947 F search
Splittgerber George 01/25/1918 M search
Sprague Girl 11/19/1937 F search
Sproul Boy 08/03/1915 M search
Spurling Boy 05/26/1927 M search
St. John Travis William 02/13/1977 M search
Stafford Boy 02/06/1915 M search
Staggs Laura Dee 11/21/1952 F search
Stainfield Boy 12/14/1946 M search
Stalling Girl 11/19/1942 F search
Stallman Betty 09/06/1927 search
Stallman Clyde C. 04/29/1928 M search
Stallman Dawn Denise 05/01/1984 F search
Stallman Girl 01/17/1925 F search
Stallman Girl 11/11/1933 F search
Stallman Hallie Carissa 06/03/1986 F search
Stallman Kendra Ann 08/23/1984 F search
Stallman Kyle James 08/23/1984 M search
Stallman Willis James 08/02/1953 M search
Stanfill Christian Joseph 11/01/1997 M search
Stanton Girl 02/02/1915 F search
Starner Girl 01/25/1932 F search
Staudenmaier Lyle Dean 02/28/1975 M search
Steger Brylor Dee 01/02/1991 M search
Stepehenson Girl 09/30/1919 F search
Stephens Kathleen Ann 08/20/1952 F search
Stephenson Boy 03/27/1939 M search
Stevens Bradley Lynn 03/28/1957 M search
Stevenson Grant Edward 1986 search
Stevenson Mary Ann 11/22/1942 F search
Stewart Girl 08/14/1924 F search
Stewart Jesse John 03/15/1982 M search
Stewart Vernal Dean 11/30/1934 M search
Stigile Boy 07/12/1943 M search
Stigile Linda Sue 12/31/1946 F search
Stiles Boy 07/06/1934 M search
Stiles Boy 04/25/1936 M search
Stipe Gerald David 06/17/1955 M search
Stipe Robert Lyle 12/12/1952 M search
Stokes Boy 12/06/1930 search
Stokes Boy 07/07/1932 M search
Stombaugh Trey Richard 11/19/1998 M search
Stone Amy Lynn 03/03/1984 F search
Stone Boy 06/22/1932 M search
Storey Girl 04/06/1936 F search
Stotts Girl 05/16/1927 F search
Stout Albert Leroy 06/03/1946 M search
Stout Girl 10/13/1948 F search
Stratton Ellsworth 07/26/1929 search
Stratton Girl 03/29/1927 F search
Stratton Girl 04/05/1929 F search
Stratton Sara Lynn 01/15/1978 F search
Street Boy 08/16/1934 M search
Streeter Boy 05/08/1900 M search
Strickland Eric Andrew 02/05/1994 M search
Strickland Girl 02/20/1950 F search
Striker Daniel Levi 01/02/1989 M search
Strilowich Debra Leigh 05/19/1964 F search
Strube Barbara Joan 04/11/1937 F search
Strube Deborah Dawn 02/04/1964 F search
Strube Martin Allen 10/19/1934 M search
Stuble Elsa Marie 08/19/1994 F search
Stubson Donald Louis 12/06/1947 M search
Stubson Girl 03/07/1943 F search
Sturman Boy 06/20/1935 M search
Sturman Cody Lyle 10/04/1963 M search
Sturman Girl 08/03/1900 F search
Sturman Girl 09/20/1957 F search
Sturman Guthrie Thomas 07/10/1998 M search
Sturman James Richard 08/12/1933 M search
Sturman Justin Robert 03/09/1993 M search
Sturman Marjorie Louise 11/06/1939 F search
Sturman Mark Lee 09/05/1959 M search
Sturman Roberta Jo 11/29/1953 F search
Sturman Samuel Lee 12/08/1951 M search
Styles Catherine Ann 04/25/1936 F search
Sullivan Baby 12/31/1926 search
Sullivan Boy 07/18/1897 search
Sullivan Linda 04/10/1940 F search
Sullivan Michael Anthony 06/04/1959 M search
Sullivan Renee Margot Lee 04/30/1954 F search
Sulzbach Brian Jerrod 11/06/1986 M search
Sulzbach Zachary Scott 06/26/1988 M search
Surratt Anthony Wayne 03/24/1947 M search
Swanson John Albin 11/05/1951 M search
Swanson Timothy John 07/28/1975 M search
Swinson Shanna Marie 06/08/1959 F search
Swisher Cleo Nadine 09/16/1933 F search
Swope Dolores Rose 10/23/1945 F search
Swope June Eileen 06/26/1939 F search
Swope Lawrence Charles 12/16/1953 M search
Swope Mary Annette 07/05/1957 F search
Swope Yvonne Fae 07/18/1953 F search
Sylvester Boy 11/14/1933 M search
Sylvester Girl 01/18/1936 F search
Sylvester Girl 01/22/1937 F search