Birth Records

We are currently adding birth record information to the website, with entries sorted alphabetical by first and last name. If you find an error please let us know.

Last Name First Name Middle Name Date of Birth Sex Information
O'Connor Boy 01/04/1933 M search
O'Connor Girl 04/06/1925 F search
O'Connor Girl 01/26/1930 search
O'Dell John Gurnard 05/08/1952 M search
Oakley Judith Irene 08/03/1952 F search
Oates Girl 01/23/1956 F search
Ochsner Blake William 02/19/1994 M search
Ochsner Kathleen Pearl 04/02/1992 F search
Ogle Maureen McCullough 05/30/1964 F search
Ogle Thomas Patrick 11/11/1957 M search
Olafson Erik Ray 02/28/1982 M search
Olafson Pamela Ann 01/01/1953 F search
Olinger Girl 01/28/1917 F search
Olinger Harry James 08/09/1913 M search
Olinger James Kenneth 01/26/1951 M search
Oliver Jeanne Lyne 10/12/1956 F search
Oliver Terri Lee 04/30/1955 F search
Oliver Tessie Ann 10/21/1953 F search
Olmstead Richard Jay 10/14/1975 M search
Olsen Candie Lee 02/21/1952 F search
Ord Girl 03/09/1907 search
Orians Girl 01/20/1944 F search
Osborn Cameron Lee 01/10/1975 M search
Osborne George Laer 10/28/1927 M search
Osborne Girl 03/16/1926 search
Ostrum Boy 01/17/1940 M search
Overman Craig Arnold 03/26/1959 M search
Overman Harvey James 09/25/1935 search
Overman Marilyn Joan 01/02/1938 search
Owens 12/11/1941 F search
Owens Boy 08/06/1928 search
Owens Girl 03/22/1925 search
Owens Girl 12/11/1926 F search
Owens Judith Ann 08/24/1953 F search
Owens Terry Gene 11/02/1950 M search
Owens Victoria Lynn 09/04/1948 F search