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Cream Station: Van Tassell Co-Operative Creamery

The Van Tassell Booster, December 4, 1919

"The Van Tassell Creamery is a local industry that indicates a very prosperous farming and stock raising community hereabouts. Last Saturday the creamery made 800 pounds of butter which at 70 cents per lb. means $500 daily production. One man, Mr. J.N. Peterson drew a check for $53.36 for one week's production of cream, since the Saturday previous, and this in winter at that. Surely Wyoming is a butter producing state as well as oil, coal, livestock, farm produce, minerals and the home state of the greatest natural scene in the world, Yellowstone Park."

The Lusk Herald, April 7, 1983

"The Van Tassell Co-operative Creamery produced 68, 972 pounds of butter in the first nine months of production."

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