Birth Records

We are currently adding birth record information to the website, with entries sorted alphabetical by first and last name. If you find an error please let us know.

Last Name First Name Middle Name Date of Birth Sex Information
Tabler Boy 05/04/1920 M search
Tadewald Boy 08/14/1923 M search
Tadewald Carmen Rae 03/22/1950 F search
Tadewald Daniel Joseph 03/05/1952 M search
Tadewald Shirlee Mae 06/01/1948 F search
Tally John James 01/27/1956 M search
Tally Mary Sue 07/20/1953 F search
Tally Robert Clarke 01/27/1956 M search
Tanner Roy Anthony 05/22/1957 M search
Tapley Boy 09/15/1947 M search
Taylor Barbara Sue 05/23/1952 F search
Taylor Boy 01/15/1924 M search
Taylor Boy 11/02/1928 M search
Taylor Boy 05/18/1939 M search
Taylor Boy 09/15/1948 M search
Taylor Boy 07/23/1956 M search
Taylor Carol Jean 12/15/1946 F search
Taylor Cynthia Susan 01/18/1952 F search
Taylor Dale James 02/11/1955 M search
Taylor Deanne Lee 01/16/1964 F search
Taylor Debra Beth 11/08/1959 F search
Taylor Donald Lee 01/15/1925 M search
Taylor Girl 04/22/1925 F search
Taylor Girl 01/14/1931 F search
Taylor Janis Lee 08/07/1947 F search
Taylor Kari Jo 09/20/1960 F search
Taylor Linda Lou 12/04/1948 F search
Taylor Marion Mae 04/04/1936 F search
Taylor Marvin Kenneth 08/06/1957 M search
Taylor Misti Lynn 03/19/1952 F search
Taylor Ruth Genevieve 04/15/1933 F search
Taylor Wayne William 10/04/1948 M search
Templeton Adam Clay 03/16/1987 M search
Templeton Jo Ann 03/12/1939 F search
Templeton Sean 11/17/1988 M search
Templeton Thomas Robert 07/14/1951 M search
Tenney Joyce Elaine 03/14/1937 F search
Tenny Girl 02/26/1946 F search
Tennyson Mary Marketa 02/25/1946 F search
Teten Adam Neal 04/07/1981 M search
Teter Beverly Jean 06/30/1956 F search
Thalken Lisa Michelle 06/15/1984 F search
Thatcher Boy 02/23/1918 M search
Thayer Dale Evan 04/06/1951 M search
thayer Girl 11/30/-0001 F search
Thayer Girl 11/23/1934 F search
Thayer John Alvord 01/17/1978 M search
Thayer Luella Lee 03/07/1940 F search
Thayer Marvin Alvord 10/30/1945 M search
Thayer Melvin 10/30/1945 M search
Thayer Winna Lynn 05/13/1964 F search
Thielbar Girl 07/02/1917 F search
Thomas Baby 07/10/1913 M search
Thomas Barbara Arlene 01/16/1936 search
Thomas Brad Kirsten 07/09/1950 M search
Thomas David Tyrell 11/15/1986 M search
Thomas Diane Lauree 09/03/1944 F search
Thomas Floyd Elgin 06/22/1939 M search
Thomas Girl 05/20/1929 search
Thomas Girl 07/19/1929 F search
Thomas Girl 05/16/1939 F search
Thomas Ladonna Vesta 05/04/1948 F search
Thomas Linda Gail 08/14/1943 F search
Thomas Lisa Dannell 05/05/1957 F search
Thomas Mark Edward 11/16/1950 M search
Thomas Rita Fern 03/27/1945 F search
Thomas Scott E. 03/05/1953 M search
Thomas Tacy Marie 09/27/1988 F search
Thompson Baby 11/29/1913 search
Thompson Boy 11/17/1922 M search
Thompson Boy 02/15/1927 search
Thompson Boy 03/11/1951 M search
Thompson Cameron Nicola 09/21/1979 F search
Thompson Camille 12/08/1919 search
Thompson Drew James 07/12/1985 M search
Thompson Gerald Shane 07/29/1973 M search
Thompson Girl 09/16/1924 F search
Thompson Kory Michael 07/14/1987 M search
Thompson Kyle Jordan 01/24/1985 M search
Thompson Nicholas Robert 02/24/1984 M search
Thompson Richard Lee 01/29/1951 M search
Thompson Sara Ann 05/19/1972 search
Thompson Shandra Marie 06/02/1994 F search
Thompson Shawn Michael 04/18/1997 M search
Thoms Girl 01/06/1929 F search
Thon Bernard Francis 08/05/1917 M search
Thon Echo Marie 05/05/1989 F search
Thon Echo Marie 05/05/1989 F search
Thon Johnnie Andrew 03/19/1911 M search
Thon Roger Eldon 09/19/1950 M search
Thon Ronald Francis 05/11/1946 M search
Thornhill Debra Sue 12/05/1950 F search
Thurston Colby Miller 11/06/1994 M search
Tibbets Girl 02/28/1922 F search
Tibbetts Girl 08/10/1931 F search
Tibbits Alma Louise 12/05/1936 F search
Tibbits Girl 08/10/1931 F search
Timbs Caitlyn Brianne 10/19/1989 F search
Titchener Daniel Adam 01/24/1986 M search
Titchener Joshua Blaze 07/12/1991 m search
Titchener Matthew Ryan 05/10/1984 M search
Titchner Girl 10/23/1958 F search
Titus Girl 08/10/1929 F search
Todd Boy 07/23/1929 M search
Toll Mary Anne 04/21/1957 search
Tollman Christa Lynn 08/11/1984 F search
Tollman Gerald Arthur 10/23/1945 M search
Tollman Girl 01/19/1952 F search
Tollman Girl 08/03/1953 F search
Tollman Rex Fay 08/08/1954 M search
Tompkins Angie Renee 04/22/1993 F search
Tooker Girl 01/22/1917 F search
Toolson Helen Kelsey 12/20/1987 F search
Torkelson Cynthia Ann 06/09/1944 F search
Torkelson Richard Eugene 09/11/1946 M search
Torpey Ernest Thomas 12/15/1974 M search
Torrance Larae 12/27/1952 F search
Torrance Larene 12/27/1952 F search
Torrance Monte Wayne 03/25/1948 M search
Torrence Girl 08/03/1946 F search
Townsend Misty Jo 08/15/1984 F search
Townsend Randi Sue 10/31/1951 F search
Townsend Wanda Lydia 10/10/1948 F search
Trebelhorn Maxine Jane 11/21/1994 F search
Trembley Lou Erwin 04/01/1939 M search
Triplett Kenneth Rodger 05/31/1952 M search
Trudeau Kristina Mary 06/20/1984 F search
Trujillo Boy 02/20/1954 M search
Tryon Boy 01/13/1929 M search
Tschacher Allee Kay 05/30/1994 F search
Tschacher Girl 10/06/1953 F search
Tschacher Jenifer Erin 02/13/1981 F search
Tschacher Judith Elaine 09/04/1950 F search
Tschacher Lee Eldon 04/06/1966 M search
Tschacher Matt 01/10/1975 M search
Tschacher Michelle 01/10/1975 F search
Tschacher Patrick Allan 08/31/1957 M search
Tschacher Randall Allen 06/04/1957 M search
Tuckenhagen Terry Lee 06/24/1953 M search
Tucker Boy 05/28/1927 M search
Tucker Boy 09/04/1933 M search
Tucker Brian Forrest 10/08/1986 M search
Tucker Girl 11/15/1937 F search
Tucker Jeanne Kay 01/31/1952 F search
Tucker Staci Lynn 11/30/1987 F search
Turnbull Perry Lind 01/15/1934 M search
Turner Boy 02/04/1933 M search
Turner Charles George 04/24/1944 M search
Turner Hailey Denae 04/08/1990 F search
Turner Vee Ellen 06/27/1934 F search
Tyrell Girl 08/31/1937 F search
Tyrrel Christine Diann 04/09/1965 F search
Tyrrel Frances Delith 04/09/1965 F search
Tyrrel Girl 08/31/1937 F search
Tysor Girl 08/09/1950 F search
Tysor Sudie Marie 09/29/1946 F search