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Blacksmiths: J.P. Albee

The Lusk Herald, May 28, 1891

"J.P. Albee (at the old stand)

Will be pleased to welcome his old friends and customers again as he has brought back the old shop and fixtures.

Blacksmithing, Wagonmaking, and General Repairs

Attended to with the usual dispatch."


The Lusk Herald, September 8, 1938

Among Home Folks, by Nellie S. Griffith

Another Landmark Gone

The other morning I stopped to watch workmen tearing down an old dilapidated building, it was nothing but an eye sore and a fire trap.

But I can well remember when this building carried on a thriving business and was necessary to the community. It was a blacksmith shop and many is the time as a little girl, going to and from school, that I have stopped by the open door to watch the red hot irons in the forge and the fascinating way the smithy would pump the bellows and make the coals glow red.

Usually there was a cow pony, work horse or driving team being shod and it and it was interesting watching the blacksmith lift up their feet and nail on the new shoe.

This building was located at the corner of Pine and Third streets, on the south side of Third, long before the streets had any names, and for many years now the property has been known as the "Grandma Barber" property. 

From reliable authority I find that this blacksmith shop and the residence were built in the year 1887 by a man by the name of Alby ( J.P. Albee) , then a number if years later was sold to a Wm. Bruell, who in turn sold to William Bradley, father of Russell Bradley, and grandfather of Chief of Police, Bill Bradley. Lum Barber later purchased the shop from Mr. Bradley and Mr. Barber's mother became the owner of the house and so the property has carried the Barber name up to the present time.

Mrs. George Keller recently acquired the house and lots , and began improving the appearance of the property by tearing down the old blacksmith shop which has stood on this site for 51 years.

There is still a demand for a blacksmith shop in the town , and Lusk has a good up-to-date one operated by Mr. Perry, I suppose there is still an occasional horse to be shod, but I have never noticed one there, instead there are trucks, farm machinery and even cars waiting for repairs.

Time brings many changes but until we stop and look back we are scarcely aware of many of them. 

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