Phyllis Hahn Art throughout September with Silent Auction

  • Date(s): Thursday, September 15th 2022 - Friday, September 30th 2022
  • Time:
  • Location:

Artist Reception with Phyllis on Wednesday, September 7 at 5 p.m.

Phyllis writes: “I began drawing when I was old enough to hold a pencil, starting about age 6.  At age 9, I had run out of paper, or surfaces to draw on, I decided to use the blank wall leading to the basement.  My mother always supported us when any potential talent was evident and never scolded me for that as she thought it hilarious when she opened the door and stepped aside so the “girl” on the wall could come in.  My friends would ask me to make paper dolls for them about that time.  In school, with my homework done, I enjoyed doing portraits of students sitting across the aisle from me, hoping it would really look like them.  My main interest was always faces and figures.  After marriage, I put aside that interest for several years, but eventually began to find opportunities to take art workshops and classes.  I tried several other art medium beyond pencil and tried doing oils, watercolors, and pastels of landscapes, flowers, etc. but always felt most comfortable with pencil (or pen or charcoal) and paper with people involved.  Art classes have provided opportunities to make many friends, which is a valuable part of my life now.”

Phyllis will offer her art pieces as a silent auction with proceeds benefiting the Niobrara County Library Foundation Endowment Fund.