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City Meat Market

The Lusk Herald, January 11, 1912

"City Meat Market

Kowalski & Litzo

Will furnish choice meats to the people of Lusk.

Home made sausage and fresh fish."


The Lusk Standard, February 7, 1919

The City Meat Market in Possession of New Owners Wednesday

Wm. E. Brereton and Ernest J. Korvats are the new proprietors of the City Meat market operated for the past few years by Albert Bucher. The gentlemen came to Lusk well recommended. They formerly operated the Baker Meat Market, gaining a reputation there for dealing in first class meats, good service, and courteous treatment. Their shop in Baker was one of the cleanest meat markets in the county and they say they will maintain their past reputation in Lusk.


The Lusk Standard, October 17, 1919


John and Mike Cordell, master butchers, who have been in the business in this city for the past five years, took over the meat business of Korvats and Brereton Tuesday morning and will conduct the shop in the future. the boys formerly worked for Albert Bucher who ran the shop. Later they went to war and when they returned the business had been sold. John went to work for the retiring firm until this week when his brother and himself took over the business.

Both boys are agreeable, accommodating merchants who understand the meat business thoroughly and know the trade. they will dress most of their own beef. Prices will be kept at a minimum, they say, and only high quality meat will be sold over their counter.

The new firm secured a lease on the north side of the Snyder building where they were to open a new meat market but their buying of the old business leaves them with the Snyder building lease which they will dispose of.


Photo from The Lusk Herald, March 29, 1934


The Lusk Standard, May 28, 1920 "Merchant listing:

Lard Special

Regular Price 30c, Special 25c."
The Lusk Standard, December 21, 1921

"The City Meat Market

Wishes You All A Merry Christmas


A Prosperous New Year

Cordell Bros., Proprietors"

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