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The Lusk Herald, November 17, 1927


The Highway Garage this week completed moving from the Ranger Hotel to its new location, with the Brown Motor Co., and after a brief interruption Mr. Held is again in position to take care of all repair jobs.

The new location is a decided advantage to both the Brown Motor Co., and the Highway Garage, and the combination should be a winner.

The Lusk Herald, May 8, 1930


The fine new filling station built on the lot across the street from the Henry Hotel will be formally opened and start its service to the public on Saturday, May 10th.

The station is a “Texaco Certified Service” station, and compares with the finest stations in the country.

The new station was leased to the local Texaco agent. A.M. Bennett, and he in turn has leased it to the Highway Garage, of which George J. held is manager. The station will be operated in connection with the Highway Garage.

The station will be attended by P.A. (Bob) Himes and Jurdgen (Jake) Lorenzen. These boys have been with the Highway Garage for the past several years and are highly efficient, dependable and courteous.

The new station, besides being a most ornamental addition to the business district of Lusk, is equipped with all the latest and most up-to-date service equipment. One of the most outstanding pieces of equipment is a hydraulic wash and grease rack. By this means the car is lifted high overhead so the workman may have easy access to every working part while washing or greasing.

The construction on this new station was started by the Texas Company foreman, Mr. Jacobs, in the early part of last fall. With the coming of cold weather, work was suspended until a few weeks ago.

The station was completed under the supervision of H.A. Tanner.

The new station will carry only Texaco products. It has five gasoline pumps, and is equipped to render up-to-the minute service.

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