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October 31, 1919

Bergman Opening a Brilliant Affair

The formal opening of the new Bergman store last Wednesday evening was a grand success from any angle that one might care to view it. No accounting was made as to the actual number of visitors during the evening but from the fact that it required some five-hundred cigars to supply the gentlemen callers and one thousand roses and carnations for the lady visitors it would seem that the total would have run close to one thousand at least.

The Lusk orchestra took their position in the rear of the big room before the appointed hour and rendered a selected program of classic and popular music during the reception.

Mr. and Mrs. Bergman, assisted by Mrs. Bergman's mother, Mrs. Fogelson, of Lincoln, Nebraska, greeted visitors at the door and it required twelve assistants to show them thru the establishment.

The different display cases were artistically arranged and vases of cut flowers seemed to be almost everywhere while the classy merchandise was arranged to allow inspection from all angles.

It was nearly eleven o'clock before the last of the visitors had departed.

Many of the guests visited the new store for the first time Wednesday evening, expressed surprise and admiration and Mr. Bergman is more than pleased with the success of the opening.

The Herald acknowledges the receipt of a bouquet of carnations and roses and joins with the rest of the city in welcoming the new business house.

Additional information from Lusk Business History, Stagecoach Museum

1920 - D.K. Bergman Clothing - on lot next to Post Office (somewhere on Main Street)

Nov, 1925 - D. K. Bergman to close business in Lusk. He is to manage S.M. Fogelson Department Store in Lincoln, NE. Mr. Fogelson is Mrs. Bergman's father.

Lusk Herald - Standard, March 25, 1926

J.C. Penney Company Leases Bergman Building; Will Open Store Between Now and August 1st

The business of the Bergman store here will soon be closed out and a new concern, the J.C. Penney company will take over the building and install a complete stock of ladies' and men's furnishings for the trade of this and surrounding territory.

This became known the latter part of last week when instruments relative to the deal were recorded here. The Penney company has leased the building now occupied by the Bergman store, for ten years to take effect August 1, 1926. According to D.K. Bergman, all fixtures have been sold to the Penney company, although the stock has not.

The J.C. Penney company is known throughout the entire country, having a chain of more than 650 stores scattered over as many cities and towns in the United States and Canada. It is said that the No. 1 store is located in Kemmerer, this state, where Mr. Penney originated the plan of a chain store system. There is no doubt but what he has been successful in his endeavor as the number of stores now operated under this name is proof enough of that.

Negotiations for this deal have been going on for several months, according to Mr. Bergman, and were completed during his stay in Lincoln last month. The lease was signed by S. M. Fogelson, owner of the Bergman building, and The J.C. Penney Co., by Geo. H. Bushnell, vice president.

Mr. Bergman stated that the new company will have a man here within the next month or six weeks for the purpose of getting things into shape for the opening.

Meanwhile the Bergmans will continue in business and it is the plan of Mr. Bergman to wind up with a big sale. Mrs. Bergman is now in New York making purchases for the spring and summer seasons, and upon her return, patrons of this establishment will be enabled to buy Dame Fashion's latest designed in dresses, coats and hats.

Announcement by Mr. Bergman will be made in these columns in one of the columns of the near future.

1931 - L. S. Berry became owner of Fogelson Building (Samuel M. of Lincoln, NE.) occupied by J.C Penney Store, a 2-story building of brick on Main Street which was built in 1917(?) for $30,000 and was occupied by the Bergman Department Store. - The Lusk Herald, April 30, 1931

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