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The Lusk Standard, April 4, 1919

Plans are now completed for the new Quarmby Cafeteria, which will be erected on the site west of the Snyder store. The building will be one story in height, 33 x 58 feet, with a full basement. A large dining room, 31 x 38 will be provided, as well as a commodious kitchen, with a large lavatory adjoining the dining room. Two living rooms will be furnished on the first floor for the accommodation of the owners. An outside entrance leads to the basement, which will have several finished rooms which will be available for sleeping apartments. 



The Lusk Standard, August 8, 1919

Facts showing that Lusk is rapidly taking on city airs is evidenced daily by the finishing, fixtures and furniture that is being installed in the many new places of business which will open to the public soon. Vieing (vying) with the Garden Theatre for next in place to enter the business world here is the Cafeteria, in its new building on Second Street, between Main and Pine.

Mrs.Josephine Quarmby, proprietor of the new eating place, and Estelle Riesenberg, manager, arrived in the city from Denver on Friday, and at once pulled off their coats, as it were, and went to work. Mrs. Quarmby is a lady of years of experience in the hotel and restaurant business, and brings with her from Denver an enviable reputation as a hostess, and also among the tradespeople and business houses where she is known.

Miss Rosenberg (Riesenberg) is a cafeteria manager of ten years' experience in Denver, a long-time acquaintance and friend of Mrs. Quarmby, and a lady whom the proprietor says is at the very top in the cafeteria method of feeding hungry people.

"All of our cooking is strictly home style," explained Miss Riesenberg. "If the people don't know what that is we will teach then when they come. And it will be in no make-believe home-style , but like-your-mother used-to-do cooking." These glass cases"--Miss Riesenberg indicated an L-shaped counter extending around the east side and rear of the large dining room--will be filled with tables and comfortable chairs, where one can enjoy a meal, or a lunch, and if we find our business will warrant we will have music for the entertainment of our guests. That is an elegant toned piano there. It will also be for the use of patrons who play. Here, at this part of the room, behind a large glass screen, will be the cook at work who makes the pastry.  It will all be in plain sight for our guests who might like to watch the operation, and besides, all patrons of the place will have a standing invitation to enter and inspect our kitchen every hour of the night and day.

"Cleanliness," said Miss Riesenbeg, "is my special hobby. Always when the city inspectors were around in Denver they would give me the highest praise for the manner in which my kitchen was kept. And I'm proud of it, too! And our coffee. There'll be a big coffee urn sitting right there all the time. You see if it isn't the best coffee you ever drank! Everything in the glass case along the counter will be kept hot, you know. There's a steam chest that runs all around on which the cooked food rests. Over there you can always get a drink of water from the big ice chest."

In the cafeteria will also be kept a fine line of chewing gum, candies , cigars, cigarettes, and tobacco, we were informed, as well as ice cream.

Above the restaurant are ten well furnished rooms, with steam heat, hot and cold water, and all modern conveniences to be found in a first-class rooming house. These will be run in connection with the cafeteria, and Mrs. Quarmby, whose hotel experience extends over California, in Denver and Casper, informs the Standard that her Lusk house will be up to any of the first-class places for equipment and service.

Both of the ladies at the Cafeteria are home-like people, who will have no trouble in extending the circle of the family to which they form the nucleus. The date of opening will be definitely stated next week.

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