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Cafes and Restaurants: Niobrara Cafe`

Lusk Herald, February 21, 1918

The Niobrara Cafe

The Niobrara Cafe, formerly owned and originated by Mr. and Mrs. Jack Hastings, is now the property of Jas. Graham Oliver, he having made the deal Monday.  Mr. Oliver hails from Nevada.


Lusk Herald, March 14, 1918

The tall brick chimney which was built outside the Niobrara Cafe` on the south side of the building was blown down Monday during the stiff gale which prevailed nearly all day. Al. McFarlane's horse, which was tied to a tree nearby, was about scared out of his harness when the bricks came tumbling down. the buggy was upset but no particular damage was done and the horse was immediately released from his plight.


Lusk Herald, May 2, 1918
Niobrara Cafe
J.G. Oliver, owner of the Niobrara Cafe, will soon start on his new building which is to be one of the finest and most up-to-the minute of its kind in the State.

The Lusk Standard, February 7, 1919

Oliver Uses Case of Eggs for Breakfast

J. G. Oliver, proprietor of the Niobrara Cafe, is repairing the old feed store building formerly occupied by Elliott & Whipple. Mr. Oliver will finish the front part of the building for a store room and the remaining portion will be used as sleeping rooms for the people employed in the restaurant. Mr. Oliver's business is increasing by leaps and bounds. He is feeding about 700 people daily and it requires a good sized force to take care of the business. For breakfast Mr. Oliver uses a case of eggs and sometimes one case won't go around.


The Lusk Herald, February 13, 1920

A full water pressure probably prevented a wholesale burning of business buildings on Main Street, Tuesday morning when the Niobrara Cafe`, a one-story frame structure, was completely gutted by fire which started from a gasoline coffee-urn. The building was totally damaged though the walls and roof are still standing. J.G. Oliver, proprietor of the cafe` estimates his loss at $10,000 on building and fixtures, with $3,000 insurance. The fire started about seven o'clock in the morning, when Miss Bernadette Fisher, a waitress, attempted to fill the coffee urn which had burned out. Gasoline ran from the container and caught fire, the flames climbing the wall and attacking the Comp Board and wooden lattice-work with which the interior had been newly decorated. An alarm was hastily given and there was an instant response by the firemen. Some little delay was occasioned with the hose, and, in the meantime, the fire had gotten a good start. However, a full play of water kept the fire from spreading.


The Lusk Standard, February 18, 1921

Niobrara Cafe
The new Niobrara Cafe` is now open next door to City meat market. Family style dinners. A specialty short orders, at all hours. Regular meals 50c. Give us a trial.


The Lusk Free Lance, June 4, 1953


Double-Decker, King Size

Hamburger 45c

Niobrara Cafe

7th and Main Streets.

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