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Hotels: Elkhorn

Converse County Herald, August 6,1896


Commencing with next Sunday the Elkhorn Hotel will serve dinner to all for the small price of 25 cents each. For next Sunday the following is the bill of fare:

Oyster Soup

Green Onions   Radishes

Catsup      Horseradish     Pickles

Boiled Heart, Tomato Sauce

Roast Sirloin of Beef, au Jus

Baked Chicken, Sage Dressing

Leg of Mutton, Mint Sauce

Minced Ham, Scrambled Eggs

Hot Corn Bread

Banana Paste   Port Wine Sauce

Cream Slaw

Mashed Potatoes, New Potatoes in Cream

Green Peas         Wax Beans

Lemon Pie      Apple Pie           Custard Pie

Vanilla Ice Cream               Assorted Cake

Blackberries           Sliced Oranges

American Cream Cheese

Tea     Coffee     Milk      Ice Tea


Converse County Herald, December 7, 1899

The hotel de Elkhorn has again changed hands, this time B.F. Hummel assuming charge and F.W. Schwartze retiring, the change having occurred on the 1st inst. Mr. Hummel has traveled around considerable the past few years and this has given him and excellent idea as to the proper way in which a hotel should be conducted and his will, no doubt, gibe to the town of Lusk what it needs--a first class hotel. Success to the new management. 

Converse County Herald, September 22, 1898

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