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Hotels: Northwestern Hotel

The Lusk Herald, September 21, 1911


No hotel along the line of the C. & N.W. Railway in Wyoming enjoys the distinction for comfortable, airy, light rooms that the "Northwestern" of Lusk boasts. Not long ago, the genial proprietor,  Mrs. Henry, looking only to the comfort of the traveling public and her home patrons, installed a steam heating plant at an enormous cost, also an up-to-date lighting plant, Now, in order that her hostelry may be the leader in modern improvements, she has fitted up three elegant bathrooms, two on second floor and one on the main floor in the servants' quarters and an extra toilet room. Commercial travelers have long patronized the Northwestern as a stopping place on Sundays, arranging their business as to make this possible, this being the only hotel between Chadron and Casper where real genuine comforts and a good meal could be had. When it become known that they can have a hot bath in addition to the other luxuries afforded by this house, no room should ever be empty and reservations will be made by wire so as to secure accommodations.

Mrs. Henry's ability as a caterer is deservedly acknowledged, all her customers being loud in their praise of her cuisine, and her Sunday dinner has come to be ab event in many of the Lusk families.

The Lusk Herald, January 20, 1922


The Northwestern Hotel—that old and favored landmark of the town—is receiving a complete overhauling and toning up from the cellar to garret by its genial landlord, Leo Benninghoven. Every room in that large and commodious hotel has been given a thorough cleaning, the woodwork treated to a coat of fresh paint and the walls decorated with a neat and tasty pattern of wall paper.    

The Lusk Herald-Standard, August 23, 1923


E.A. Higgins and Leo Benninghoven of Omaha, former owners of the Northwestern Hotel and Café, were in Lusk the first of the week and closed a deal on Tuesday whereby A.M. Summer and A.W. Salzman are now owners of both the hotel and café.


The Lusk Herald, July 10, 1930

The Northwestern Hotel, the oldest hotel building in this part of the state, and the first hotel to be built in Lusk, is being torn down, and soon the old landmark will be a thing of the past.

When the hotel was built in 1886 it was called the Elkhorn, and was the finest of its kind to be found in the state.

There are no definite plans as to what will be built in its place, but it is possible that some new building will take its place.

The work is being done by Joe Kuhn. 

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