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Lusk Ice Company

The Lusk Standard, December 26, 1919


W.L. Cordrey, representing The York Midwest Ice and Machine Company of Denver, Colorado, has just closed a contract with the Lusk Ice and Cold Storage Company for the installation of a ten-ton ice plant and sufficient machinery in addition for cold storage and has been guaranteed delivery within 30 days.

This has been organized by A.W. Crossman, A.H. Beach, and Frank A. Barrett. Lots have been purchased in the Running water addition and adjoining the railroad right of way and the construction of a building will be commenced at once.

People who were in Lusk during the past summer will appreciate the efforts being made by these gentlemen to supply the city with quantities of clean ice. The price being changed last summer being prohibitive to many even when obtainable. The company will be able to supply good clean ice from this plant at prices approximating that paid in other towns and cities in the state and there will be no question as to its being able to dispose of all its product.

If the management finds time after the plant is working there will be added to the machinery a plant to manufacture ice cream.


The Lusk Standard, July 2, 1920


Don & Hatcher, owners of the Lusk Ice company, have an ad in this issue assuring their customers that their supply of ice is sufficient to last all summer and there is no cause to fear a shortage. They have 12,000 tones for delivery any time you want ice. 

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