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Jackson Swimming Pool

The Lusk Herald, August 24, 1933

Swimming pool not to be opened this year, says Jackson

Work on pool will probably be completed this fall and be made ready for summer.

Contrary to a report given limited circulation last week in another publication, the Jackson Swimming Pool, which is under construction in the basement of the old Bungalow Hotel site, opposite the power plant, will not be completed this summer, because of a water shortage, and will consequently not be opened.

On August 1, Foster Jackson appeared before the city council and was informed at that time that the city would furnish him with the necessary water, provided the city could spare it when needed. It is reported that the city would be able to furnish the water, estimated at about 60,000 gallons, provided it was going to be opened at this time.

The pool when completed, will be divided into three sections, one for the kiddies, one for ordinary swimming with a depth of four feet, and one for diving, where the depth will be about eight feet.

If the city cannot furnish the water for the pool when it is ready to open next year, it is understood Mr. Jackson intends to sink a well to furnish the necessary water.

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