Birth Records

We are currently adding birth record information to the website, with entries sorted alphabetical by first and last name. If you find an error please let us know.

Last Name First Name Middle Name Date of Birth Sex Information
Fagan Boy 06/27/1955 M search
Fagan Boy 07/13/1956 M search
Fagan Boy 07/20/1956 M search
Fahy Lawrence Ronald 04/18/1936 search
Fahy Sara Lynn 04/20/1994 F search
Falknor Girl 05/02/1893 F search
Fancher Boy 12/28/1913 M search
Fancher Boy 11/29/1921 M search
Fancher Catherine Gay 12/14/1950 F search
Fancher Frank Everett 01/21/1951 M search
Fancher Girl 03/29/1906 F search
Fancher Harry C. 12/28/1913 M search
Fancher Katherine Elaine 01/11/1949 F search
Fancher Robert Ray 07/28/1953 M search
Farmer Girl 06/28/1929 F search
Farmer Jake Lynn 09/01/1988 M search
Farqubar Boy 09/12/1913 M search
Farrell Boy 12/15/1952 M search
Farrington Gary Thomas 09/08/1946 M search
Faulk Girl 12/31/1923 F search
Faulk Kenneth Reuben 08/31/1931 M search
Fay Girl 03/21/1930 F search
Fay Leslie Dee 10/31/1957 F search
Fay Lorren Hathaway 12/15/1963 M search
Federle Max Leo 02/15/1989 M search
Feeken Cody Alan 04/14/1981 M search
Fenton Girl 06/01/1919 F search
Fenton Jenna Nichole 03/22/1985 F search
Fernau Betty Ione 11/28/1925 search
Fernau Boy 11/08/1904 M search
Fernau Boy 04/10/1935 M search
Fernau Boy 07/13/1954 M search
Fernau Boy 04/20/1955 M search
Fernau Dale Edward 11/20/1916 M search
Fernau Girl 11/26/1902 F search
Fernau Girl 08/12/1928 search
Fernau Harry Martin 11/08/1904 M search
Fernau Harry John 10/14/1926 M search
Fernau Harry Martin 02/14/1957 M search
Fernau Joan Lynnette 11/29/1951 F search
Fernau Joseph Frederick 11/29/1953 M search
Fernau Linda Kay 06/11/1947 F search
Fernau Margie Louise 10/29/1946 F search
Fernau Richard Delano 01/31/1934 M search
Fernau Robin Rae 09/26/1959 F search
Fernau Russell George 03/12/1931 M search
Ferris Boy 06/24/1946 M search
Ferris Richard Dale 01/01/1957 M search
Fertig Harriet Elizabeth 11/04/1933 F search
Fertig Virginia Lee 05/31/1946 F search
Fetzer Pamela Mae 09/28/1949 F search
Fields Girl 09/17/1920 F search
Fields Johne Mervin 07/19/1953 M search
Fietz Alberta Lucille 12/21/1938 F search
Fietz Edith May 04/07/1943 F search
Fietz Janice E. 01/10/1940 F search
Finnel Girl 07/13/1932 F search
Finney Boy 10/01/1926 M search
Finney Girl 01/03/1930 F search
Fischer Annetta Kaye 10/05/1987 F search
Fischer Twin Boys 11/20/1915 M search
Fisher Boy 02/21/1939 M search
Fisher Gary Lynn 03/16/1957 M search
Fisher Gregory Scott 09/06/1956 M search
Fitch Nancy 04/05/1951 F search
Fitzwater Shelby Lyn Marie 04/04/1997 F search
Fitzwater Tyler James 09/16/1989 M search
Fleck Gareld Clarence 10/08/1955 M search
Fleming Girl 11/14/1939 F search
Flint Jackie Sue 07/27/1955 F search
Flores Irma Guadalupe 01/02/1990 F search
Foley Georgia Louise 07/19/1939 F search
Foley Michael Allen 11/18/1946 M search
Foley Michael James 10/04/1956 M search
Foote Girl 09/22/1900 F search
Force Paul Lawrence 03/21/1997 M search
Fosher Corky Gene 12/29/1953 M search
Fosher Dan 05/25/1929 M search
Fosher Monte Eugene 10/01/1952 M search
Fosher Robin Annette 05/17/1955 F search
Foster Boy 02/10/1945 M search
Foster Bryan Howard 11/01/1957 M search
Foster Girl 06/18/1891 F search
Foster Linda Darlene 09/28/1952 F search
Foster Veda Ilene 08/26/1953 F search
Fowler David Wade 06/28/1936 M search
Fox Girl 12/27/1930 search
Foy Boy 10/31/1936 M search
Fraiser Veronda Aileen 05/28/1950 F search
Frank Boy 06/06/1944 M search
Franssen Gerald Duane 07/28/1953 M search
Fraser Boy 11/08/1960 M search
Fraser Crystal Lee 03/25/1975 F search
Fraser James Andrew 07/07/1957 M search
Fraser Julie Anne 05/21/1956 F search
Fraser Philip Russell 10/20/1936 M search
Fraser Rodney Floyd 03/05/1952 M search
Fraser Tony Lane 01/18/1968 M search
Frasier Rodney Floyd 03/05/1952 M search
Frazen Girl 09/17/1959 F search
Freeman Boy 01/27/1935 M search
Freeman Boy 02/12/1951 M search
Freeman Boy 09/23/1953 M search
Freeman Donald Earl 01/29/1935 M search
Freeman Jesse Owen 12/31/1943 M search
Freeman Kenneth Ray 08/21/1933 search
Freeman Marie Vaughn 08/12/1940 F search
Fricke Angel Marie 03/15/1981 F search
Friend Richard Harlan 12/07/1932 M search
Fritz Leona 06/06/1914 F search
Frodine Carolyn Beth 11/26/1952 F search
Frodine Girl 11/26/1952 F search
Frodine Patricia Ann 03/19/1954 F search
Froke Doran Vaughn 08/10/1954 M search
From Girl 10/29/1946 F search
Fronapfel Girl 04/13/1934 F search
Fronapfel James Clarence 08/28/1934 M search
Frosheiser Girl 01/26/1945 F search
Froshieser Boy 11/28/1940 M search
Frye Alisha Ann 06/11/1981 F search
Frye Erin Lyn 03/03/1987 F search
Frye Luke Lorn 11/09/1988 M search
Frye Ronald Wayne 06/04/1960 M search
Fuchs Brian David 07/15/1986 M search
Fuchs Kathryn Irene 10/02/1983 F search
Fuller Judith Yvonne 12/16/1929 F search
Fullerton Arleen Doris 04/10/1937 F search
Fullerton Cameron John 10/27/1988 M search
Fullerton Carla Ann 02/12/1947 F search
Fullerton Christopher Shaun 04/25/1984 M search
Fullerton Daughter 01/21/1947 F search
Fullerton Girl 02/21/1935 F search
Fullerton Girl 1952-005-18 search
Fullerton Nicholas Jeffery 02/14/1981 M search
Fullerton Steven William 12/02/1991 M search
Fullmer Brent Jerald 01/06/1979 M search
Fullmer Cody Wayne 11/30/1969 M search