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Food Stores: Safeway

405 South Main, Lusk, Wyoming

The Lusk Herald, July 15, 1937

Safeway Opens Modern Food Store in Lusk This Morning

Safeway's Lusk Store is Most Modern Unit in State; All New Fixtures and Latest Type Fruit and Vegetable Display Welcomed by Lusk Food Buyers

The Safeway Stores opened their local unit to the public this morning, they have the most modern store in the state at Lusk, with the exception of Cheyenne, whose store is a bit larger. The store is located in the new Gibson Building just north of the postoffice and occupies nearly three-fourth of the building.

All new fixtures have been built and installed in the new store and it is arranged in the "help-yourself" manner. Stocks are complete and arranged along the walls and through the center. The interior color scheme is light green predominating. The fruit and vegetable displays are arranged in the fore part of the store. These items will be a feature of the local Safeway store, fresh fruits in season will arrive daily ti insure patrons of the finest produce available.

The fruit and vegetable display can readily be seen through the full-width window from the street.

The Lusk Herald, November 18, 1992

The Lusk Safeway store is one of four within the chain being sold according to word released this week. The Lusk Safeway Store, as well as the Safeways in Kimball, Neb., and Wray and Julesburg in Colorado, are being sold to the Nash-Finch corporation effective Nov. 28. Decker's Food Center of Newcastle has just completed an agreement with Nash Finch Company of Minneapolis, Minn., to purchase the store in Lusk. 

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