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Theatres: Lusk Theatre

The Lusk Standard, June 13, 1919

Lusk Theatre is Now Open

The opening of the new Lusk Theatre in the Odd Fellow's Hall, under the present management of Mr. Maurice Wolf marks a new era in the advance of the Silent Art in the city of Lusk, for in the planning of the theatre Mr. Wolf has spared no expense in order to present the highest achievements in photoplay productions.

The securing of Paramount and Artcraft pictures for the new Lusk Theatre assures the lovers of wholesome amusement all that could be desired in photoplay entertainment.

The announcement that all the Paramount and Artcraft artists will find their way to the silver screen of the Lusk Theatre will prove a source of great delight, for the pictures presented will include plays by America's foremost authors; the presentation of stars whose art is known and loved the world over; and the work of directors and producers whose achievements are indelibly written in the book of Fame.

Among the first of these features to be presented at the Lusk Theatre will be an Artcraft picture, "The Breed of Men" featuring William S. Hart, and in the wide range of fiction, perhaps no stronger story could have been chosen as a vehicle for the display of William S. Hart's talents in western portrayals.

The presentation of the Paramount Short Subjects will also be a regular feature. they will include the Paramount-Burton Holmes travel pictures, Paramount Pictographs, Paramount-Sidney Drew and Arbuckle comedies, and the comedy features by Mack Sennett and his famous Joy Artists.

Lusk Herald, May 11, 1933

Transfer Of Ownership For The Lusk Theatre

The Lusk Theatre, which has been owned and operated by Richard S. Marsh for the past few months, was transferred to a company of local men this week, and Charles A. Lamar of the Herald staff will act as manager, dividing his time between the two places.  Some of the picture schedules are being re-arranged, and many good shows are being booked.  All pictures will be shown as advertised in the future.  Quite a few improvements in the theatre are in prospect.

Lusk Herald, June 29, 1933

Business Transfer Of Lusk Theatre

In a business transfer made this week, Charles A. Lamar became sole owner of the Lusk Theatre, effective Monday, June 26.  Mr. Lamar and J.B. Griffith have for the past two months, owned the theatre jointly.  Mr. Lamar will still retain his connection with the Lusk Herald, where he has been employed for more than a year.

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