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Auto Dealer: Lusk Motors

The Lusk Standard, May 28, 1920

Merchant listing:

"17 inch steering wheels

Regular price $5.50, Sale price $4.50"

The Lusk Herald-Standard, October 1, 1925


Ford agents take over business after several days’ dealing

Will move office into new quarters and will maintain repair shop in Third Street building

Two of Lusk’s garages, the J. & D. and the Lusk Motor company are now one. Negotiations which have been going on for the past few days came to an end this (Thursday) morning when the Lusk Motor company became the owner of the J.&D. garage and hotel.

The stock of the J. & D. garage is now being invoiced and it is thought that this will be completed before evening.

The parties concerned in this transaction are W. Delahoyde and Chris Joss of the J. & D., and T.A. Godfrey and Glen I. Willson of the Lusk Motor company.

Mr. Delahoyde has announced that he will continue to operate the filling station across the street from the garage.

According to Mr. Godfrey, the business of the Lusk Motor will be moving to the Main Street building. This will also be headquarters for Ford Supplies, and as a display and store room. The garage on Third street will be used as a repair shop and store room.

As it is known to all Ford owners of this vicinity, the Lusk Motor company is the authorized Ford Agency, and this firm will continue, as in the past, to serve their patrons with the same high grade of service and sell none but genuine Ford parts.


The Lusk Herald, April 21, 1938

"What Have You Got To Trade!

We''ll trade for anything but cats or goats. Come in and pick out your used car today.

Lusk Motor Co."


The Lusk Herald, March 17, 1966

Lusk Motors is Sold to Don Barnes of Colorado

Don Barnes of Pueblo, Colo., has purchased Lusk Motors from James Berry and Mrs. Agnes Burge. The change was effective Tuesday. Mr. Barnes has been truck sales manager for Jess Hunter Ford at Pueblo for the past two years. Prior to that he was sales manager for Western Equipment Co. in Casper.


The Lusk Herald, November 14, 1968

Lusk Motor Co. Move

Lusk Motor Co. has competed moving from the location on Third to the former Southside Sales and Service in south Lusk.

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