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Bars, Saloons, Liquor: Walker & Waters

The Lusk Herald, August 6, 1886

"Walker & Waters have a fine saloon in the next lot. It is 24x48. The boys are old cowpunchers, and are doing a good business."


The Lusk Herald, September 3, 1886

Henry Walker, of the firm of Walker & Waters, has sold his interest in the saloon to his partner, and is now in Douglas.


The Lusk Herald, October 1, 1886

Notice is hereby given that the co-partnership heretofore existing under the firm name of Walker & Waters was dissolved on the 28th day of August 1886 by mutual consent. Jas. D Waters assumes all indebtedness and collects all bills due the said firm.

W. Harry Walker,  Jas. D. Waters

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