Birth Records

We are currently adding birth record information to the website, with entries sorted alphabetical by first and last name. If you find an error please let us know.

Last Name First Name Middle Name Date of Birth Sex Information
Macaroy Roland 07/15/1930 M search
Macht Richard William 10/04/1973 M search
Mack Donald Bruce 01/27/1935 M search
Mack Gerry Emerson 10/04/1954 M search
Mack Laura Ann 04/04/1986 F search
MacKenzie Doralee June 10/31/1941 F search
Mackley Boy 09/09/1957 M search
Madden Boy 05/05/1954 M search
Maddox Susan Carol 06/19/1947 F search
Madison Boy 07/31/1917 M search
Madison Boy 09/01/1917 M search
Madsen Maxwell Morris 12/18/1930 M search
Magelky Curtis Jay 09/16/1979 M search
Magood Boy 01/31/1917 M search
Magoon Girl 04/14/1898 F search
Magoon Girl 09/21/1904 F search
Magoon West Lee 01/03/1953 M search
Maguire Boy 02/01/1931 M search
Maguire Mary Adelia 11/11/1927 F search
Mahnke Diane Louise 02/23/1954 F search
Mahnke Donna Iris 02/14/1953 F search
Mahnke Girl 08/15/1947 F search
Mahnke Girl 07/26/1950 F search
Mahoney Boy 08/01/1951 M search
Mahoney Cheryl Ann 12/27/1954 F search
Makovicka Boy 10/07/1940 M search
Makovicka Darlene Ann 05/09/1939 F search
Malmborg Boy 08/16/1957 M search
Malmborg Debra Lee 12/15/1950 F search
Manasco Jacob Brayden 09/28/1997 M search
Mangrum Jordan Alise 05/01/1993 F search
Mangrum Paris Ashli 11/22/1987 F search
Mangus Mark Alba 04/29/1955 M search
Mangus Terra Marie 08/06/1956 F search
Manning John Patrick 01/18/1998 M search
Manorgan Mary Lou 12/25/1936 search
Manring Darilyn Dee 08/14/1953 F search
Mansfield Wilma Ruth 06/23/1934 F search
Marain Girl 04/10/1940 F search
Marchant Boy 01/06/1942 M search
Marchant Jay Dee 11/26/1955 M search
Marchant Lou Anne 05/10/1957 F search
Marchant Twin Girls 11/27/1950 F search
Mark Harley Lorenze 03/20/1945 M search
Marsteller Robert Lee 06/11/1957 M search
Martin Aleta Arlene 08/18/1953 F search
Martin Aleta Arlene 08/18/1953 F search
Martin Boy 05/31/1924 M search
Martin Boy 07/23/1928 search
Martin Boy 05/21/1939 M search
Martin Boy 12/07/1947 M search
Martin Boy 11/14/1962 M search
Martin Evelyn Juanita 12/27/1954 F search
Martin Girl 10/05/1926 F search
Martin Girl 08/03/1943 F search
Martin Girl 12/10/1947 F search
Martin Girl 05/27/1952 F search
Martin Linda Dianne 08/12/1946 F search
Martin Mary Kay 07/05/1946 F search
Martin Patricia Ann 10/29/1946 F search
Martin Verda Sue 10/19/1946 F search
Martindale Joan Marie 03/24/1938 F search
Martinez Girl 01/03/1984 F search
Mashek Alex Joseph 08/25/1899 M search
Mashek Alex Joseph 08/25/1899 M search
Mashek Boy 12/08/1913 M search
Mashek Francis J. 03/21/1905 search
Mashek Girl 05/19/1896 F search
Mashek Girl 01/14/1898 F search
Mashek Girl 09/23/1906 F search
Mashek Girl 08/24/1927 F search
Mashek Girl 02/27/1932 F search
Mashek James Allen 11/14/1945 M search
Mashek Mary Grace 12/08/1903 F search
Mashek Raleigh Carl 12/06/1907 M search
Mashek Sandra Lee 09/21/1938 F search
Mashek Twin Boys 04/23/1932 M search
Mason Boy 02/21/1929 M search
Mason Courtney Sage 02/19/1997 F search
Mason John Schyler 02/05/1975 M search
Mason Megan Nicole 01/29/1997 F search
Mason Perry James 11/08/1992 M search
Mason Reta Delores 12/24/1930 search
Massek Girl 05/19/1896 F search
Maston Miranda Lynn 07/02/1997 F search
Maston Preston Joseph 12/16/1988 M search
Matherly Boy 05/03/1927 M search
Matherly Eugene 06/15/1930 M search
Matherly Girl 12/20/1931 F search
Matthews Logan Eugene 01/24/1991 M search
Matthews Taylor Dawn 01/02/1993 F search
Mauk Beth Ann 01/18/1945 F search
Mauldin Beverly Joan 10/07/1949 F search
Maxwell Shelida Gae 03/29/1935 F search
May Avis Darlene 10/13/1939 F search
May Girl 08/12/1936 F search
Mayes Girl 09/08/1906 F search
Mayes James Euphonious Parker 10/31/1904 M search
McBirney Boy 03/11/1945 M search
McCabe Ronda Lynn 01/02/1953 F search
McCabe Susan Gay 06/09/1955 F search
McCain Spencer Allen 07/09/1991 M search
McCallister Lesli Ellen 10/19/1957 F search
McCarthy Boy 04/17/1931 M search
McCarthy Jack Graham 11/01/1942 M search
McCaslin Chandra DeAnn 07/16/1985 F search
McCleery Boy 04/20/1940 M search
McClung Boy 04/17/1900 M search
McClure Girl 08/17/1908 F search
McCollum Glen Rex 10/12/1948 M search
McConaughey Boy 02/20/1928 search
McConaughey Girl 04/16/1924 F search
McCoy Wayne Lyle 01/05/1938 search
McCreery Steven Robert 09/28/1946 M search
McCue George Allen 06/03/1954 M search
McCue Girl 04/29/1957 F search
McCue Kenneth Dale 12/29/1955 M search
McCue Kim Marie 01/02/1956 F search
McCue Robert Thomas 02/01/1955 M search
McCullough Curtis Lance 09/28/1946 M search
McCullough Girl 10/28/1928 F search
McCullough Girl 03/31/1929 search
McCullough Girl 08/16/1939 F search
McCullough Girl 09/11/1954 F search
McCullough Ruby Ellen 05/21/1927 F search
McCullough Sherry Lynn 10/26/1954 F search
McCune Girl 09/17/1932 F search
McDaniel Donnie Golf 02/11/1951 M search
McDaniel Julie Kay 09/05/1964 F search
McDaniel Mark William 06/25/1955 M search
McDaniels Boy 04/15/1936 M search
McDerby Girl 04/15/1936 F search
McDermott Girl 002/02/1901 search
McDermott Jon Richard 02/06/1952 M search
McElhinney Girl 01/08/1930 F search
McElhinny Jo Anne 07/30/1934 F search
McElroy Boy 01/08/1932 M search
McElwain Baby 07/11/1946 search
McElwain Girl 01/07/1937 F search
McFarland Boy 11/22/1924 M search
McFarland Boy 04/20/1936 M search
McFarlane 02/28/1917 F search
McFarlane Boy 04/01/1892 search
McFarlane Boy 05/10/1908 M search
McFarlane Boy 12/02/1934 M search
McFarlane Boy 05/31/1937 search
McFarlane Boy 11/02/1941 M search
McFarlane Girl 04/13/1925 F search
McFarlane Girl 12/30/1930 F search
McFarlane Girl 12/31/1930 F search
McFarlane Girl 12/24/1932 F search
McFarlane Ralph Hugh 05/08/1903 M search
McGee Margie Pat 10/02/1954 F search
McGee Mickey Paul 10/02/1954 M search
McGinnis Boy 09/30/1898 M search
McGinnis Girl 03/21/1919 F search
McGinnis Myles Layn 05/19/1992 M search
McGrew David Eugene 12/24/1958 M search
McGuire Boy 11/23/1935 M search
McGuire Girl 08/02/1924 F search
McGuire Girl 07/23/1929 F search
McGuire Girl 07/01/1932 F search
McGuire Girl 02/08/1941 F search
McIver Boy 11/30/1935 M search
McKelvey Boy 12/01/1931 M search
McKelvey Boy 09/29/1939 M search
McKelvey Boy 10/29/1946 M search
McKelvey Boy 06/03/1951 M search
McKelvey Girl 08/22/1955 F search
McKelvey Scott Neal 12/23/1948 M search
McKenzie David Joseph 06/30/1964 M search
McKibben Boy 06/20/1956 M search
McKibben Michele Lou 09/05/1946 F search
McKibben Willliam Lynn 01/26/1949 M search
McKinney Amanda Rae 07/08/1985 F search
McKinnis Mary Lynne 11/30/-0001 F search
McKinnis Michael William 02/07/1953 M search
McKinnis Shari Ann 05/12/1957 F search
McKnight Melvin Rex 07/30/1940 M search
McLain Boy 02/24/1914 M search
McLain Girl 02/17/1929 F search
McLain Girl 02/06/1932 F search
McLaughlin Eddie 10/12/1955 M search
McLaughlin Girl 09/17/1946 F search
McLean Charles Thomas 12/29/1945 M search
McLean Girl 12/05/1953 F search
McLean Glen Franklin 07/26/1947 M search
McLean John Miller 06/03/1940 M search
McLelland Robin Dawn 04/26/1957 F search
McMinn Harvey Lloyd 10/23/1939 M search
McNare Boy 12/12/1928 M search
McNare Boy 02/25/1931 M search
McNare Virginia Louise 09/18/1927 F search
McNeilly Michael Shawn 07/14/1950 M search
McNutt Richard Paul 10/26/1953 M search
McNutt Thera Joan 12/13/1952 F search
McVay Boy 01/11/1952 M search
McVay Boy 03/02/1953 M search
McVay Edith Elaine 06/24/1950 F search
McVay Frances Irene 08/11/1943 F search
McVay Girl 05/01/1939 F search
McVay Girl 01/25/1941 F search
Mead Girl 09/14/1913 F search
Meier Ardis Jean 11/12/1953 F search
Meier Dennis Craig 02/26/1948 search
Meier Jeffrey Chase 02/05/1987 M search
Meier Mickey Ann 04/19/1952 F search
Meier Shawna Nicole 05/24/1984 F search
Meier Wanda Lee 07/26/1952 F search
Meiers Girl 01/31/1915 F search
Meiers Girl 01/31/1915 F search
Meinzer Girl 07/22/1931 F search
Melugin Cristi Lorene 03/14/1964 F search
Meng James Barry 03/13/1948 M search
Messer David Lester 03/28/1941 M search
Mevers Boy 11/08/1939 M search
Meyer Boy 02/14/1950 M search
Meyers Boy 08/12/1927 M search
Meyers Boy 11/08/1939 M search
Meyers Girl 05/23/1912 F search
Meyers Girl 09/30/1913 F search
Meyers Girl 08/28/1922 F search
Meyers Girl 09/17/1927 F search
Michael Jack Howard 05/29/1938 M search
Middleton Girl 11/30/1929 F search
Mier Boy 11/17/1930 search
Milburn Boy 03/31/1907 M search
Milburn Boy 10/08/1936 M search
Milburn Rosabell Ione 10/26/1930 search
Miles Lala Marion 03/06/1940 F search
Milke Emilie Nicole 03/31/1984 F search
Milke Mathew Jacob 02/27/1990 M search
Milke Sarah Lynn 07/30/1985 F search
Mill Boy 09/28/1897 search
Mill Boy 09/08/1906 M search
MIll Boy 03/17/1935 M search
Mill George 10/08/1906 M search
Mill Girl 06/18/1936 F search
Millburn Boy 04/27/1907 M search
Millburn Boy 11/12/1908 M search
Millburn Girl 05/18/1904 search
Millburn Girl 10/17/1905 search
Millburn Girl 01/21/1933 F search
Millburn Lois Alberta 03/19/1934 F search
Millburn Myrtle L. 08/27/1902 F search
Miller Boy 12/13/1896 M search
Miller Boy 07/24/1898 search
Miller Boy 08/02/1903 M search
Miller Boy 05/23/1906 M search
Miller Boy 05/23/1906 M search
Miller Boy 04/11/1925 M search
Miller Boy 11/18/1929 M search
Miller Boy 04/23/1931 M search
Miller Boy 05/27/1931 M search
Miller Boy 11/20/1931 M search
Miller Boy 08/22/1939 M search
Miller Boy 01/10/1948 M search
Miller Boy 02/25/1948 M search
Miller Boy 07/21/1954 M search
Miller Boy 11/30/1954 M search
Miller Boy 08/30/1956 M search
Miller Boy 08/11/1957 M search
Miller Charles Louis 03/01/1952 M search
Miller Courtney Rae 09/17/1997 F search
Miller Cynthia Joan 12/11/1954 F search
Miller Darrell Walter 04/03/1937 M search
Miller Demaris Claire 04/10/1929 F search
Miller Gary Elvin 04/27/1950 M search
Miller Gerald Dee 03/08/1952 search
Miller Gerry Everett 02/11/1964 M search
Miller Girl 01/10/1893 F search
Miller Girl 08/16/1922 search
Miller Girl 03/17/1929 F search
Miller Girl 11/10/1931 F search
Miller Girl 12/20/1931 F search
Miller Girl 09/16/1938 F search
Miller Girl 10/30/1945 F search
Miller Girl 01/01/1956 F search
Miller Girl 04/26/1965 F search
Miller Harold Lloyd 02/09/1935 M search
Miller Janet Lee 01/17/1984 F search
Miller Jerry John 12/30/1954 M search
Miller John Henry 01/07/1934 M search
Miller Julia Jean 12/23/1927 search
Miller Kari LeAnn 12/04/1984 F search
Miller Katelynn Lee 06/14/1993 F search
Miller Kenzie Ann 08/10/1994 F search
Miller Mark LeRoy 10/06/1966 M search
Miller Maury Claire 12/30/1956 F search
Miller Michael Colvin 07/13/1954 M search
Miller Pamela Kay 11/20/1946 F search
Miller Paul Andrew 12/30/1963 M search
Miller Raymond George 03/02/1947 M search
Miller Robert Lee 12/15/1936 M search
Miller Roxie Ann 07/21/1956 F search
Miller Stanley Wade 12/01/1956 M search
Miller Teddy Dean 02/29/1956 M search
Miller Thomas Hugh 07/05/1955 M search
Miller Tyrel Dee 06/10/1981 M search
Mills Girl 09/15/1954 F search
Minter Boy 03/03/1927 M search
Minter Girl 08/04/1923 search
Minter Girl 07/08/1930 F search
Mize Alex William 08/27/1987 M search
Mize Laurel Elizabeth 12/28/1989 F search
Modine Timmy Todd 02/02/1962 M search
Modlin Girl 08/17/1957 F search
Monery Daughter 02/05/1920 F search
Monger Dennis Edwin 11/14/1951 M search
Moon Linda Lee 08/15/1952 F search
Moore Boy 03/05/1929 M search
Moore Boy 10/17/1929 M search
Moore Boy 10/23/1933 M search
Moore Boy 10/04/1950 M search
Moore Donna Kay 09/15/1970 F search
Moore Homer Lee 04/02/1939 search
Moore Rita Rae 02/05/1949 F search
Moore Yodi Toleda 03/14/1957 F search
Morava Joseph "Joey Buck" 08/26/1979 M search
Moreland Girl 07/19/1939 F search
Moreno Miranda Leigh 04/19/1981 F search
Moreno Tasha Maria 03/28/1984 F search
Morgan Bobbi Kay 04/04/1991 F search
Morgan Girl 11/14/1939 F search
Morgan Kay Lynn 02/01/1937 F search
Morgan Laree Gwen 10/28/1959 F search
Morgan LeAnn Sara 01/25/1964 F search
Morgan Marguerite May 06/03/1939 F search
Morgan Sarah Marie 04/11/1981 F search
Morian Girl 08/05/1928 search
Morris Ethel Katherine 10/27/1939 F search
Morrow Baby 09/22/1915 search
Morse Daniel Roger 02/22/1946 M search
Morse Diane Marie 07/17/1944 F search
Mosier Alexandra Icela 03/14/1993 F search
Mosier Boy 01/19/1947 M search
Mosier Boy 10/28/1952 M search
Mosier Girl 03/25/1938 F search
Mosier Marilyn Janet 01/27/1954 F search
Moss Boy 01/10/1935 M search
Moss Earl Oliver 07/26/1932 search
Moss Jimmie Irving 11/29/1948 M search
Moss Julie Marle 08/17/1957 F search
Moss William Dean 09/13/1950 M search
Mostek Boy 07/31/1933 search
Moyer Girl 10/29/1922 F search
Moyer Girl 10/31/1922 F search
Mudra Boy 02/24/1918 M search
Mudra Carolyn Kay 04/03/1950 F search
Mudra Girl 06/18/1920 search
Mullin Allison Christine 11/29/1984 F search
Mumby Mendy Sue 01/31/1964 F search
Mumby Morgan Lea 11/09/1991 F search
Mundschenk Boy 08/14/1955 M search
Mundschenk Girl 05/22/1957 F search
Mundschenk Kent Leroy 06/17/1954 M search
Mundschenk Robert Grant 06/26/1954 M search
Mundschenk Twins Boy 08/13/1950 M search
Munsinger Birdie Wyoma 05/22/1940 F search
Munsinger Boy 10/04/1938 M search
Munsinger Girl 08/12/1928 search
Munsinger Girl 08/12/1928 F search
Munsinger Girl 07/27/1932 F search
Munsinger Gloria 07/04/1937 F search
Munsinger John Franklin 08/31/1942 M search
Murakami Girl 01/03/1929 F search
Murphy Boy 03/17/1926 search
Murphy Boy 11/30/1926 M search
Murphy Cassandra Lee 02/06/1978 F search
Murphy Darren Thomas 03/30/1986 M search
Murphy David Allen 12/31/1956 M search
Murphy Dennis Warren 11/16/1946 M search
Murphy Girl 02/03/1953 F search
Murphy John Dennis 08/10/1952 M search
Murphy Megan Marie 02/17/1981 F search
Murphy Michael David 01/26/1982 M search
Murphy Robert Temple 10/16/1949 M search
Murphy Roger Wilson 11/12/1940 M search
Murphy Sean Patrick 07/20/1984 M search
Murphy Susan Marie 10/06/1949 F search
Murray Ammie Ann 01/26/1981 F search
Mussleman Boy 01/10/1930 search
Myrup Boy 04/16/1931 M search
Myrup Donna Kris 03/07/1957 F search
Myrup Girl 11/30/1933 F search
Myrup Girl 11/04/1953 F search
Myrup Girl 09/28/1954 F search
Myrup Rodney Alvin 10/09/1951 M search