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Hospital: The Lusk Hospital

The Lusk Standard, January 7, 1921

Dr. J. L. Norris

Dr. D. H. Dale


The Lusk Herald and The Lusk Standard, December 26, 1922


The Lusk hospital is to close.

After several weeks of indecision, Drs. D.H. Dale and J.L. Norris, who for the past several years have operated the Lusk hospital, have decided to dissolve the co- partnership and to close the institution.

The announcement will bring real regret to the people pf the city and county, but the step was necessary, it is stated by the doctors because of the reduced population and the stringency of the times.

Future plans of those concerned have not yet been fully made, but it is likely that both families will remove to other and larger cities there to enter the practice of their profession.


The Lusk Herald-Standard, October 4, 1923


The Lusk hospital has moved into its new location, the building formerly known as the Modern Rooms, and is being nicely fitted up. Mrs. Frank Brooks is a new patient in the hospital suffering from a severe stomach trouble.

O.E. Cheney, who underwent a serious operation last week, is recovering rapidly and Floyd Roberts, who has been confined to the hospital with a broken leg has recovered sufficiently to be able to leave.

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