RIF: “Tall Tale of Matty Bow”

  • Date(s): Wednesday, March 10th 2010
  • Time: 6:30 p.m.
  • Location: Niobrara County Library

Markie Scholz of Dragons Are Too Seldom Puppet Productions is coming back to town. She is bringing a performance guaranteed to delight the whole family entitled “The Tall Tale of Matty Bow.” The performance will be during the second of three RIF (Reading is Fundamental) programs and will be held on Wednesday, March 10 at 6:30 p.m. “The Tall Tale of Matty Bow” is sponsored by the Friends of the Niobrara County Library. Children will all be able to select their very own book to keep too!

“The Tall Tale of Matty Bow” is a story about the Old West. Matty Bow is a young girl kidnapped by coyotes in the Dakota Territory. She prefers the company of Pete the prairie dog, and Mica, her coyote friend. Matty and her friends keep watch over a human family. When the evil Hi McGreed decides to steal the farm from the family, only Matty and her friends stand in the way. “The Tall Tale of Matty Bow” is fun for young and old alike!

Scholz is one of the original founders of the troupe, Dragons Are Too Seldom. During their 30+ year history, she has performed in over 40 states and six countries as part of the troupe and as a one-person show. She brings magic and the wonder of fantasy everywhere she goes.

The third RIF program will be held on April 7. All children from preschool through 6th grade will be entertained with programs and crafts, and will be given snacks as well as their very own brand new book.

RIF is a federal program that has been in existence since 1966. The program focuses on encouraging children to read by showing them that reading is truly fun. Through RIF, children have the opportunity to choose their very own book – by themselves; books that excite them and books that they get to keep for their own. The program also encourages parental involvement and parents are encouraged to participate with their children. Mark these dates on your calendars, and plan to bring your children for these fun programs!

This program is funded in part by grants from the Niobrara Recreation District, the Wyoming Arts Council through funding from the Wyoming State Legislature and the National Endowment for the Arts, the Friends of the Library, the Niobrara County Library and the Niobrara County Library Foundation.