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Theatres: Lusk Theatre

Transfer Of Ownership For The Lusk Theatre

The Lusk Theatre, which has been owned and operated by Richard S. Marsh for the past few months, was transferred to a company of local men this week, and Charles A. Lamar of the Herald staff will act as manager, dividing his time between the two places.  Some of the picture schedules are being re-arranged, and many good shows are being booked.  All pictures will be shown as advertised in the future.  Quite a few improvements in the theatre are in prospect.

Lusk Herald, May 11, 1933

Business Transfer Of Lusk Theatre

In a business transfer made this week, Charles A. Lamar became sole owner of the Lusk Theatre, effective Monday, June 26.  Mr. Lamar and J.B. Griffith have for the past two months, owned the theatre jointly.  Mr. Lamar will still retain his connection with the Lusk Herald, where he has been employed for more than a year.

Lusk Herald, June 29, 1933

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