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Bakeries: Lusk Bakery

The Van Tassell Pioneer, January 21, 1916

"Lusk Bakery and Restaurant...meals, 25 cents

1st door south of Drug Store

L.A.Baldwin, Prop.

Short orders and Lunches----All Kinds Bakery Goods

Special Bakery Orders Promptly Filled---Candies, Etc. "

The Lusk Herald, July 19, 1917


Fresh Bread, Pies, Cakes, Etc.,


Lunches and Meals at All Hours. Beds to let

Also carry a Small Line of Canned Goods---And Sugar, Coffee, Crackers and Cookies--Fresh line of Candies

Butter and Eggs Taken in Trade, Your Patronage Solicited

W.H. MILBURN, Proprietor


The Lusk Herald, October 23, 1930


October 25th, the Lusk Bakery will celebrate its fourteenth anniversary. From a small beginning, the Lusk bakery has grown steadily but surely, until now this modern plant averages 1,000 loaves of bread a day, besides other bakery goods.

Mr. and Mrs. John Snethen first opened a Bakery in the building now occupied by the Spiegel store. In 1920 they moved to the building which they now occupy. Since moving there, they have repeatedly remodeled and added new equipment so as to better serve the needs of the people of Lusk and surrounding territory.

During this period they have adhered to one brand, namely Golden Krust. This brand of bread is now well known in every section of eastern Wyoming.

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