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Red Fenwick

Courtesy of Library Costlow Collection, 11/30/-0001

(Editor's note: The following letter was written by Red Fenwick to Dr. Walter E. Reckling of Lusk. Mr. Fenwick is a popular columnist with the Denver Post.)

So you Lusk characters are going to make your city go incognito? Or rather I should say, you're assuming an alias. It sounds like a good idea in one way, on the other hand I hate to see a community lose its identity.

Take Truth or Consequences, N.M., for example. Of course, there was less sense to that change from Hot Springs than your proposed change has. The actual fact is that T.O.C., N.M., is famous for its hot springs and as such has become a popular winter spa with the older folks.

Your change, however, would seem to identify Lusk with something for which it is famous, too. So maybe the switch will be logical.

One of our editorial writers called to ask me about the proposed name change the other day, and I understand you're going to be blessed with one of our lofty opinions on the subject - possibly already have. I haven't seen it because I don't always read the editorial page. I'm too damned busy trying to write things for the pages in Empire magazine.

Have you ever thought how the change might affect some business enterprises? Will Jim Griffith go along with the Rawhide Herald--Rawhide National Bank? Think how beauty parlors will react? - Rawhide Beauty Parlor? May be a more accurate description at that.

Have you considered Skin & Bones, Wyo. And think what a tourist shop could do with that name for a slogan - "Rawhide Tourist Novelties - Come on In. You Won't Be the First Tourist We Skinned."

You go ahead, Doc, and change the name of your town. And by gad we'll change the name of Denver to Raw Deal, Colo.

Feelin' better, flag at about half mast but coming up. Look forward to a good summer. The dope is that tourist business will boom on account of World Fair in Seattle. Better get the name changed.

Right cordially,
Red Fenwick

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