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Confectioneries: Burrowes Sweet Shop

The Lusk Herald and The Lusk Standard, August 29, 1922


Mrs. Burrowes’ Sweet Shop becomes more popular all the time. She has been forced to secure help for Saturdays and Sundays and at other times when she has more business than she can handle.

Her homemade ice cream is in great demand, as also are her high grade candies and cold drinks.

Many mothers from the country take advantage of her pleasant rest room when they are through with their shopping. Mrs. Burrowes always gives them a pleasant welcome, which is one of the reasons the Sweet Shop is so popular with the public.


The Lusk Herald, January 5, 1928


The Burrowes Sweet Shop next week will move into the building one door north of the present location, which will afford larger and more commodious quarters for its growing business.

The new location was purchased from L. Lilly of Shelby, Mont., the owner, through Daniel E. Goddard.

The Burrowes Sweet Shop has been in business since six years ago last August, and since its establishment the business has grown every year.

The new building has been remodeled on the inside and will afford excellent quarters for the business which Mrs. Burrowes has built up.

The Burrowes Sweet Shop always carries a fine line of candies, ice cream, tobaccos, cigars, cigarettes, notions and novelties, as well as the latest magazines and daily and weekly newspapers.

The moving will start next week without closing the store, and patrons will be served in the usual efficient manner.

OWNER: Ivy Burrowes, 116 South Main Street

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