Birth Records

We are currently adding birth record information to the website, with entries sorted alphabetical by first and last name. If you find an error please let us know.

Last Name First Name Middle Name Date of Birth Sex Information
Gabol Kathi Lee 12/20/1957 F search
Gallup Boy 02/02/1948 M search
Gamble Boy 01/25/1895 M search
Gamble Girl 11/14/0892 F search
Gard Boy 12/25/1929 M search
Garhart Boy 06/02/1936 M search
Garhart Boy 02/22/1939 M search
Garhart Girl 01/29/1934 F search
Garhart Jimmy Ray 02/10/1957 M search
Garhart Twin Girls 11/02/1937 F search
Garharte Dolores Belle 08/02/1934 F search
Garretson Girl 01/10/1918 F search
Garriott Stephany Rose 01/02/1986 F search
Gartrell John Michel 07/15/1956 M search
Gaston Robert Glen 10/23/1957 M search
Gatzmeyer Roy Joe 08/30/1939 M search
Gaukel Boy 09/24/1933 M search
Gaukel Gerald Wayne 01/20/1951 M search
Gaukel Girl 10/05/1931 F search
Gaukel Jessica Lynn 09/10/1991 F search
Gaukel Karma Lynn 06/05/1972 F search
Gaukel Kylee Maureen 08/01/1997 F search
Gaukel Patrick Daniel 01/01/0967 M search
Gaukel Taten James 06/12/1998 M search
Gaukel Travis Andrew 05/15/1992 M search
Gautschi Charles Leslie 02/29/1940 M search
Gautschi Francis Marie 05/10/1911 F search
Geer Boy 07/13/1950 M search
Geersdorf Boy 01/07/1940 M search
Geike Sandra Ann 07/20/1950 F search
Geike Zanya Louise 05/15/1954 F search
Geiser Girl 11/19/1929 F search
Gentry Girl 02/12/1941 F search
George Rox Anne 04/07/1965 F search
Gerhart Carl Wayne 07/20/1940 M search
Germann Clark Grant 01/29/1947 M search
Germann Georgia 01/25/1955 F search
Germann John 01/25/1955 M search
Germann Peter Robert 08/21/1914 M search
Gibault Girl 08/21/1931 F search
Gibbons Boy 05/18/1917 M search
Gibbons Gloria Jean 09/16/1940 F search
Gibbons Twin Boy, Twin Girl 10/11/1932 search
Gibbons Twin Boys 12/29/1930 M search
Gibbs Denice Rollo 01/31/1949 M search
Gibbs Emily Katherine 01/22/1935 search
Gibson Ann Elizabeth 09/28/1948 F search
Gibson Betty Joan 06/06/1932 F search
Gibson Girl 04/23/1931 F search
Gibson Girl 06/23/1933 F search
Gibson Girl 01/24/1941 F search
Gibson Nancy Louise 09/10/1946 F search
Gibson Quinton Aharon 03/19/1997 F search
Giinther Boy 05/13/1899 M search
Giinther Girl 03/08/1923 search
Giinther Girl 11/25/1927 F search
Giinther Marsha Lorraine 11/22/1951 F search
Giinther Michelle Louise 11/22/1951 F search
Gilbert Brian Steven 01/11/1978 M search
Gilbert Girl 12/24/1937 F search
Gilbert Girl 12/24/1937 F search
Gilbert Joshua Richard 01/07/1993 M search
Gilbert Moriah Faith 09/22/1998 F search
Gilbreath Susan Lucille 09/14/1949 F search
Giles Brandon James 12/21/1985 M search
Giles Girl 08/19/1946 F search
Gillespie Girl 01/10/1949 F search
Gillespie Ronald Clair 11/16/1951 M search
Gilmore Boy 04/20/1931 M search
Gilmore Boy 10/07/1952 M search
Gilroy Baby 09/03/1964 M search
Gitthens Boy 02/12/1931 M search
Gladson Boy 11/27/1940 M search
Gladson Boy 03/09/1943 M search
Gladson Boy 08/13/1959 M search
Gladson Dana Kay 01/14/1964 F search
Gladson Donnie Gene 10/13/1939 M search
Gladson Donnie Gene 10/13/1939 search
Gladson Paul Preston 05/27/1952 M search
Gladson Ronny Lyn 03/01/1964 M search
Gladson Valorie Kaye 03/30/1951 F search
Glandt Delphine Davenne 04/02/1970 F search
Glandt Matthew Dean 05/16/1964 M search
Glandt Richard Arlen 08/25/1935 M search
Glandt Ronald Keith 03/27/1947 M search
Glantz Destiny Marie 02/14/1978 F search
Glendy Keri Lynn 12/22/1976 F search
Glenn Boy 05/17/1933 search
Glenn Girl 11/27/1908 F search
Glenn Girl 03/09/1943 F search
Glossbrenner John Leslie 03/12/1927 M search
Gobel Girl 12/30/1924 search
Goddard Boy 08/06/1911 search
Goddard Daniel Allen 05/19/1952 M search
Goddard Maxine Louise 05/04/1953 F search
Godfrey Boy 01/10/1927 search
Godfrey Boy 01/10/1957 M search
Goebel Girl 02/05/1941 F search
Golden Barbara Jane 07/26/1952 F search
Golden Boy 03/28/1953 M search
Golden DeAnn Joyce 10/14/1946 F search
Golden Greta Irene 11/18/1956 F search
Golden Hugh Byron 05/16/1954 M search
Golden Keith Francis 07/03/1951 M search
Golden Ronald Gene 02/07/1950 M search
Golden Valeri Anette 01/04/1959 F search
Gooden Boy 01/06/1917 M search
Goppert Alayna Suzanne 07/28/1998 F search
Gormley Boy 09/09/1929 M search
Gortler Boy 09/07/1929 M search
Goss Boy 11/19/1957 M search
Gout Boy 02/05/1947 M search
Gowen Phoebe Farrar 12/01/1951 F search
Grace James Darrell 03/01/1931 M search
Graham Girl 12/20/1952 F search
Graham Sandra Jean 02/22/1943 F search
Gramm Kayla Lynn 03/03/1994 F search
Grammer Boy 08/09/1933 M search
Grant Barbara Adele 05/25/1937 F search
Grant Bernice Dawn 10/15/1941 F search
Grant Beverly Jo 09/03/1943 F search
Grant Gaylan Gene 05/28/1938 M search
Grant Roberta Allen 05/25/1937 F search
Grapes Bradley Neal 12/27/1954 M search
Graves Neil Daniel 01/14/1970 M search
Graves William R. 02/27/1964 M search
Green Ginger Leigh 08/16/1955 F search
Green Kevin Jay 03/26/1957 M search
Greenbush Gerald Gene 06/18/1950 M search
Greenbush John William 03/01/1947 M search
Greenbush Verla Jean 02/11/1949 F search
Greenlee Boy 07/20/1951 M search
Greenly Donna Jean 02/03/1949 F search
Greenough Brytne Alene 03/29/1991 F search
Greer Margaret Elaine 07/07/1940 F search
Greer Sandra Marie 08/13/1947 F search
Greer Vanessa Lynn 04/24/1986 F search
Gregory Ashley Nicole 06/29/1994 F search
Griffin Bonnie Louise 02/07/1946 F search
Griffin Girl 08/05/1928 search
Griffith Boy 01/13/1927 M search
Griffith Carol Lynn 11/09/1956 F search
Griffith Charlene 11/03/1937 F search
Griffith Sally Anne 07/24/1852 F search
Grimes Boy 06/27/1899 M search
Grimes Boy 09/30/1910 M search
Grimes Richard Allen 11/02/1939 M search
Grimm Boy 05/01/1927 M search
Grimm Boy 10/22/1951 M search
Grimm DeLoris Jean 02/12/1945 F search
Grimm Robert Joseph 09/23/1979 M search
Grimm Roy Dee 03/17/1956 M search
Grimm Todd Alan 02/01/1981 M search
Gropp Tia Scott 02/19/1975 F search
Grote Bonnie Irene 10/15/1953 F search
Grote Boy 07/26/1950 M search
Grote Connie Nadine 10/15/1954 F search
Grote Daphne Rae 12/31/1974 F search
Grote Girl 10/17/1955 F search
Grote Kirby Joe 12/21/1951 M search
Grote Sandra Jean 07/30/1956 F search
Groves Boy 09/14/1951 M search
Groves Girl 01/16/1942 F search
Gruwell Dustin William 08/27/1987 M search
Guber Samuel Keith 11/07/1934 M search
Guguid Girl 10/11/1931 F search
Guibault Girl 10/29/1924 F search
Guibault Girl 08/21/1931 F search
Gulley Brian Anthony 05/06/1991 M search
Gunn Boy 05/27/1926 search
Gunn Donna Michelle 08/16/1956 F search
Gunn Rhonda Elaine 01/19/1955 F search
Gurwell Douglas Michael 12/23/1951 M search
Gutherie Boy 08/05/1927 M search
Guthrie Cory Wayne 08/08/1988 M search
Guthrie Shena Marie 06/03/1993 F search
Guthrie Travis Richard 04/02/1992 M search
Gutschick David Duncanson 05/25/1984 M search