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Department Store: Golden Rule Store

The Lusk Herald, January 18, 1934

The Golden Rule department store is now located in its new store room in the Snyder building, the stock being moved last Saturday.


The Lusk Herald, July 27, 1944

Kilmer Brothers Take Over Golden Rule Store Here

Kilmer Brothers take over Golden Rule Store here - Announcement is being made this week that the sale of the Golden Rule Store by Vega Mantel Kuhn to Roscoe and Willis Kilmer has been completed and the new owners will take possession on August 1.


Image from 1947 Lusk High School yearbook:

"Do unto others as you would have them do unto you" is the well-know motto from which this clothing emporium in Lusk takes its name: THE GOLDEN RULE STORE. Really far better lit than the photo made with a single flash lamp reveals, the store is most attractively modern in the department store tradition. Mrs. Florence Grimm is about to wrap up a lovely blanket for Nila Sylvester, while Lois Sullivan and Arlene Pollard will soon be waited upon. Mary Ross, in the foreground, is also a regular customer of the GOLDEN RULE. The store also handles a full line of men's clothes.

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Image from 1947 Lusk High School yearbook

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