Birth Records

We are currently adding birth record information to the website, with entries sorted alphabetical by first and last name. If you find an error please let us know.

Last Name First Name Middle Name Date of Birth Sex Information
Hafner Barry Lee 07/16/1953 M search
Hagman Teneyl Jo 03/27/1981 F search
Hahn Anna Marie 09/01/1991 F search
Hahn Donald Eugene 07/29/1950 M search
Hahn Gregory Joseph 12/05/1951 M search
Hahn Judith Elaine 12/22/1952 F search
Hahn Margery Jean 02/27/1953 F search
Hahn Stephen Louis 10/11/1949 M search
Hahn Thomas King 12/05/1951 M search
Haines Traci Lea 03/28/1957 F search
Halboth Brittany Anna 09/19/1991 F search
Hale David Marshall 11/14/1951 M search
Hale Dora Lee 11/12/1936 F search
Hale Zachary Davis 06/08/1992 M search
Hales Girl 08/31/1936 F search
Hales Girl 08/31/1936 F search
Hales Girl 08/31/1943 F search
Hales Girl 08/03/1950 F search
Hales Girl 05/27/1952 F search
Hales Lee William 02/16/1956 M search
Hales William Chancy 10/14/1997 M search
Hall Boy 08/11/1929 M search
Hall Girl 08/03/1906 F search
Hall Girl 02/21/1934 F search
Hall Kali Nicole 06/26/1987 F search
Hall Koel Liane 08/27/1988 M search
Hall Kyle James 06/19/1984 M search
Hall Mary Jane 09/02/1951 F search
Hall Reba Ann 03/21/1950 F search
Hall Sharon Jo 02/03/1939 F search
Hall Sharon Lynn 09/23/1953 F search
Halligan Girl 10/13/1970 F search
Halsey Boy 01/16/1953 M search
Halsey David James 01/28/1951 M search
Hamaker Chris Frederick 10/15/1949 M search
Hamaker Tessa Lee 04/16/1981 F search
Hamaker Tonya Sue 01/13/1978 F search
Hamilton Bonnie Jean 07/26/1955 F search
Hamlin Lillian Rae 10/20/1923 F search
Hammer Louis Eugene 10/17/1955 M search
Hammer Martha Marie 05/31/1984 F search
Hammer Marvin James 01/04/1953 M search
Hammond Adrienne Jennifer 12/06/1990 F search
Hammond Andrew Jasan 09/06/1986 M search
Hammond Evelyn Mae 02/01/1937 F search
Hammond George Everett 03/18/1954 M search
Hammond Norma Jean 10/18/1946 F search
Hammond Sandra Gayle 08/05/1948 F search
Hampton Dorthy Norma 03/03/1954 F search
Hampton Girl 05/06/1928 F search
Hampton Jack William 07/28/1998 M search
Hampton Son 12/27/1929 M search
Hancock Boy 09/15/1913 M search
Hancock Girl 03/25/1903 F search
Hancock Girl 04/09/1905 search
Handley David Earl 12/26/1963 M search
Handley Floyd James 05/14/1957 M search
Hank Darwin Dee 09/30/1947 M search
Hank Lea Ann 08/28/1950 F search
Hanks Boy 09/30/1937 M search
Hansen Gary Virgil 02/12/1954 M search
Hansen Girl 02/26/1907 F search
Hansen Girl 01/02/1929 F search
Hansen Girl 08/05/1946 F search
Hansen Harry Charles 07/16/1939 M search
Hansen Judy Lynn 06/30/1952 F search
Hanson Benjamin Frank 12/06/1989 M search
Hanson Boy 09/09/1900 M search
Hanson Boy 01/31/1916 M search
Hanson Brock Frank 10/09/1948 M search
Hanson Dan Burke 11/18/1952 M search
Hanson Dan Henry 11/24/1984 M search
Hanson Elilish Rose 07/11/1994 F search
Hanson Girl 02/26/1907 F search
Hanson Girl 03/24/1929 F search
Hanson Girl 11/22/1937 F search
Hanson Harold Ervin 05/12/1943 M search
Hanson James Dee 08/01/1954 M search
Hanson Jaynee Faye 04/01/1993 F search
Hanson Jeb Eric 11/04/1957 M search
Hanson John Bradley 11/05/1957 M search
Hanson Judy Lynn 06/30/1952 F search
Hanson Julia Jane 12/23/1954 F search
Hanson Oliver John 02/19/1945 M search
Harding Debra Lynn 07/26/1957 F search
Harding Kathi Darlene 10/27/1962 F search
Hardman Misty Lynn 12/15/1957 F search
Hardman Sharon Rose 02/07/1948 F search
Hardy McKenzie 07/28/1985 F search
Hargraves Boy 01/05/1895 M search
Hargraves Boy 09/27/1937 M search
Hargraves Deann Louise 10/30/1945 F search
Hargraves Girl 04/04/1898 F search
Harin Boy 05/14/1920 search
Harkin Donald William 05/11/1935 M search
Harnagel Boy 02/05/1933 M search
Harold Susie Kay 02/09/1954 F search
Harris 01/27/1938 M search
Harris Boy 03/09/1926 search
Harris Kayla Lynn 10/12/1998 F search
Harris Linda Marie 08/13/1950 F search
Harrison Everett 08/23/1957 M search
Harrison Everette Raymond 06/28/1936 M search
Harrris Girl 10/31/1953 F search
Harry Zacharia James 11/30/-0001 M search
Hart Chandra Kay 12/08/1977 F search
Hart Marlys Lynn 01/20/1944 F search
Hartwell Girl 03/28/1950 F search
Hartwell Girl 05/17/1952 F search
Hartwell John Garrett 01/24/1954 M search
Hasenauer Neil Andrew 08/28/1983 M search
Haskins Charles Howard 04/24/1948 M search
Haskins Girl 04/22/1952 F search
Haskins Girl 01/09/1957 F search
Haskins Julia Ann 01/24/1947 F search
Hassed Boy 06/02/1928 F search
Hassed Twin Boys 12/26/1922 M search
Hatley Arlene Joan 06/01/1936 F search
Hawkins Dolores Louise 08/28/1940 F search
Hawkins Girl 05/20/1929 search
Hawkins Richard Duane 12/10/1937 M search
Haworth Aaron Daniel 06/16/1981 M search
Haworth Carrie Jo 01/31/1953 F search
Haworth Jeremy John 06/14/1981 M search
Hayes Roger Nelson 08/08/1953 search
Haynes Cheryl Lynn 12/16/1951 F search
Haynes Kristen Marie 03/05/1998 F search
Hays Jeanette Ann 03/02/1935 search
Hazen Boy 09/30/1915 M search
Hazlett Jordyn Marie 05/08/1997 F search
Heath Boy 03/27/1932 M search
Hebbert William Gene 04/08/1952 M search
Heberlie Boy 07/04/1956 M search
Hebner Girl 03/28/1915 F search
Hebner Phyllis Lorene 10/22/1936 F search
Heckert Alice Marie 03/03/1935 search
Heckert Charles Ray 12/19/1936 M search
Heckert Randy Roy 12/31/1951 M search
Heckert Rex Allen 01/21/1953 M search
Heckert Richard Joe 05/15/1948 M search
Heckert Robert D. 07/11/1955 M search
Heckert Roxanne 02/01/1964 F search
Heckman Christopher Eugene 01/12/1975 M search
Heine Boy 08/06/1929 M search
Heine Debra Lea 04/18/1956 F search
Heine Duane David 04/18/1956 M search
Heine Lana Sue 02/21/1953 F search
Heine Lisa Kay 01/30/1970 F search
Heine Lorraine Ann 01/31/1955 F search
Heine Nathan Michael 08/30/1984 M search
Heine Royce Wayne 01/21/1953 M search
Heins Girl 07/08/1931 F search
Heins Kylie Rene 10/14/1990 F search
Heins Robert Allen 11/29/1952 M search
Heinsmann Boy 05/10/1887 search
Heise Robert Lynn 03/11/1952 M search
Held Girl 06/08/1926 F search
Held Girl 10/23/1929 F search
Heller Boy 10/13/1936 M search
Heller Boy 06/21/1939 M search
Heller Girl 05/03/1927 F search
Helme Boy 08/11/1937 M search
Helms Girl 07/17/1946 F search
Helvey Hannah Marie 01/07/1994 F search
Heminger Girl 08/05/1943 F search
Heminger Helen Laveda 03/27/1937 F search
Henderson Danielle Elizabeth 04/19/1985 F search
Herbison Girl 03/06/1945 F search
Herdt Becky Renay 09/09/1959 F search
Herman Boy 12/15/1986 M search
Herren Brooke Retta 03/02/1981 F search
Herz Boy 04/24/1940 M search
Hesco John Edward 09/16/1938 M search
Hesco Shirley Joan 03/07/1940 F search
Hespe Aaron Dietrich 06/03/1989 M search
Hespe Stephen Adam 12/20/1985 M search
Hespe Taylor Philip 04/02/1991 M search
Hester Hayden John 01/28/1991 M search
Heth Boy 03/27/1932 M search
Heth Girl 09/18/1933 F search
Heth Girl 03/08/1954 F search
Heth Rebecca Rae 10/02/1984 F search
Heth Robert Eugene 05/25/1957 M search
Heth William James 06/21/1955 M search
Heuerman Boy 12/13/1947 M search
Heumier Boy 08/11/1933 M search
Heumier Boy 12/15/1946 M search
Heumier Boy 09/15/1950 M search
Heumier Charles Quinn 02/02/1923 M search
Heumier Cory Dean 10/19/1956 M search
Heumier Gary Clark 09/06/1953 M search
Heumier Girl 02/25/1948 F search
Hibbard Robert Newell 01/25/1954 M search
Higinbotham Denise Elaine 07/29/1953 F search
Higinbotham Jaci Lynne 04/20/1957 F search
Higinbotham Joni Michelle 01/25/1956 F search
Hill Alvin Gene 04/19/1931 M search
Hill Boy 03/08/1951 M search
Hill Clarence Elvin 08/29/1946 M search
Hill Eva Irene 03/26/1948 F search
Hilsmann Boy 11/30/1916 search
Himes Boy 02/22/1939 M search
Himes Bruce Howard 10/18/1963 M search
Himes Cheryl Lynn 03/23/1957 F search
Himes Davi Cass 01/14/1983 F search
Himes David 02/14/1945 M search
Himes Merna Kay 12/09/1936 F search
Hines Allen Walter 12/08/1926 M search
Hinrichsen Boy 01/11/1932 M search
Hinrichsen Girl 01/08/1940 F search
Hipps Catherine Diane 05/19/1954 F search
Hirs Girl 04/27/1936 F search
Hirz Girl 07/18/1937 F search
Hirz Nancy Claire 09/09/1943 F search
Hirz Ralph Steve 03/03/1945 M search
Hirz Wanna Ellen 07/18/1937 F search
Hitchcock Girl 12/13/1928 F search
Hitshew Boy 12/31/1926 M search
Hitshew Harold 08/27/1917 M search
Hitshew Melvin Laroy 04/09/1937 M search
Hitshew Norman Harold 06/25/1940 M search
Hitt Dale Dee 12/05/1947 M search
Hizer Brad William 05/31/1959 M search
Hizer Jay Dee 06/22/1957 M search
Hizer Sherry Lorraine 04/04/1953 F search
Hladky Bobbi Jo 09/24/1959 F search
Hladky Brock Lane 06/17/1990 M search
Hladky Zane Douglas 03/06/1997 M search
Hobbs Baby Boy 06/03/1900 search
Hoblit Peggy Ann 11/23/1940 F search
Hoblit Vicky Lynn 07/28/1951 F search
Hockett Girl 02/08/1931 F search
Hodge Kenneth Glain 06/27/1985 M search
Hodge Zane Michael 02/08/1991 M search
Hodgson Georgia Louise 11/22/1945 F search
Hoff Meredith Lee 09/28/1979 F search
Hoffman Boy 03/26/1892 search
Hoffman Helen Eileen 08/05/1927 F search
Hoffman John William 11/05/1946 M search
Hoffman Kim Loraine 11/23/1957 F search
Hoffman Meredith Lydia 02/17/1953 F search
Hogabloom Boy 08/13/1929 M search
Hogan Mikell 07/20/1935 F search
Hohenhshelt John Ronald 05/30/1940 M search
Hohenshelt John Ronald 05/30/1940 M search
Holcomb Mary Louise 01/21/1935 F search
Holcomb Mary Louise 01/21/1935 search
Holifield Boy 08/23/1951 M search
Holl Duane Keith 10/07/1932 M search
Holland Becky Mae 09/11/1990 F search
Holland Jacob Lee 10/30/1986 M search
Hollenbeck James Delbert 11/12/1939 M search
Hollister Rebekah Alane 02/11/1964 F search
Hollon Ann Katreen 03/08/1975 F search
Hollon Blake Ware 12/05/1954 M search
Hollon Heidi M. 02/24/1953 F search
Hollon Howard Rick 08/24/1952 M search
Hollon Susan Jane 10/24/1955 F search
Holloway Boy 03/29/1939 M search
Holmes Boy 04/13/1900 M search
Holmes Misty Lee 06/16/1964 F search
Holmes Neil Warren 09/22/1959 M search
Holmes Samantha Ann 11/15/1990 F search
Holmgren Jess Christian 12/20/1954 M search
Holmgren Jess Christian 09/08/1983 M search
Holmgren Kathryn Sue 03/10/1952 F search
Holmgren Kristi Lea 04/15/1981 F search
Holsapple Boy 03/01/1929 M search
Holsapple Girl 07/31/1911 search
Holt Boy 07/12/1936 M search
Hope Kendra Amelia 01/01/1975 F search
Hopkins Girl 03/22/1937 F search
Hopkins Gloria Marie 04/13/1955 F search
Horsmen Norma Lynn 10/06/1956 F search
Horst Girl 12/26/1959 F search
Horst Sandra Kay 09/13/1957 F search
Horton Garrett Wallace 05/28/1987 M search
Horton Shay Patrick 07/16/1992 M search
Houchin Boy 09/29/1938 M search
Hourt Patrick John 03/25/1951 M search
Houx Connie Ray 10/06/1951 F search
Houx Richard Wayne 10/16/1952 M search
Hovey Girl 04/22/1895 F search
Hovis Andrea Alayne 01/23/1988 F search
Hovis Daniel James 03/05/1957 M search
Hovis Ian Andrew 08/14/1986 M search
Howard Girl 08/02/0939 F search
Howard Kelly Franklin 06/16/1964 M search
Howard Rebecca Sue 08/30/1947 F search
Howard Robert Stanley 12/03/1957 M search
Hoy Alice Elizabeth 03/14/1947 F search
Hoy Boy 01/15/1931 M search
Hoy Boy 07/31/1933 search
Hoy David Wayne 08/12/1955 M search
Hoy Girl 11/09/1953 F search
Hoy Philip Levi 06/09/1954 M search
Hoy Randy Eugene 03/03/1951 M search
Hoy Sandra LeAnn 11/07/1953 F search
Hoy Vicky Ann 12/26/1958 F search
Hubbard Boy 07/31/1914 M search
Hubbard Floyd Frank 09/23/1938 M search
Hubbard Kenny Allen 08/03/1950 M search
Hudson Connie Lou 03/04/1935 F search
Hudson Deryce Marie 04/03/1937 F search
Hughes Boy 02/25/1936 M search
Hughes Boy 04/14/1946 M search
Hughes Boy 09/20/1954 M search
Hughes Debra Jean 07/08/1955 F search
Hughes Donlyn Marie 08/12/1956 F search
Hughes Girl 11/30/-0001 F search
Hughes Girl 06/30/1937 F search
Hughes Girl 11/02/1954 F search
Hughes Glibert Leslie 02/18/1948 M search
Hughes Robert Wellington 06/07/1927 M search
Hughes Stephen Eugene 04/27/1950 M search
Hughes Victoria 02/19/1945 F search
Hughs Richard Neil 04/26/1953 M search
Hulse Girl 01/02/1935 F search
Hulse Girl 01/02/1935 F search
Hulse Girl 12/01/1935 F search
Hulse Mary Lou 12/02/1938 F search
Humberg Ronald Gene 03/06/1943 M search
Humphrey Boy 06/21/1927 M search
Humphrey Girl 01/27/1929 F search
Humphrey Girl 08/17/1931 F search
Humphreys Boy 09/07/1931 M search
Humphreys Cathie Sue 12/23/1951 F search
Hunt Catherine Irene 05/30/1954 F search
Hunt Girl 03/16/1907 search
Hunter Arthur Charles 12/01/1950 M search
Hunter Lloyd Albert 01/10/1952 M search
Huseby Orin Ray 09/23/1954 M search
Hussion Lawrence Thomas 05/19/1950 M search
Hutchinson Boy 10/18/1931 M search
Hynes Girl 12/06/1927 F search
Hytrek Dannie Ray 08/28/1947 M search
Hytrek Deborah Sue 06/28/1954 F search
Hytrek Ethel Mae 08/29/1937 F search
Hytrek Henry Dale 03/15/1951 M search
Hytrek Tomi Annette 12/27/1974 F search