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Palace of Sweets

The Lusk Standard, August 8, 1919

Palace of Sweets to Be Opened Soon

Walter Howell has returned from Denver with a carload of confections which will be on sale in his new place of business in the Mayes building, and which will be opened to the public at a near date under the name of the Palace of Sweets. The fixtures of the confectionery and soft drinks parlor are to be of the latest designs, and the goods, which will be kept in stock Mr. Howell informs us will be of the best.

The Place of Sweets will manufacture its own ice cream, and there will be a piano player or other entertainment for the patrons of the house each evening up to 12:00 o'clock midnight.

The Lusk Herald, August 29, 1919

Walter Howell is on the move installing his new stock of confections and placing the elegant fixtures he recently purchased for the Palace of Sweets. He has met with some freight delays which have put him a trifle behind for his grand opening but he says his ice cream is ready, so he has thrown open the doors, and already the palace is doing a splendid business.

The Lusk Herald, September 12, 1919

The Palace of Sweets is doing a splendid business and giving the best satisfaction to the public. Lovers of candy and cream are learning where to go to have their appetites tickled, smokers of good cigars have put the Palace number down in their memories and Mrs. Howell's reputation for China noodles has grown to such proportions she keeps a string of dressed chickens on the way from the market to her noodles kettle. And we haven't heard anyone complain of her coffee, either. The Palace of Sweets has come to stay.

The old front of the Bank of Lusk is being torn away this week to make room for erecting the more modern white terra cotta front wall which will be seventeen inches thick, and which will extend entirely across the twenty-five feet frontage. W. J. Westfall designed the new front. 

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