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Food Stores: Lusk Table Supply

The Lusk Herald, May 24, 1928


H.J. Templeton’s new “Lusk Table Supply,” a cash and carry grocery and meat market, will be thrown open to the public the coming Friday, may 25, with a new stock of everything in the provisions line. The new market will occupy the quarters vacated by the Lusk Motor Co., which has been remodeled into a modern store room.

The Lusk Table Supply will specialize in the Del Monte and Libby canned products, and have some very attractive prices for the opening day, as will be seen by reading the paged ad in this issue of The Herald.

There will also be a meat department, and a full line of fresh meats will be carried at all times. There will also be a complete line of fresh vegetables. The Wyoming Grocery of Casper will send a truck load of fresh vegetables this week.

The new store will have one of the best cooling systems of any store in the West. The entire system is a Frigidaire product, and a large plant has been installed in the basement. Mr. Templeton says there is no meat box of more universal fame than the one he has installed in the store. It is the one which Harry Sinclair installed in his cook house at the Teapot Dome oil field, when that famous field was opened up.

The cash and carry system will be a revelation for particular housewives who want to select their own fruits and vegetables. The customers select their own goods, entering by a one-way gate and pay on the way out.

Mr. Templeton invites all to attend the opening Friday. There will be flowers for the ladies, and all will be given an opportunity to inspect the stock.

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