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The Lusk Standard, August 29, 1919

Austin-Elquest-Slack Now Open For Business With Big Line of Goods

There is a general appearance of permanence and stability as one enters the newly-opened hardware and furniture establishment of the Austin-Elquest-Slack Co., now opened for business in their new building on the north side of Third street, just off from Main.

The building is a substantial structure 60x80 feet dimensions, planned by the builders especially for the lines of goods the firm will handle, and is especially convenient, either from the patrons or proprietors point of view.the entire Third street front is of plate glass, affording a magnificent display of samples of the goods to be found within, and a affording good light throughout the large room. 

In the center of the room at the main entrance one is confronted by a stairway which extends around the east and west, and the north sides of the room, with railed-in office apartments in the center. This balcony adds about one-half to the floor space occupied by the business of the firm--or 7,200 square feet. the balcony floor is mostly occupied by rugs, house furnishings, beds, quilts, blankets, suit cases, trunks, chest, etc., and it is large enough to afford ample room to get around and examine everything on the floor, without crowding. This feature is noticeable throughout the entire store. Everywhere there is a lot of goods, and everywhere there is plenty of room in which to display the wares.

Down on the main floor the same conditions exist=--room and light, and good substantial looking goods.

At one point there is a varied display of washing machines, wringers, wash tubs and what-not. then comes an endless assortment of stoves, ranges, heaters--gasoline stoves, kerosene stoves, coal and wood stoves, with their endless fixtures and appliances. There is a regular department for guns and ammunition, with numbers of shot-guns and rifles on exhibit. there are harness for the farmer and every kind of churn for his wife. There are ice cream freezers and many kinds of labor saving cooking and kitchen devices, majolico and granite ware; tools for carpenters, tools for the blacksmith and tools for the man with the pick and shovel; there is tinware; there are countless drawers of bolts, nuts, and screws, and tons of nails of every size and variety. the hardware department is the most complete, and one which the proprietors say will always be kept well sorted and newly supplied.

The basement, which extends under the whole building, is rapidly filling with the heavier and more bulky portions of a hardware stock--wheel-barrows, crowbars, ropes and pulleys , and more kegs of nails.

Mr. Charles Kuntz, manager of the hardware department, made the Standard representative at home on the premises, and the Austin, Elquest, Slack Co. extend the invitation to Lusk's citizens, and the adjacent surrounding farming and oil districts people to go in and examine the new store and stock while in town and it will be found well worth while. 

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